Pizza-Kitchen: Boston

Pizza-Kitchen: Boston

A Story by Abishai100

A 'valiant' cyber-homeschooling teacher ('Storm-Shadow') is a 'pirate' of capitalism-IQ in New England dreaming of diplomacy media-drawer(s).

A fable about 'potential' in America, inspired by It Could Happen to You (Nicolas Cage). Enjoy, 

There's so many immigrants who come into the United States ('New-World') from Ireland/Italy that the 'plethora' of candid/traditions/customs photography would inspire storytellers of their own rights to make their own special 'brands' of faerie-tales for modern civilization!

The Irish and Italians (Catholics, etc.) communities of the 'New-World' compose the special fabric(s) of United States 'faerie-tales' about migration and capitalism-IQ and daydreams about pure ambition and traffic. That's what this story is about, a tale of consumerism/consumption and offbeat daydreams about discovery in this new place.

Amlan Satan is an Algerian-American (naturalized!) immigrant who loves pirate-tales/comics and creates special cyber-homeschooling blogs in New England (for kids!) about fortune-adventure imaginations in the 'New-World' posing himself as a 'real-life' pirate named Storm-Shadow!

AMLAN SATAN: This new era of globalism requires 'serious-lenses' of traffic-media and stories/journalism for democratic IQ.

'Storm-Shadow' works mainly in Harvard-Square, interviewing traffickers/students/travelers about the 'quality' of immigration-traffic fear(s) and what composes the modern storyboard(s) of globalism rhetoric. He uses these notes to compose his cyber-blogs for his homeschooling (New-Vision(s)) mission for capitalism-IQ in New England (Boston).

STORM-SHADOW: I met a media-figure in Boston (Harvard-Square) who wanted a media-IQ tale about chess-table art(s).

CELEBRITY: This is all 'quite' fascinating...even for Harvard-Square, Mr. Cyber-Pirate!
STORM-SHADOW: Thanks ma'am; this is all a 'mission' for traffic-IQ (for kids!).
CELEBRITY: Do you have 'pirate' toys/artifacts for your homeschooling vision(s)?
STORM-SHADOW: Indeed; I've pirate-coins for the games (online) for fortune imagery.
CELEBRITY: So, your kids 'daydream' how many 'coins' they 'extract' from your cyber-pot image?
STORM-SHADOW: Precision; this is a time when we all 'demand' special cyber-traffic drywall(s).

Storm-Shadow (Amlan Satan) takes the media-figure ('celebrity') he encountered at Harvard-Square at an iconic Boston-mall pizza-place and tells the celeb about the 'glitter' and 'shine' of new era immigration storytelling for students in his cyber-homeschooling 'company' (New-Vision(s)). He talks of his childhood in 'troubled' Algeria while sharing some zesty pepper-pizza!

CELEBRITY: This is a terrific mall; the pizza-place 'Storm-Shadow' (Mr. Pirate!) took me to was 'quite' the chat-box.

CYBER-BLOG (New-Vision(s)): To appreciate the tools of the Boston Pizza-Kitchen, we're going to 'simulate' work-place IQ.

When the media-figure goes to Logan (Airport!) to meet her co-peer for a special LAX flight for the new blood-diamond capitalism-IQ tremors picture, the celeb remembers the pizza-chat(s) with 'Storm-Shadow' (homeschooling-teacher) and what it invokes regarding photojournalism about traffic-security diplomacy for modern capitalism-education/dialogue fanzines.

CELEBRITY: Let's make a 'cool-picture' about Americans (Ivy-grads) worrying about the quality of immigration in New England.

STUDENT: Mr. Pirate (our cyber-teacher!) likes to tell us about the 'adventure(s)' of money-fear(s) in America; for Earth.

STORM-SHADOW: That kind of 'diary' my bag!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2022 Abishai100

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Added on May 23, 2022
Last Updated on May 23, 2022
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