Saraswati: Astros Fan

Saraswati: Astros Fan

A Story by Abishai100

An iconic deity becomes an American woman to cheer on a special baseball-team during a dream-time.

A retirement toast to the iconic deity Saraswati (Hinduism) and the fantastic Astros (MLB), a nod to sports-magic...and dollars! 

Saraswati, young and lovely goddess of learning/music, decided to transform into a human female, an American woman named Esmerelda, and start cheering for the Houston Astros (MLB) baseball-team in Texas. The Astros had just constructed a very impressive indoor 'astro-dome' sports stadium, and Astros games would be hosted that season, giving Esmerelda (Saraswati!) ample chance to become a 'divine' baseball-fan.

Esmerelda was now a sports-journalist living in Texas and married to the Dartmouth writer Amlan Satan. She's attend the Astros games in the astro-dome on a special journalism-pass clearance option and get to see the stars/athletes and coaches up close during the games in the astro-dome. Her husband Satan remarked that she'd ironically become one of the most precocious female fans of American the history of Texas!

The Houston Astros won the World Series that year, and Esmerelda (Saraswati!) was there to cheer on the great achievement. She took photos for the Houston Herald as well as for her family-room corner mantle. The Astros' victory served as a sign of a turnaround in the iconic MLB franchise after the erection of the now-popular astro-dome in Texas.

Esmerelda started collecting American baseball-cards of iconic Astros stars from the past, including Dickie Thon and Craig Biggio. This became her secondary-hobby, and attending those actual Astros baseball games in the proud astro-dome had become her new thing. She was immersed in human civilization and sports magic...specifically baseball.

ESMERELDA: I've purchased a classic 1980s stereo on eBay on which I can play Astros game recorded tapes and music!

The next season, the Astros won the World Series...again! Esmerelda (Saraswati!) was on-hand again to cheer on this great Texas achievement in history. She took photos for the Herald and had an artist commissioned to make a special portrait of the celebration-parade in Houston. Baseball was Texan again.

ESMERELDA: I'm attending a special fan-event at the astro-dome where fans get to try to bat the ball pitched by Astros.

ESMERELDA: My Astros fan collection is totally complete now.

Would Esmerelda (Saraswati!) have become as loud a fan of the Houston Astros (MLB) were it not for their successive World Series titles? Was Esmerelda a new fan of Texas sports because of the Astros' success? Saraswati decided to stay in Houston for one more year, in case the Astros had the chance to repeat as a triple-winning World Series champion!

Saraswati (Esmerelda) decided to purchase a special Texas diamond called Vanderbilt and had it fashioned into amazing earrings which she stored in a safe-box in a Houston bank. This memoir-treasure would serve as a divine souvenir of the deity's visit to Earth and her unusual investment in the symbolic social activity of broadcast sports.

"Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand' (Leo Durocher).

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on June 21, 2021
Last Updated on June 21, 2021
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