Notre-Dame Football: Remembrances

Notre-Dame Football: Remembrances

A Story by Abishai100

A diorama about the iconic Notre Dame Fightin' Irish college-football team and why/how it represents civilization globalism dowries.

A celebration of American sports-media and its reflection on Western civilization democratic rhetoric, inspired by Invictus

On the campus of the University of Notre Dame, English students read the works of James Joyce and thought about the intersections of Irish and other ethnic cultures immigrated to the United States and how pluralism in America afforded students the special opportunity to think about the glories of media/democracy in the post-9/11 era of globalization literature.

Folk comics had long celebrated the love of Irish culture in America, and St. Patrick's Day parades had become iconic in cities such as New York and Boston, making Irish-Catholics in America a very strong voting population. Popular American Presidents also publicly celebrated their love of Irish heritage. The Potato Famine in Ireland was catastrophic and was a precursor to immigration into America, creating forms of American appreciation of what the Irish offered to world literature/media.

Comic book characters, toys, movies, and action-figures and trinkets celebrated a love of the color 'green' which symbolized the green naturalism of the country of Ireland and neighboring 'troubled' Northern Ireland. Students at Notre Dame noted/appreciated the circulation of such totems of modern civilization in Western world.

Students made recordings of Irish music and literature and class-lectures on the value of Irish authors in American intellectual history and how iconic Irish politicians or Presidents with Irish heritage/pride such as JFK himself represented an American celebration of Irish experience and colors in the world.

Notre Dame's most iconic aspect of media-circulation is its storied college-football program, the Fightin' Irish football team, which boasted many titles/laurels and College Bowl victories such as the 1989 Orange Bowl triumph over rival Colorado. Notre Dame football teams showcased histories of team photos in its university records!

Amlan Satan (code-name: Storm-Shadow) is a capitalism-dynamics professor at Notre Dame working with Interpol-relations to study blood-diamond underworld smuggling impact on the development of crime-control in politically-troubled areas like Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom, where the two dominant denominations of the world Christian community, Catholicism and Protestantism, feel divided because of socioeconomic disparities and neglected affirmative-action employment policies by Parliament. Satan ('Storm-Shadow') has been a blood-diamond highway interception-intelligence agent/guerrilla with Interpol-relations working also with the new Sinn Fein tied world-group known as F-IRA which works to create more inter-religious commerce bridges/coops between Dublin (Ireland) and Belfast (Northern Ireland) and inter-religious treaties for UK policies between Catholics and Protestants. He's a real nerd!

STORM-SHADOW: As an underground agent working through Sinn Fein relations in Belfast, I'm a 'scholar' of guerilla-capitalism!

Satan teaches a special lesson at Notre Dame about Eamon de Valera's classic/seminal work examining how the Quit India movement against British rule paralleled ideological frameworks/histories of the Irish-Catholic resistance against British-Protestant dominions in Ireland and Northern Ireland. He tells his students such understandings inform Americans' appreciation of pluralism/democracy and the role of negotiation and also guerilla-politics in the marketing of globalized capitalism in our modern media-connected world.

SATAN: Having personal family ties to Algeria/India gives me extra curiosity about 'aesthetic' links to the Irish history/colors.

The circulation of pluralism-centric folk-comics in world history reflects a developing humanity fascination with using art/literature to re-express the 'process' of migration and cultural-exchange and the richness of culture-contact in civilization, a key subject in Satan's courses at Notre Dame today.

His wife Elisha is a fashion-designer who creates special Eastern women's sari-designs blending both Eastern/Western colors and even sometimes highlighting the crosses between Indian and Irish designs.

STORM-SHADOW: Blood-diamond infiltration-intelligence for capitalism improvements goes to the heart of globalization.

As Dr. Satan continues his scholarly 'guerrilla' quest to bring inter-religious capitalism civilization matrix improvements to Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), Notre Dame Fightin' Irish prepare for their upcoming exciting NBC-broadcast college-football season and showcase some iconic and symbolic team helmets with Irish insignia.

PROFESSOR SATAN: In this age of media/journalism, the concept of communication has become an intellectual catch-phrase.

STUDENT: Satan tells us of his own heritage from India which informs his lessons on ties between Irish-Indian politics!

PROFESSOR SATAN: Belfast (Northern Ireland) is a symbol of the Western world's challenge to bind together religions.

Irish-Catholics have become a strong community in the United States in modern times. The Catholic church meanwhile has become a globalized pluralism centric presentation for modern media, not only at Notre Dame but in other Catholic-centric American schools like Seton Hall and Paul VI.

DR. SATAN: We present to students folk-comics images from Belfast about the troubles between Catholics-Protestants.

NORAID groups offering political sympathies to the inter-religious conflicts in Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) might appreciate Professor Satan's lessons at Notre Dame on the value of democratic work in globalization-rhetoric for improved capitalism ideas in this age of media and democratic journalism.

UK MAGAZINE: The cure to poverty among the Irish-Catholic minority in Belfast is the end of violence worry in Parliament.

Notre Dame Fightin' Irish college-football boasts a longstanding national TV relationship with the major American broadcasting company NBC. NBC in fact broadcasts virtually every Notre Dame football game during the NCAA season on Saturdays. It's become a media-offering for worldwide access to student-athletics at the Catholic-centric school.

Notre Dame football history images read like a picture-book for fables and fairy-tales among fans/writers of NCAA sports.

Notre Dame has boasted great legends including Joe Montana and Tim Brown and incredible coaches including Lou Holtz.

DR. SATAN: We tell our students about the troubles among Irish-Catholics in Belfast who yearn to watch Notre Dame football on TV in security and escape from the terrorism arising from poverty and neglected media spotlights on police-force.

Professor Satan gives a lesson at Notre Dame about an iconic woman in the Quit India movement against British rule in the 20th Century who eerily resembled the works of an iconic underground female guerrilla-agent of the Irish Republican Army in Belfast. This is real history and it should matter to Irish-Catholic Americans who'll become tomorrow's endowed/wealthy leaders, in positions for charity and social-work and political advocacy for inter-religious peace.

DR. SATAN: Notre Dame Fightin' Irish football on American television represents the very-best of democratic optimism!

You walk onto the campus of Notre Dame every autumn college-football season and the first thing you notice during a Saturday sunset is the tone/atmosphere of the Catholic students cheering for their iconic/storied team as they prepare to dazzle/entertain on NBC-TV in front of a roaring cheering national crowd. This is America!

PROFESSOR SATAN: To market Irish culture/goods in America, you have to talk about the experience of the Irish themselves.

Notre Dame fans storm their stadium field after a Clemson victory during the Coronavirus tribulation.

DR. SATAN: Some of my students take special flight-plan study projects on Aer Lingus to report on Catholicism in Dublin.

Notre Dame is a respected educational institution as well, after all, and its classrooms represent academic opportunities to learn about what makes Irish-Catholic history/experience so fortunate in America and, say, so challenged in Belfast (Northern Ireland)!

DR. SATAN: We want our students to appreciate why Irish-Catholic guerrillas are labeled 'terrorists' in Northern Ireland.

SATAN: After 9/11, the world was 'on-edge' about Western civilization commitments to its own inter-religious peace missions.

THE POST: Western civilization cancels inter-religious worries as it hoists Notre Dame and Israel-Palestine triumphs.

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on September 11, 2021
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