Planet of the Apes: Othello v Marcus [ActiVision]

Planet of the Apes: Othello v Marcus [ActiVision]

A Story by Abishai100

A post-apocalypse Earth ruled by fascist Apes is divided by two humans, Othello (aka, 'Casio') and Marcus, in a war for dollars.

One more ode to a great sci-fi apocalypse franchise, the iconic Boulle-inspired Planet of the Apes. Enjoy! 

The world was beset by a terrible plague with ale-like proportions! The nuclear holocaust had further reduced the population and mutated all monkey species into larger and more savage, intelligent creatures called Apes. This 'Planet of the Apes' would have to be endured by the handful of human survivors who continued to scramble to establish governments and procedures to create sustainable life again on Earth.

The savage intelligent Apes either found subservient human survivor 'allies' or defiant rebel adversaries. The Apes who're now tied to human 'allies' find themselves having to create power-structures so these 'allies' were considered emperor-humans, with their children receiving special favors from the brutish and cruel Apes.

The head emperor of the survivor humans was none other than the Machiavellian gypsy-man Marcus, who insisted that survival on Earth meant practical methods of alliance with the barbarous Apes. Marcus was the head emperor and would use Ape forces to crush any rebel human survivor groups.

Marcus' wife Sheila was a fitness instructor and head of the new 'Human Allies' global media network devoted to broadcasts of human survivor fitness program, all obedient to Ape economics. Marcus and Sheila were now the ally First Man and Lady of the Planet of the Apes.

There was however a human survivor rebel group, led by an ex-CIA operative and infiltrator named Casio, a pirate-like spy and field-missionary who worked to steal blood diamonds from corrupt warlords using dark gems to finance terrorism. Now in this New World, Casio was using his old ties to potential 'friends' from Old World institutions like Seton Hall where they'd create pirate-broadcasts in defiance of the reign of these fascist Apes.

CASIO: I'll defeat you online in the new survivor-network with the Othello board-game.
MARCUS: Your rebellion won't stand with such 'cyber-optimism' or underground economics!

Casio was a real pioneer and self-made individual. He grew up in the streets of Algeria as an orphan-pickpocket before making his way to the Ivy League in the USA before being recruited by the CIA/Interpol for blood-diamond infiltration work in Europe and elsewhere. He seemed like the ideal 'captain' of the survivor rebellion, a real nerdist of guerrilla survivalism! Casio's real name from the Old World was 'Othello' and changed his name to reflect his new mission for tech-dreams.

Casio doubled by night as a costumed pirate thief, infiltrating the human 'ally' camps funded by the fascist Apes. Casio called himself the spy-thief 'Sparrow' and stole money and trade-items from these human ally camps and used them to create more resource allocations for the survivor rebel underground pirate media and radio network on Earth!

CASIO: I worked with gem-extraction in the Old World, and we'll use gem-trade tactics to forge pirate-survival in this one.

Casio set up a convenient Old World styled 'net-grocery' rewired pirate-Internet in this New World Earth. which the defiant survivor rebel humans used to access resources and goods and foods and books and life materials. Casio then organized an efficient goods-delivery system among survivor rebel humans willing to work as messengers, runners, and disguised postmen posing as simple merchants and priests.

Casio's wife Laura was a Catholic schoolteacher in the Old World and functioned now in this underground New World rebel network as a messenger of democratic rhetoric and ideology, making online blogs about the value of defying the Apes with privatized school and church cyber-nets. Laura was something like Florence Nightingale now!

CASIO: The key to this rebellion will be in the distribution of educational and educated engineering technologies.

Casio used his knack for socio-engineering and Laura's cyber-philosophy groups to create special pirate-broadcasts about the rebel value of New World futurama governance principles, centered around moral tales and fables involving colorfully invented robot 'avatars' such as Cyclonus/Agus who'd serve as characters for rebellion-diaries. Casio called this tech-net ActiVision, and it would incorporate new brands of imaginarium-DNA.

MARCUS: I'll turn this rebel alliance forged by Casio into a tooled slave-ship for forced economics.

Casio even employed various foot-soldiers in the rebel camps on Earth to create perimeters of armed security, with soldiers armed with toy guns from the Old World toy-stores, filled with corrosive acid or fire-ignition lighters. These security controls were meant to ward off the masked psychopaths employed by Emperor Marcus and the Apes to destroy all rebel hopes.

CASIO: It's alarming how one can use imagination to fend off the forces of oppression in the New World, like marbles!

Marcus was officially crowned the head Emperor of the human allies to the fascist Apes. He was given a special helmet and uniform to serve as the lead human ally general of the army of the Apes to crush the human survivor rebels on Earth.

The various street battles in post-apocalyptic Earth between the forces of Marcus and the rebel armies of Casio and Laura proved to be very dramatic and symbolic, turning the tides of history regarding the empathic passions of human evolution on our once very fertile planet Earth!

Argo, a conservative middle-ground Old World politician, was meanwhile constructing a special peace-oriented 'League of Nations' to determine if the successes of the human survivor rebel groups could justify a treaty-system between Casio and Marcus and his Ape friends. Argo represented a new kind of global democracy!

ARGO: We hope all this post-apocalypse drama will generate new forms of socialized art about the drama of evolution.

What will the future of humanity be for this Planet of the Apes? Will Casio's rebels forge bridges to Argo, or will the darker forces of Marcus/Apes create serious bloody murder moods leading our species to more dystopian lakes of fire? What do you think?

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on April 30, 2021
Last Updated on April 30, 2021
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