Ascension: Leviathan-Red

Ascension: Leviathan-Red

A Story by Abishai100

Weyland Company sends soldiers/scientists to uncharted Origae where they must contend with a dark-thing called Red Xenomorph (RX)!

An exciting sci-fi horror short featuring the iconic and terrible alien intelligent species known simply and ominously as the dreaded  Red Xenomorph (Alien), so I hope you like this one! 


On the arena of a famous science institute for space-exploration, thinkers for the Weyland Company assembled to plan an ambitious space-travel journey to the uncharted discovered planet outside our solar-system, like right outside our solar-system, a planet called Origae.

On Earth, various considerations regarding the global pandemic made space-exploration seem quite profitable and sane!

Peter Weyland, CEO of Weyland Company, presented his TV-speech about the value of this trip to Origae, which would include numerous scientists/diplomats and two perfect human soldiers, Isaac Orem and David Hicks. Weyland reminded people that there were signs of intelligent life emanating from Origae, mandating a thorough human journey to the uncharted planet! Weyland considered this a chance to map the contours of the elusive 'leviathan' of space-delusions.

OREM: I get a funny feeling about this so-called science trip to Origae, David.
HICKS: When we get home to our wives, we'll both feel better, Isaac.

Orem and Hicks played with their little robot toys on the Weyland vessel headed to Origae. Their spaceship, the Ascension, was fitted with all lifestyle amenities and cafeterias and gymnasiums, affording the two super-human soldiers plenty of free-time to indulge their optimistic sci-fi daydreams en-route to Origae!

OREM JOURNAL: Weyland has named this uncategorized alien intelligence on Origae the Red Xenomorph, which is cute.

HICKS JOURNAL: Weyland calls this alien the Red Xenomorph since it exhibits some red UV frequency and shape-shifts.

The Weyland spaceship Ascension was loaded with a host of awesome glowing laser-guns, capable of blasting off the heads of any alien creature with a laser-cord like cutting horizontal shot. Orem and Hicks were trained to deal with these creatures and were ready to basically just kill them with these glow-guns provided by Weyland.

OREM: Our vessel is really awesome, no?
HICKS: Yeah, it can take any kind of Armageddon, Orem!

Armageddon on Origae is what Orem/Hicks got. When the human explorers of Ascension got off their spaceship with their diplomacy materials and began trekking around the uncharted planet Origae, they're met by a host of these scouring 'teenage' pale-skinned lethal 'Red Xenomorph' aliens who proceed to relentlessly murder all the scientists/diplomats. The Red Xenomorph can use an explosive saliva and bone-crushing acid flow to simply implode and dismantle the human body, which is exactly what it did to these poor souls.

OREM: Kill at all costs, Hicks.
HICKS: Yeah, these Reds ain't communists.

Apparently, the 'Red Xenomorph' had destroyed its only species-cousin and rival, the more 'peaceful' but equally eerie-looking large insect-dragon shaped 'Black Xenomorph' with incredible speed. The Red Xenomorph is like the bloody murder agent of the entire Xenomorph 'race' and Orem/Hicks know the Reds must be eliminated before they reach Earth!

The two human soldiers get back onto the Ascension miraculously after killing about 20 of the Red Xenomorphs but are tracked by the alien creatures who refuse to stop their reign of bloody murder on Origae.

Nevertheless, a range of firing by Orem/Hicks and the surviving pilot of Ascension successfully use their guns to blind and decapitate the Red Xenomorphs which have boarded their spaceship. This was an all-out Apocalypse battle, between humans too stupid not to explore Origae for the sake of science and lethal alien creatures too merciless to consider the value of peaceful engagements. Hey, science-fiction is not necessarily a fairy-tale though, right, and these humans now have no doubt about that.

WEYLAND: Congrats on making it back to Earth.
OREM: We lost everyone but the pilot, sir.
HICKS: We don't have any intention to return to Origae.
WEYLAND: Do you think we should shoot nuclear missiles at Origae, men?
OREM: That'd be better than letting these 'Red Xenomorphs' zoom to Earth, sir.
HICKS: Kill with due prejudice, sir.

Orem/Hicks concluded their engagement was with a 'ninja-like' predatory super-intelligent lethal alien species ('Red Xenomorph') that had the full symbolic morphology of an Apocalypse AntiChrist. If life on Earth, to the imagination, is about enduring strangeness, then Orem/Hicks learned of an extra caveat from this Red Xenomorph --- kill anything eerie that seems like it's hell-bent on raw division.

WEYLAND: We intend to release a new series of exciting alien-fighting video-games to youngsters across the Americas!

OREM: Years later, the old-man Weyland will realize this entire vision was blind.
HICKS: At least we might be dead by then.
OREM: Yeah, right, but who'll check man's detention then?

WEYLAND: We also will be releasing an exciting line of Xenomorph action-figures for young fans of science-fictioN!

Orem and Hicks knew only one thing --- their Apocalypse encounter with the explosive Red Xenomorph on uncharted Origae would forever change the way humanity conceived of great diagonal courage! God bless America.

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on May 7, 2021
Last Updated on May 7, 2021
Tags: Sci-Fi Horror, Alien (Fanfiction), Red Xenomorph, Apocalypse




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