Belgrade: Bank Robbery!

Belgrade: Bank Robbery!

A Story by Abishai100

A wily tracking thief performs a blood-diamond bank robbery in Yugoslavia with a chain-reaction designed to create anti-terrorism dialogue.

A nifty diamond-caper set in Belgrade and inspired by the amazing film Blood Diamond (Leo DiCaprio). Hope you like it (and thanks so much for reading!), 

Amlan Satan (aka 'Burglar') arrived in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) to perform a special bank-robbery, a blood-diamond heist of the corrupt baron Goldfinger's terrorism-financing gems in modern times.

GOLDFINGER: I shall make Yugoslavia the base of my operations for terrorism-financing!

Satan/Burglar had studied the highways of blood-diamond trade leading to Belgrade and had tracked Goldfinger through the cyber-underground and began planning the bank robbery like a real nerd.

Amlan set up Interpol-relations to have Interpol follow-up the bank robbery with Goldfinger-inquiries regarding terrorism-financing. He then went to work to study traffic patterns in Yugoslavia and its colorful capital city (Belgrade).

SATAN/BURGLAR: I shall utilize the convenient metro-system and maps to move on the day of the Goldfinger heist!

Amlan Satan ('Burglar') arrived at the Belgrade bank costumed as a street-artist named 'Thespian' and claimed he needed photos of the famous Goldfinger diamonds inside the bank for a media-magazine about modern capitalism, showing his street-show toy water-gun to the manager and eventually the escorting guardsman inside the bank.

Once inside the safe-box area of the bank-vault of the Belgrade (Yugoslavia) bank where Goldfinger stored his terrorism-financing blood-diamonds, Satan/Burglar ('Thespian') revealed to them his toy water-rifle was filled with corrosive acid and suggested he's working on behalf of Interpol-relations and they'd need to report this to the authorities as an Interpol-invasion.

BANK MANAGER: We had no idea this 'Thespian' may be a master-thief with Interpol-relations in Yugoslavia!

Satan/Burglar hopped onto the Belgrade Metro with $20 million of Goldfinger's blood-diamonds hidden conveniently in the pull-out soles of his shoes and went to an Interpol-relations station where he may store the gems in a safe-box in Belgrade.

Satan then sent a notice to the Belgrade Bugle stating, "Somewhere in this fair Yugo-city lay the blood-diamond belonging to Baron Goldfinger, and I challenge his own thieves to find them." Find them they did, but by the time they did, the media-gossip had spread so wide that Interpol-relations were now busy conducting their own terrorism-financing inquiries surrounding the notorious Goldfinger and his own team of thieves!

GOLDFINGER: I shall employ my own Euro-detective, Elka, to track and kill this dastardly 'Thespian' thief in Belgrade.

INTERPOL: Blood-diamond corruption today threatens the integrity of the global diamond-exchange and requires focus.

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on July 24, 2021
Last Updated on July 24, 2021
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