Ice-Hockey Bandits

Ice-Hockey Bandits

A Story by Abishai100

A wily trio of ice-hockey players in Vancouver are actually also bank-robbers staging a blood-diamond heist of Goldfinger's empire.

A blood-diamond opus amidst some ice-hockey aesthetics in Vancouver. Enjoy (and thanks for reading!), 

A team of ice-hockey players in Vancouver were also bank robbers calling themselves the Burglars. This trio of thieves loved ice-hockey more than anything in British Columbia, but now they're staring at the heist of Baron Golfinger's $20 million Vanderbilt sapphire stone, and Goldfinger's known to be using Vancouver as a terrorism-financing station.

AMLAN: We plan this Goldfinger-heist for that Vanderbilt sapphire.
MARCUS: Then, we make it home in time for our regular ice-hockey game.
RAKI: Goldfinger's going to be very serious about this.
AMLAN: No worries; we're excellent thieves.

The trio of ice-hockey playing bank robbers, the 'Burglars' (Amlan/Marcus/Raki) were conceiving their little Goldfinger-heist plan of the $20 million Vanderbilt sapphire while playing one of their regular season ice-hockey games, passing off ideas in talk and secret language while skating past each other during their ice-hockey game in Vancouver.

The 'Burglars' came up with the plan to walk into the bank costumed as theater-performers and announce themselves to the bank manager that they're part of Goldfinger's special 'circus-company' putting on street-shows outside the bank using water-guns as props and now requiring media-photos of the baron's Vanderbilt sapphire, under supervision by an escorting guardsman of course! The bank manager decided to amuse their funny little theater and ordered the main guardsman to escort them inside the bank. The stage was set.

The 'Burglars' then revealed to the single guardsman once inside the safe-box area of the vault-room of the Vancouver bank that two of their toy-prop water-guns are indeed filled with corrosive acid! They then whisper to the guardsman to keep quiet and stand in front of the single safe-box area security-camera inside the vault-room and wave his arms around while juggling one of the toy-prop water guns while Amlan takes his media-stunt photos of Goldfinger's Vanderbilt sapphire gem. That's when Raki/Marcus switch Goldfinger's Vanderbilt gem with a replica they smuggled into the bank earlier.

BANK MANAGER: Business that day was quite normal, and we're inviting Goldfinger to inspect his own Vanderbilt.

The 'Burglars' (Amlan/Marcus/Raki) told the alarmed bank guardsman that they're sent on behalf of an Interpol-relation investigating Baron Goldfinger's involvement in terrorism-financing and were to prompt the baron to discover that a replica was placed in his safe-box, requiring him to make a media-statement about the authenticity of his treasures and his sincere need for normal securities in Vancouver, hopefully prompting more media attention to his activities and helping Interpol-relations enforce more public scrutiny on Goldfinger's activities and traffic. The bank guardsman complied, thinking he's dealing with not just costumed bank robbers but some kind of Interpol-detectors inside his amazing Vancouver bank that day!

AMLAN: We trade the Goldfinger Vanderbilt now for Swiss assets and return to home-base.
MARCUS: The media will suggest this swap was some kind of Interpol-spotlight.
RAKI: We're sending Goldfinger an extra fake-replacement sapphire now by courier?
AMLAN: Correct; he'll think Interpol's trailing him now.
MARCUS: He'll abandon the bank!

The 'Burglars' stored their own Vanderbilt-replica to be sent to Goldfinger later by courier in a separate Vancouver bank safe-box and sent a media notice, "Will Goldfinger seek to steal this special sapphire from a special safe-box in Vancouver as retribution for his sapphire displacement?"

Goldfinger did indeed send his 'goon-thieves' to find this Vanderbilt 'replica-replacement' inside some safe-box in one of the main Vancouver banks, as claimed by the anonymous letter sent by the 'Burglars' (Amlan/Marcus/Raki) to the Vancouver press. Now, the cat-and-mouse game was on to determine who's more willing to perform daring motions to claim authority over Vancouver sapphire dialogue! The Vancouver police were even entertained.

Amlan then sent his own notice to the Vancouver press in which he stated anonymously, "The Vanderbilt sapphire in question and of great intrigue surrounding Baron Goldfinger's awesome Vancouver 'empire' is something of which the value is proportional to modern North American democracy...requiring new forms of 'deception' detectors!" This created even more media dance.

GOLDFINGER: If I discover these 'burglars' are nothing more than vigilantes, I'll have their necks dashed!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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pretty good idea,hokey and bank robbers,already have their masks

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