Rogue-Trader {Insider}

Rogue-Trader {Insider}

A Story by Abishai100

A wily blood-diamond 'ninja' coordinates an insider-info 'rogue-trader' heist linked to NASDAQ and blood-diamond dualism.

A 'rogue-trader' insider-heist linked to NASDAQ, blood-diamonds, and a net-wizard named Burglar. Enjoy! 

Amlan Satan calls himself 'Burglar' on Wall Street/NASDAQ. He's been a 'rogue-trader' of intellectual property wealth connected to blood-diamond underground networks linked to terrorism-financing, working with Interpol-relations to destabilize modern corrupt capitalism-barons investing in smuggling and corrupting of the cyber-diamond market. He's a real master thief of the modern cyber-trading market.

SATAN: I studied at Dartmouth, where I gained an appreciation of layered economics spheres linked to capitalism.

Satan/Burglar is planning an insider-theft of a key intellectual property linked to the blood-diamond baron Goldfinger who seeks to trade a Chinese microchip (experimental) for underground profits linked to the terrorist group Cobra. Satan/Burglar hacks into this trade-network on CyberNet (NASDAQ) and procured info regarding the targets/investors of this experimental Chinese chip. Satan/Burglar put in a fake bid-chip for the chip-market, to redirect the investment assets to Zurich and through Interpol-relations in Europe. Now Goldfinger's connected to an emerged cyber-diamond market investigation.

SATAN/BURGLAR: I have no wish to disrupt the cyber-market or trades, but this insider-theft will expose Goldfinger!

Meanwhile, the insider-movements regarding this covert/stealth Chinese microchip trade, rerouted by Satan/Burglar through nifty/swift cyber-hacking and insider-info, has created waves and gossip on Wall Street, suggesting to modern investors that the Chinese electronics/computing market could potentially be connected to Europe for future cyber-diamond network securities.

SATAN/BURGLAR: Maybe I should change my alias to 'Rogue Trader' or 'Insider' or something of cyber-intrigue!

NASDAQ: We're proud of our layered systems of algorithmic network protocols for cyber-diamonds and intellectual properties.

The insider-trade created a need for a special algorithm for diversification of underground communication protocols regarding the data surrounding the cyber-diamond market. Satan/Burglar, being a rather skilled cyber-programmer/hacker, designed a communique-leak program that would reroute insider cyber-diamond market info to 'alternate vendors' which in turn would be directed more to Interpol-relations. NASDAQ investigators with Interpol-relations called this program the 'Dollar-Virus' for its destabilization qualities, and Satan/Burglar was busy using the metro system to relay direct info to market branches in the city.

The New York Times called Satan/Burglar the real-life 'Storm-Shadow' for his uncanny ability to use insider-info to reroute cyber-diamond communications to create more diversified Euro-branches that would inevitably lead to more Interpol-relations commands/inquiries.

SATAN/BURGLAR: The integrity of the cyber-market requires adherence to insider-info reliability...and diagonals!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on July 24, 2021
Last Updated on July 24, 2021
Tags: NASDAQ, Insider-Crime




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