The Evert Law

The Evert Law

A Story by Abishai100

A diorama about the nature of competition and what tennis phenom Chris Evert (USA) showed us about humbling dents.

Here's a competition-prayer diorama referencing the excllence of women's tennis superstar Chris Evert and what she taught us about general American dreams! Enjoy (and thanks for reading), 


Competition is a race for diamonds. Everyone wants to win. Sometimes competition takes over the soul. This is true in politics as it is in sports. Chess is particularly reflective of this human instinct or social instinct. We remain wary of the nature of victory when we consider the allure of competition itself and the shine of the rewards!

ELECTRO: I'm a mutant terrorist, with an uncanny ability to warp electric fields to achieve unquestionable domination!

A cheerleader or musician performs during the halftime-show of an iconic or symbolic sports competition. This is the quality of social celebration of competitive events such as the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup finals in ice-hockey. It's all a matter of luck, mettle, training, courage, and sportsmanship. The cheers reflect the nature of the spirit of consensual racing!

Nowhere else is this clear than in chess. When two grand-masters or champions in chess compete, such as Spassky and Fischer, we get the feeling that the quality of play is as important as who's playing and who in the end will win. It's a matter of patience and cheers. When a defensive player manages to hold his ground against an incredibly offensive opponent, we get the surge of energy regarding the logistics of consensual competition.

This sort of humble yet energized competition is highlighted by the so-called Evert Law. Chris Evert was a prolifically winning women's tennis player in the 20th Century. She managed to overcome incredible opponents including Martina Navratilova. Evert won multiple titles and earned great honors. However, she wasn't as overpowering as her opponents and in fact it was her sense of solid and sometimes defensive ground-staking and reactionary reflexive competitiveness that helped her simply outlast her challengers mentally. She's a perfect example of the nature of spectatorship in the realm of sports and in women's sports! We get the feeling that the Evert Law represents our sense of competition undeniability, simply because her style revealed a social energy regarding competition-diarism!

Maria Sharapova is a modern era women's tennis champion, a woman who's won all her Grand Slam tennis titles in the 21st Century. She's exciting, tough, speedy, swift, and dominant. She's won all the tennis titles out there. She's won two French Opens, a Wimbledon, a US Open, and the Australian Open in 2008.

My name's Isaac Satan. I played JV-tennis in high-school. My dad had aspirations of grooming me into a pro-tennis player, and though I started out as a 10-year old tennis prodigy, with a reputation of someday making it to the pros without question, I never managed to develop a tennis acumen beyond my young days of wrestling with my Rossignol as a weapon of efficiency and momentary glory. Yet, I managed to keep my lifelong love of tennis. In high-school, my JV doubles partner and I managed to win the team tournament despite being the clear underdogs. This was an example of competition-spirit that reminded me why I'll always think of myself as a diplomat of competition-diarism! I'm a competition Nerdist!

However, I take some time to myself to snowboard recreationally. I'm quite good at it. I don't think about competing in the snowy sport, but it gives me a great surge of energy when I think about the quality of body control it requires and even demands, despite being absolutely fun! This sort of pastime reminds me why competitive 'thinking' can be akin to social dance.

Women's sports has come a long way without doubt. The Evert Law seems to remind us why we honor the triumphs of women in various sports fields, since we're eager to find examples of human divinity in competitive thinking itself in America and all around the world really!

I consider Maria Sharapova, a new-gen women's pro-athlete, a muse for my evaluations and analysis of competitive 'thinking' in society. She's a constant reminder that evolving excellence and developing superiority in competition provides us analogies of competitive imagination.

SHARAPOVA: "Ever since I was young I loved making things and being part of the design process."

The story of David and Goliath is quite symbolic in this report. I have a funny surname (Satan!). David had to stand against Goliath against all metaphysical and governance odds. He had to contend with the 'devil' of vanity and arrogance. He managed to take down the mighty giant Goliath as a 'shorty' with a simple slingshot of quiet victory. This symbolizes the natural yearning to celebrate the constructive realism behind competitive thinking it seems, and perhaps even the Evert Law itself!

When we read stories of struggling peoples in extraordinary situations of suffering such as Jews and Native-Americans, we see firsthand the impact of negative competition. We might think how the Evert Law could encourage us to think more naturally and easily about the human nature to dominate others for sport...or darkness.

Imagine you see Sharapova walk into the mall wearing a pair of endorsed customized Nike 7-11 shoes, to represent some message about capitalism ideology. We'll think of that pesky Evert Law and why it motivates us to think about the simple value of shared dreams!

"To be prepared is half the victory."

In this Coronavirus tribulation, we might think of the endured competitiveness in sports reminding us of shared social spaces and why it reminds us of human civilization excellences...and humility.

Grab a tennis video-game and play with your kids if they don't develop a knack for pro-sports despite exhibiting a clear passion for competitive thinking and tell them what they might learn from a canon such as the hypothetical Evert Law of diarism!

Winning is everything. Finishing matters. Training is sacred. Luck is humbling. Competition is forever. The Evert Law is a simple principle guiding us towards the lines of viewed diaries, of competition at its socially designed.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on April 6, 2021
Last Updated on April 6, 2021
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