The Islanders Goal: A TV Story

The Islanders Goal: A TV Story

A Story by Abishai100

Account of an unusual NHL fan's celebration of an incredible Tavares/Islanders goal in a 2016 televised game of diamond proportions.

Is sports really worth writing about? This vignette, my last one for sure(!) my friends/readers, explores that very important modern media question. Hope you like it, 

Boy, how exciting is it that the NHL season always sees all kinds of fanfare colors, beautiful fans and ice-prep cheerleaders, and wondrous games between awesome teams from around America and Canada? This is a great sport indeed, and it's fun to watch on TV, new games and classic replays. This is a story of one fan's account of an incredible NHL game, which can be found on YouTube these days.

The fan is Isaac Satan, an Algerian-American who's also ex-CIA and currently a bank robber living in London. He's worked as an infiltrating agent in Northern Ireland, channeling funds to Sinn Fein through piracy. After leaving the CIA, he became a freelance thief, helping underground groups move funds against terrorism-oriented warlord blood diamond movements in the UK. However, Isaac ain't just a political pirate; he also happens to be a tremendous NHL fan.

Isaac Satan's favorite NHL team is the NY Islanders. Why not? He almost attended NYU on a special cognitive scholarship in the last millennium! Well anyways, he's an Islanders fan now. The game this fan is recounting is the immaculate Islanders-Blues game where the New York team wore special black jerseys for the game and its star John Tavares scored an uncanny goal to tie the score up 1-1. This is considered one of the great goals of the new millennium in the NHL, and it's on YouTube these days!

"I remember getting psyched for the game, and when it started up, all I could think was, man I hope my NY Islanders take the win, since the opponent, the tough St. Louis Blues, are quite good, and the game flyers made the contest seem quite intriguing indeed, so I's really thrilled to be home and watching convenient cable TV that moment, friends."

"Now, some of you may (or not!) know the NY Islanders flowered a brilliant-gem run from 1979-1983, grabbing 4 consecutive Stanley Cup titles/trophies, but they've not won anything, any Cup since then, so fans in this new era always look to stars especially Tavares to grab that last millennium glory for troubled New York."

"I'd just finished a really important pirate-network job for an underground organization near Canada (British Columbia), and I happened to be in my temporary apartment with my NHL cheerleader-girlfriend Danica, and we're watching the game together, and she asked me why's I dressed so much like a weird pirate, and I didn't have the opp to explain my secret double-life to her, so I'm excited just to enjoy the Islanders-Blues game to her, content she's attracted to my generic 'pirate' visage, friends."

"My girl Danica loves cartoons about great adventures and heroics, and I tell her that these cinematic animations are just the right tone for a Canadian cheering of an anticipated Islanders-Blues game (NHL), since we might consider why an animation cheering woman such as the colored Lynn Minmei reminds us of the lyrical music of socialized activities such as space-exploration and professional competitive athletics."

"So I'm watching the game (with Danica!) and we see Tavares pull ahead of the defense-line and whip his body and stick around to get a fix on what seems to be a whirlwind motion-puck to then get a clear step-line to an advancing diagonal towards the goal where he fixes his feet straight to get an immaculate dart-shot straight into the net, tying the score 1-1 for the NY Islanders; this made me get up and scream, man!"

"Danica kissed me but asked me what's the big deal cheering for a team or athlete I've never met or a sport I've not played professionally myself or for a city I'd not visited in so many years (New York), and I turned to her blue eyes and explained to her that cheering on NHL ice-hockey was like singing on stage about the undeniable social magic of shared strength!"

"Danica looked at me as if I was an alien from Mars with ears growing out like an elf, since my statement was both passionate and highly unusual, but as we watched the replay of Tavares immaculate score again and again, she started to agree with my subtle suggestion that cheering on such human energy was akin to feeling or absorbing socialized daydreams."

"Did the Islanders win that game, or did the Blues prevail was the question on Danica's mind, but we both agreed in the end that Tavares' incredibly unusual tying goal set the tone for the entertainment/TV experience that reminded us why it's just fun to cheer for a New York team when it's right at the top of its electric meter."

"I purchased my girl some nice gems for Valentine's Day the following year, and she kissed me, knowing I'm remembering the fondness of that crazy Islanders game with that even crazier Tavares tying goal, which is worth the diamond-hop."

So, as you might see from Isaac Satan's somewhat overly-eccentric account of that incredible NY Islanders goal scored by its star John Tavares, an NHL fan who catches a perfect game on TV and sees replays on YouTube might find that modern media cheering of professional sports is symbolic of a modern civilization 'spotlight' on shared/socialized...dimensions!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on April 6, 2021
Last Updated on April 6, 2021
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