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The cryptic Mothman in Virginia/California generates enough academic intrigue for Dr. Satan, a modern-man of Dianetics.

A fun sardonic diorama featuring the cryptic Mothman and why it arguably represents modernism deformity. 


At a certain American university, a parapsychology professor named Amlan Satan was investigating the metaphysical bonds, ---- between cryptic sightings of an unidentified mystical creature in the USA known as the 'Mothman' who was spotted in Virginia and California in the summertime, --- and the human evolutionary tendency to categorize random or chaotic images or daydreams as imprints of uncontrolled urges. Professor Satan (Amlan) wanted to use his university resources to create media portals into the modern social symbolism surrounding the unusual Mothman and relate these parapsychological understandings to modern era computer and digital dollars.

DR. SATAN: I believe this so-called 'Mothman' is simply an extension of the human will to forge immortality out of mortality!

Was Satan right? Was this 'Mothman' simply a constructed diamond-sphere for imaginations about false immortality in times of great calamity or mortality concerns? The modern Computer Age was after all filled with socialization fears regarding the mass use of gadgets and toys and technologies and required human beings to become more sensitive about natural dynamic motion. Was the Mothman, a humanoid winged flying creature resembling a giant moth, a re-presentation of the modern fear of becoming overwhelmed by the mechanical tentacles of technology-machinery? Dr. Satan (Amlan) made it his special mission to present his parapsychology findings at a special conference inviting photo-psychologists examining a modern paranoia surrounding technology dilution!

AMLAN SATAN: I'll be exploring portraits of dynamic civil wars in my CalTech course to present images of digitized horror!

Of course, the Mothman had become quite popular and iconic already in underground literature and comic book media. In fact, those who claimed to have spotted the highly-unusual winged moth-like humanoid in Virginia/California claimed it was an 'Apocalypse Omen' sign warning man who'd become a race of 'thieves' indulging in capitalism toys and neglecting the unpredictable natural state of Earth life. If the Mothman was really a 'beast' of the Apocalypse, Dr. Satan wanted to present its appeal in mass media as a symbol of civilization diaries!

Amlan deposited his investments in diamonds in a Nevada Bank so no fanatical crypto-zoological 'fan' or 'student' would try to ruin him or rob him of his property as a death-threat to make him cease his undying quest to prove the 'mystical' Mothman was nothing more fearful than an evolutionary deviant symbolic of modernism technology claustrophobia. He put over $20 million in Belgian diamonds in his Nevada account so he'd feel safe to continue his parapsychology research at CalTech without fear/concern over dementia.

Then, one night, while driving home from work at CalTech, Dr. Amlan Satan, with his Saab moonroof completely slid open, spotted the Mothman! It was flying above him in the clear night-sky and seemed to be signaling to him to cease his natural skeptical inquiries. When Satan got home, he wrote in his online blog furiously, "I have to stop this endless inquisition regarding the cold rational non-mystical signature dissection of this cryptic Mothman, since, after all, the 'beast' may actually be a real Earth harbinger of unidentified supernatural depression!"

Dr. Satan checked himself into a center for the clinically insane and started receiving personal treatments and homeopathic and antibiotic and psychoactive medicines to treat his uncontrolled condition of self-imagined experience or event occurrences. You see, Satan had started having nightly visions in his dream-sleep that he'd started transforming into the Mothman himself!

DR. SATAN: If this 'Mothman' is more wondrous than even Godzilla, will we turn him into a video-game?

The world wasn't forgiving to Satan's brand of parapsychology skepticism. It insisted that his belief that the Mothman was just a 'fabrication' of the human curiosity about immortality ignored the possibility that the beast was simply a creature of excitement and intrigue. The Mothman had become already popular in the American South and generated many Facebook posts featuring young college students decked out in the summertime hoping for a sighting of the unusual Apocalypse monster!

DR. SATAN: If I encounter any maniac or 'being' more outrageous than the Mothman, then I'll become a policeman!

CALTECH: We don't endorse Satan's work with Mothman renunciation, but parapsychology is a worthy field of doctors.

Ironically, the "Satan Papers" as they came to be known in Virginia/California, inspired a searing new Hollywood (USA) movie about the danger-tendency to indulge in hypochondria delusions to create synthetic forms of modern illness. It won the Academy Award, ironically!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on June 1, 2021
Last Updated on June 1, 2021
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