Dr. Seton: PolySci Diary

Dr. Seton: PolySci Diary

A Story by Abishai100

A modern intellect is part of a pluralism scholarship regarding the American (e.g., Irish/Asian) magnification of social faxes.

A diorama about pluralism intuition in modern United States, inspired by The Paper Chase

Dr. Seton is a professor/intelligence-man at Seton Hall University, a Catholic school in America (New Jersey). He studies/teaches political science and covers topics such as rogue terrorism-financing coordinated by modern diplomacy groups evaluating financial highways between guerrilla-intelligence and formal parliamentary policy. Seton Hall University has become his personal laboratory for globalization politics ideology in this 20th-anniversary year of 9/11!

Dr. Seton is an Ivy League (Dartmouth) graduate and half-Algerian and half-Indian, and he's family-relations linked to the FLN and Quit India movements against French/British colonial rule. He studies/teaches Irish immigration dynamics and culture related to political science consciousness in the United States mostly, focusing also on the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland and sometimes uses American pluralism-street folklore media/literature like Asbury's Gangs of New York.

DR. SETON: I try to show my Pirates ('Seton Hall Pirates') the social value of folklore-centric diadems in pluralist America. 

Now, Seton Hall is famed mostly because of the prestigious American men's college basketball team (Pirates), but its academic focus on modern intellectual investments and social work are also well-maintained and quite respected in modern America. It's considered one of the most iconic Catholic universities arguably only second to Notre Dame. Seton Hall courses/classes focus on a Socratic and simultaneously intensive approach to the immersion of landscape enrichment/education, so its teachers are encouraged to create environments of inquisitive self-improvement.

DR. SETON: I see political-science (PolySci) for my Pirates students with a special flair/view of the 'medicine' of governance.

Now, the Coronavirus tribulation has created a more 'academic' need to explore/appreciate the general life-immersion features of modern political consciousness, as social-space and social-distance have become equated with general sociocultural intelligence or customs. This creates a new spin on the role of media as well as new perspectives/views on the idea of pluralism contouring in multicultural America. This is why Dr. Seton focuses on tough subjects such as Catholic-Protestant disparities in the modern United Kingdom!

DR. SETON: I keep diary in which I'm comparing Easter Rising, Quit India, and Algerian rebels; with American immigration.

DR. SETON: Political theory is a lot like the archaeology of social groups, and the totems/diadems reflect human IQ.

STUDENT: His lesson on the Irish Potato Famine and immigration taught us the value of thinking of groups as clinic-clans.

What Seton doesn't like is the idea that personalized education can not yield self-wrought concepts of constructed democracy or that tomorrow's leaders (today's students/Pirates!) do not have the right resource-access to academics that foster a special post-Industrialization understanding of multiculturalism-based capitalism theory...and practice.

DR. SETON: We took the Pirates students one day to a field-trip to Little India business-district in Iselin (New Jersey).

His goal/vision is to adapt post-Whitman folklore into a tapestry that illuminates the 'medical logic' of ethnic migration proportional to the development of capitalism-globalization theory and practice, a relevant issue in view of special ethnic groups such as Irish-Catholics when evaluating the role of pluralism mysticism as it relates to 'constructed' patriotism in pluralist America. He's using a special 'GI Joe' line of comic books (classics!) this year to present ideas such as NORAID advocacy in this 20th-anniversary year of 9/11.

DR. SETON: We spent one week looking at Belfast wall-art regarding Coronavirus medicine coordinated with street-politics.

STUDENT: If I was a professor at a Catholic university with pluralism-centric studies, I'd keep a diary like Dr. Seton for sure.

Dr. Seton also spends quality time, every Sunday Mass, for example, at the Seton Hall Catholic church, where he prays about the nature of governance as development and the realism behind the 'virus' of socialization rhetoric fractures (e.g., 9/11). This is the sort of American luxury not enjoyed by places such as Belfast (Northern Ireland) where academic environment church-time is considered sometimes a basic potato.

Dr. Seton's wife is a Manhattan fashion-model usually working with the Heidi Higgins agency in NYC. His wife Shelbye Collins visits him at his Seton Hall apartment on weekends and sometimes goes to faculty-dinners with him where he tells his peers that one reason he fell in love with her was because of her special dances to Belfast!

DR. SETON: Teaching at a Catholic university in America gives me special view into the medicine of polysci democracy.

GRADUATE: We'll remember our time as Pirates, and of course, Dr. Seton's approach to polysci as pluralism coal-mines.

Dr. Seton has a special commemorative Irish Republican Army recruitment/honor badge/pin he procured from a special Belfast museum exhibit during his visit to Northern Ireland with Shelbye to attend a conference about Sinn Fein work with blood-diamond depression.

DR. SETON: The folklore of America is one of pluralism 'character' and Irish/Asian groups compose a special drama-hospital.

STUDENT: There're rumors that Dr. Seton has a double-life as a Sinn Fein intelligence-man, but we think he's American dawn.

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on September 5, 2021
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