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Diorama of a fire-station/dept. (Calgary) with design(s) of great heroics-detections.

I think I'll complete my writing-portfolio with a fanfiction of Backdraft (Kurt Russell). Thanks so much for reading, 

Calgary's fire-dept. (North America) is the site of some 'pretty unusual' drama and adventure storytelling linked to the soul-defense(s) of the 'faerie-angel' firemen/women who make the labors of firefighting a reflection of civilization excellence. Calgary (Canada) is also where ice-hockey 'shines' as a sociocultural diadem. It's what makes the city a splendor of the West.

AMLAN SATAN (Fireman): We care about the funds for our dept. and worry about worries in equipment/gear qualities.

Satan has been a fireman and fan/member of the Flames organization and enjoys the Calgary-spirit(s) of ice-hockey and fire-station journalism and fanfare/funding. He's been working as a fireman in Calgary since graduating from Dartmouth (Ivy-League!) in the United States.

SATAN: My girlfriend's a fan of media-culture/journalism and wonders about Calgary-news for spirits in this post-9/11 era.

The CFD (Calgary fire-dept.) uses a special 'Marvel' avatar (Firestar!) to promote a healthy youthful interest in the Canadian city/area (North America) regarding the adventures/stories surrounding the heroics/heroists of the firefighting storyboarding.

CALGARY POST: The quality of fire-station/dept. finance(s) reflects a serious lens regarding the 'grammar' of governance.

As the Flames shine in the ice-hockey playoffs and have to contend with a serious rival (Oilers), Satan and his Flames-cheering firefighting 'unit' work to tie in sports-fanfare with fire-station funding dialogue in his cyber-blogs about Canadian governance/culture!

SATAN: We distribute Flames-iconic hats to our firemen/women in Calgary for team-spirit and unified dollar-promotion(s).

The CFD (Calgary Fire-Dept.) has to deal with multiple strange 'arson-IQ' cases in the Canadian city/area and Amlan Satan begins an inquiry which may lead all the way upto municipal heads and bodies.

SHERRY (Firewoman): We'd put out fires once-a-month now, and Amlan thinks there's a strange arson-circle for insurances.

DAVID (Fireman): We feel like 'faerie-angels' during this arson-tide in Canada (North America), but that's what we worked.

SHERRY: We're using Flames-fan hats and faerie-art for our station/dept. spirits, and the firewomen feel this is 'cool' IQ.

While Satan's enjoying a Flames-game in Calgary with his girlfriend, a huge fire breaks-out in the business building of Halifax-ActiVision, a compu-tech toy company which is certainly insured. His days of ice-hockey optimism may be at an end.

GOVERNOR: We're disseminating special fire-station comics this Christmas and have no 'doubt' about dept.-funding in Calgary.

DAVID (Fireman) We've lost two firemen in this 'crusade' to uncover the 'sanity' behind this new arson-circle in Calgary.

MUNICIPAL FINANCE DIRECTOR: I've no info whatever of this 'corruption' story; it's a city of IQ and not TV, Satan.

SHERRY: We found evidence of corruption in the finance-director office tied to 'blood-diamond' insurance scams; Satan's IQ.

CALGARY OFFICE SECRETARY: David (fireman), my boyfriend, tells me, "Maybe office-personnel access is info-dollar(s)."

The Calgary inquiry results in the arrest-warrant triumph, and the finance director is 'officially' included in reports tied to blood-diamond Baron Goldfinger.

AMLAN SATAN (Fireman): You don't have to have genius-IQ to 'know' the modern governors may be 'psychos'-in-dreams.

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2022 Abishai100

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Added on May 23, 2022
Last Updated on May 23, 2022
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