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A special team of patriot-operatives in the West counter post-9/11 terrorism measures in preparation for an Armageddon-avoiding Tokyo Olympics.

An iconic diorama dedicated to anti-terrorism Dianetics. God bless, 


When anti-American terrorists destroyed the commerce-symbolic World Trade Center in NYC on 9/11/2001, everyone was awake to the notion that global capitalism was no longer secure and safe from the imagination of real mad-men.

That's why the underground 'Z-Team' was formed and forged in the West to counter a new 'brand' of terrorism employing strange new forms of urban warfare involving pedestrian site targeting and chemical weapons. The Z-Team, a co-ed Western civilization team of paramilitary crusaders/vigilantes, would counter this new wave of radical urban-armed militant terrorists who stood outside apartment windows with stolen machine-guns!

Z-TEAM: They'll pay us in Rupees and Yen, but our trophies/rewards remind us of the rebuilding of New York.

A co-captain of the Z-Team was the Algerian-American patriot-ninja pirate Amlan Satan, who often went by the two aliases Storm-Shadow and Burglar. Satan (Amlan) was a diamond-thief infiltrating blood-diamond baron banks in the East used to control terrorism-financing. Satan (Amlan) also worked as the field-operations assassin and shootist alongside the Z-Team members, many of which were women, underground female operatives such as Scarlett and Aeon. Satan (Amlan) simply considered himself a real-life modern pirate.

"I like using the aliases 'Storm-Shadow' and 'Burglar,' because as co-captain of the Z-Team, I consider myself dark" (Satan).

Z-Team members including Satan (Amlan), aka 'Storm Shadow'/'Burglar', were sent to recruit special KLM airline stewardesses to serve as messenger-runners and drug-informant interceptors based from Schipol Airport in the Netherlands. These flight-attendants would be like the 'post-girls' for the Z-Team's anti-terrorism mission after 9/11.

SATAN (Amlan): I like 'GI Joe' comics as inspiration-boards for Z-Team initiatives to counter terrorism minds.

AMERICAN PRESIDENT: Chemical Armageddon will destroy the survival-imagination of the human species!

SATAN (Amlan): We'll be using special gear-guns filled with liquid-nitrogen to attack chemical-weapons silos in the East.

SCARLETT (Z-Team female-operative): This is eerily feeling more and more like the real Armageddon of human dreams.

SATAN (Amlan): I keep a ninja-woman doll in my cabinet to remember my murdered sister in the East.

FDR: Chemical weapons have been around for a while now, but it will scar the new millennium I think!

SCARLETT (Z-Team female-operative): We don't want a Hiroshima-rendition of chemicals for tomorrow's Asian children!

"Everyone's mobilized and vigilant about this sort of Apocalypse-aesthetics, and this 'world war' is democratic" -Scarlett

KLM: We're investing our gorgeous stewardesses for this special mission about mobilized global monitors.

SATAN: To prevent chemical street warfare, we move in and strike silos in the Middle East.
SCARLETT: We don't want another Hiroshima in the form of acid-guns in the streets of Japan!

The Z-Team had learned from the jarring message/mood of 9/11, when NY was rocked in terms of homeland-security. The Z-Team was sent to restore faith and confidence in the CIA and Pentagon and general American brotherhood. The female-operatives were expert killers, delivered to simply assassinate the chemical-killers from the Middle East and North Korea in this 'covert' Apocalypse.

SATAN (Amlan): As the 'Burglar' of anti-terrorism financing, I deal with the blue-serpent of unholy foolishness.

BARONESS (Z-Team female-operative): Our crusade is simply one of clothed democratic hygiene!

As the Tokyo Games began during the Coronavirus endurance-trials, and the American President had sent the Z-Team to serve as underground protectors/guardians, Satan/Scarlett wondered if there'd be blood-diamond terrorists abound during the games to frighten people's sense of modern global socialized journalism.

Z-TEAM: What we do, we do to remind ourselves that even 9/11 and Pearl Harbor can be transcended!

SCARLETT: I purchased for our son a gorgeous 'GI Joe' toy land-rover militia-vehicle called the Richie.

SATAN: I became a chef after retiring from the Z-Team.

SCARLETT: I opened a diner in Seattle's tower after retiring from the Z-Team.

BARONESS: I began a Garbage-Pail-Kids cards business in Amsterdam, in conjunction with Royal Dutch Airlines!

"We won't let terrorism and/or chemical-warfare destroy our modern sense of socialized data." (Anonymous)

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on July 23, 2021
Last Updated on July 23, 2021
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