Xon: Amsterdam Thief

Xon: Amsterdam Thief

A Story by Abishai100

A wily-tale of diamond operations in Netherlands inspired by modern intelligence-operations diarism.

A Euro-adventure inspired by the iconic post-Orwellian dystopia film Killing Zoe (Roger Avary). Enjoy! 

In modern Amsterdam (Netherlands), a special blood-diamond operationalist with Interpol-relations named Amlan Satan (code-name: Storm-Shadow) was plotting a raid of an evil baron's bank safe-box in the city of art/artists.

The 'diamond-ninja' Storm-Shadow (Satan) is a master of safe-box cracking and plans to switch blood-diamonds from Sierra Leone owned/operated by Baron Goldfinger with toy diamonds. His 'GI Joe' alias is Xon.

STORM-SHADOW: This will be an exercise in 'killing zoe' which will remind us all of the media-highways of piracy-gem chat.

Storm-Shadow takes the Amsterdam Metro to the ING bank in the Netherlands where Goldifnger's storing his blood-diamonds.

STORM-SHADOW: This bank is immaculate and reminds one of the 'James Bond' theatricality required by modern intelligence!

He tells the bank-manager he's costumed as an 'Eskimo-photojournalist' seeking street-theater prop bank safe-box photos (iPhone) for his show about blood-diamonds and reveals his toy prop water-rifle before being escorted to the safe-box area of the Amsterdam ING Bank!

STORM-SHADOW: I told the escorting guardsman to dance in front of the security-camera.

Satan's toy water-rifle is filled with acid and he's using it to burn a hole into Goldfinger's safe-box and swaps his piracy-diamonds with toys and walks out the bank-restroom window with $20M worth of the Goldfinger gem and exchanges his fee at an Interpol-relations exchange-station near Amsterdam before buying some personal items of capitalism-symbolic value.

AMSTERDAM JOURNAL: What we've learned from Goldfinger's media-response is the modern cyber-fear linked to true pirates!

Storm-Shadow (Satan) buys a bunch of Transformers cassette-robot toys for the youngsters of Amsterdam before departing for Belfast (Northern Ireland) for his new FIRA/FOH mission. These toys re-present a civilization intuition about traffic-deletion(s).

INTERPOL: Blood-diamond corruption today threatens the world diamond-exchange and makes terrorism woe!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2022 Abishai100

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Added on January 26, 2022
Last Updated on January 26, 2022
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