Gator Psycho: A Fan-Demo*

Gator Psycho: A Fan-Demo*

A Story by Abishai100

A deranged ex-academic goes on a stalking campaign to slander free-speech in the name of gender darkness!

Here's a thoughtful media values parable about the omens of neglecting modernism democracy in favor of ideological paranoia, inspired by Talk Radio. Cheers (signing off), 

Tampa Bay (Florida) is such a nice US city. It's the home of the Buccaneers and the Lightning. Tampa Bay offers great fanfare for sports fans, since Florida boasts arguably the finest NCAA college football teams in the country, including the touted Florida Gators.

Meet Isaac Satan. He's a real psychopath. He was a professor in Florida, having moved from Algeria. He dropped out of the academic circles to start an anonymous blog campaign online about the quality of commercial access to media imagery from substantial US institutions such as colleges and universities. He showcases media-access imagery about students and fans and female cheerleaders online to present ideas about free-speech problems in the modern age of media/TV/Internet.

Unfortunately, Isaac is not a sports critic or media pundit or American society philosopher but an actual psychopath. He dresses up in strange costumes and prepares to go to college games in Florida that're broadcast on TV/Internet. Isaac Satan grew up in Tampa Bay (Florida), but he never acquired the social diligence or mental stability required to be a credited or respected American ideologist. No, sir, this psycho just stalks cheerleaders who're shown on TV and uses them for his dollhouse psycho messages about the dangers of free-speech!

ISAAC SATAN: I see myself as a comic book antihero with a stern message about the complexity of media access to women.

It's ironic that Isaac himself was a credible professor and academic-circle member before turning to a life of psychosis. In fat, his artworks highlighted a serious focus on the nature of the feminine mystique. This was especially true in artworks depicting the female form as a re-presentation of fertility dialogue. He was a real smart a*s, and now he's just an a*s-psycho!

ISAAC: I'm busy now stalking this one Gator cheerleader, and I intend to cast her as a Frankenstein of media destroyers.

Isaac has been stalking this sexy Gator cheerleader for about a year now. He sometimes posts photos of her, claiming she's some kind of distanced relative he's never established contact with because of familial complications. However, he simply wants to cast her as a 'bad seed' of socialized vanities. He intends to portray her as a diplomat of sexual free-speech dangers. Isaac says things like, "Any Mexican immigrant can download an image of this American Gator cheerleader on modern media, man!" Modern quarantine cops trying to protect this American cheerleader are busy worrying about the social impact of viral diaries.

CHEERLEADER: I hope they don't catch this psycho just after he's achieved the success of murdering me!

For the modern era of media complexities, this vignette about free-speech dangers speaks to our American dilemma of negotiating serious society vulnerabilities with an emerged sense of terrorism-like paranoia regarding the free-fall liberalism that comes with widespread access to TV/Internet. For Isaac Satan, crime in America and psychosis itself can be an art form, if we're not all careful about the tone of new era darkness! That's something to think about for our Thanksgiving dinner-table discussions about free-speech values, right? God bless America.

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on April 6, 2021
Last Updated on April 6, 2021
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