Gambit/Magneto: The Forest Dime

Gambit/Magneto: The Forest Dime

A Story by Abishai100

Gambit and rival Magneto convene in UCLA to talk about Squirrel-Girl rhetorics regarding Cali-forest designs.

How do comic books remind us of naturalism designs or forest dogma? What do you think? Enjoy, 

In a special library on the West Coast, a UCLA student named Gambit wanted to debate with a wise old sage named Magneto. Now, it was known that Gambit was a man wielding a special chemical-gun and explosive throwing stars, a real ninja-vigilante. Magneto on the other hand was an unknown telepath. However, the two were convening in that special UCLA library.

MAGNETO: I need to know what this Gambit thinks of the forest-dwelling unbeatable Squirrl-Girl.

GAMBIT: I trust fully that Magneto is versed in Thoreau and Abbey and appreciates the naturalism of Squirrel-Girl.

Now, Gambit had already made a series of fun children's comic book translation stick-figure doodles for a special forest walkpath graffiti-chalk art project called Save the Grizzly, in honor of an endangered bear in the California woods. Magneto noticed some of these simple and crude if cute children's doodles of Gambit, particularly that of the wily Hobgoblin and the unbeatable feminist-avatar known as Squirrel-Girl, side-by-side!

SQUIRREL-GIRL: I'm gonna take on any challenger who seeks to hurt Mother Nature in Earth's sacred brown woods.

GAMBIT: I like your style, sage Magneto.
MAGNETO: And I appreciate your canonical doodles of the unbeatable naturalist Squirrel-Girl.

Gambit always rode around on a vintage brown Vespa scooter, all over sunny Cali. He liked thinking of the mobility of Squirrel-Girl on this terrific French mobility device. He wondered if Magneto ever rode such a thing. He didn't.

GAMBIT: The forests of California yearn for the magic of Squirrel-Girl.
MAGNETO: Doesn't she look like a feminist or a dyke or something, Gambit?
GAMBIT: Nah, she's the ideal cute-woman for forest propaganda.
MAGNETO: We seem to share ideas regarding the access to naturalism intellectualism.
GAMBIT: That we do, sir.

Gambit showed Magneto his special brown diamonds he'd procured from Morocco and Thailand. Magneto was impressed and was certain this power-capable Gambit was somehow invested in the naturalism art of Squirrel-Girl whose colors reflected the natural browns of the forest trees. Would they become natural friends now?

MAGNETO: There's a rumor that Damian Drake is your son, Gambit.
MAGNETO: He's my son!
MAGNETO: Yes, Lara Drake was my girlfriend, Gambit.
MAGNETO: Yours too?
GAMBIT: Why, yes, sir.
MAGNETO: Do you shop for him at Structure?
GAMBIT: Yes I do sir, since Damian loves Structure clothing!
MAGNETO: Capitalism has much naturalism aesthetics in modern fashions, no?
GAMBIT: Yes, it does, sir, and maybe we can agree about some delicate civilization imagination.

Gambit was shocked to realize that Magneto may be his natural rival! However, he knew they still both agreed and shared ideas on the eco-conservation and naturalism themes inherently celebrated by Marvel's unbeatable Squirrel-Girl. Gambit showed Magneto his little furry brown cat Icarus and told his now-rival that Squirrel-Girl's naturalist colors reminded him always of the friendship of the enchanted forests of California.

MAGNETO: I dunno if this Gambit is a poet or a scoundrel, but his little brown cat Icarus reminds me of Squirrel-Girl DNA!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on May 5, 2021
Last Updated on May 5, 2021
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