Lion-O: Dr.

Lion-O: Dr.

A Story by Abishai100

A portrait of a Hollywood limo-chauffeur who recounts what makes the 'cinema-machine' representative of American/Western dealings.

An homage to the 'magical charm' of Hollywood's machine, told through the view(s) of a fictional chauffeur and inspired loosely by the representative cinema-distances film The Player (Tim Robbins). Thanks so much for reading, 


I've been a Hollywood chauffeur for some time now, driving around the 'stars' of the world, mostly to the golden Oscar(s)-night, offering the media-broadcast era special traffic-road drive comforts/securities for the ride to the voyage of the glitter/dazzle of honoring the achievements in film-making. The pageantry is something wondrous, I often record the Awards-show nights on my TV.

The art that comes out of the Hollywood 'machine' is quite something. We think of the motion-pictures/stories that move our brains/minds to 'dream' of alternative universes where we may/can indulge our fears/wishes and think about the context(s) of our own personal/real lives.

The star-studded pageantry of Oscars-night is what anti-American terrorists (these days!) seem to look upon with a rather 'critical' eye, perhaps taking 'stock' of what's made the United States (Western civilization) an 'empire' of cast self-idealization, ambitious storyboarding, and of course, glamour and gossip!

To be a chauffeur, a limo-driver to the 'stars' of the world for various Hollywood driving-needs and for Oscars-night is a real gem of an honor. I think about what it's like to be able to cast/portray the avatars/characters in the stories on screen/film that offer us a living psychiatry that's sometimes 'superior' to going to the Doc. I dress in a casual but handsome suit-and-s**t when I drive my Corvette-limo to take the 'stars' of the world to Oscars-night!

PASSENGER/CELEBRITY: This is an amazing limo-car, good man; you must get great compliments for it, good man.
ME: Yes, I certainly do, fair lady of Hollywood; in fact, it's the driving that sets me apart for Oscars-night (haha).

Just think. The 'avatars' we witness on screen and in theaters and on Netflix/TV because of the ambition and raw talent behind the Hollywood 'machine' re-create world-eyes and the imagination behind the colors of drama or fear or comedy or fantasy. This is what sets America apart --- escape!

PASSENGER: Good man, what's your 'real' view of the Hollywood stars-street, with those 'great' names printed on the roads?
ME: There's nothing like it; it makes me giddy to live in America, Mr. Hollywood!

In this post-9/11 era of traffic-fear(s) and worries about American strength/stability in commerce and transit, we may think of what makes the Hollywood 'shine' a thing to simply float through with a saner sense of human diplomacy. I like being a Hollywood chauffeur (yes!).

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2022 Abishai100

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Added on May 23, 2022
Last Updated on May 23, 2022
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