Isaac/Valerie: Cairo Diamond

Isaac/Valerie: Cairo Diamond

A Story by Abishai100

A modern-day Bonnie-and-Clyde duet in Cairo (Egypt) dates dune blood-diamond dances for demo-deadlines.

A fun blood-diamond vignette (last one, I promise!), inspired by the cool American film, The Hot Rock. Enjoy (and God bless!), 


Isaac and Valerie moved from Algeria to Cairo, Egypt. They purchased an apartment in the great Egyptian city of Cairo, capital city of an area that was once the hub of empirical dreams of great buildings, or rather pyramids. Isaac and Valerie aren't regular tourists, however. They're diamond thieves. They're in Cairo now to steal the diamonds owned by a Moroccan baron named Fahd who's tied to blood-diamond traffic in South Africa. The blood-diamond highway is sullying the global gem market, and Isaac/Valerie are the last two classic pirates trying to be vigilantes by destroying the aura of blood-diamond warlords.

INTERPOL: We've been tracking associates of blood-diamond pirates/warlords and seek to prosecute them as terrorists.

The $20 million African gems in the National Bank of Egypt that Isaac/Valerie seek to steal will be trade in the Interpol-linked Egyptian and African underground for movable cash/assets for a new Swiss account secured from hacker-observers. This is the sort of work necessary if you want to deal with these modern blood-diamond warlords, but Isaac/Valerie are excellent thieves, which is why Interpol has compared them to Bonnie and Clyde!

ISAAC: We just want Fahd's blood-diamonds for Interpol media, so everyone can relax!
VALERIE: We have our own water-guns filled with acid used to burn open Fahd's safe-box, so just coop.
ISAAC: Please disregard our potential ties to other agents, and this media-work will be over in 15 minutes!
VALERIE: We intend to switch the Fahd diamonds with ones we've brought, and none of you are implicated.
ISAAC: Consider us simply Easter-bunny thieves.

This was a master-class diamond-heist in Cairo, and the Egyptian Times called this incident at the National Bank of Egypt a sight for sour-eyes and a feast for empty-hearts. After all, blood diamonds or 'conflict diamonds' truly had sullied the world's consciousness regarding the colors of modern gem flow and highways leading from Africa to Europe. Isaac/Valerie were being called in the African underground the neo-classical Bonnie and Clyde. Would this spell the end of baron-influences in the East linked to diamond-terrorism?

ISAAC: I got you this great bond-note from the bank, darling.
VALERIE: How fun and quaint and symbolic...and legal!

EGYPTIAN TIMES: Ironically enough, traffic and patronage for the National Bank of Egypt has skyrocketed.

Isaac loved toys. He married Valerie and had a son named Damian. He purchased for Damian a toy Hess petrol-station model truck. Damian learned to appreciate the magic of modern capitalism with this aesthetically pleasing commerce-symbolic civilization toy. Isaac didn't want Damian to grow up to become a pirate like him!

VALERIE: I purchased a $1 million Bonnie & Clyde painting for our new Swiss mansion den, and Isaac knows it.

Isaac and Valerie attended a party years later in Cairo celebrating the end of blood-diamond trafficking in the area. This was a great social triumph to the minds of the aristocracy in Egypt at the time. Isaac/Valerie danced and drank and kissed and ruminated on why people had once called them the new Bonnie and Clyde. This was a magical dance.

INTERPOL: We'll catch these blood-diamond b******s and restore the general integrity of modern diamond ditches.

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on May 5, 2021
Last Updated on May 5, 2021
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