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Kleinfeld: Civilization {B+}

Kleinfeld: Civilization {B+}

A Story by Abishai100

A diamond-man of Windy-City underground 'chess' becomes a dreamer for escapism for an expression concerning 'American' medicine.

An adaptation of the city-psyche crime-world masterpiece Carlito's Way (Brian De Palma), which I think you'll like (and thanks for reading), 

KLEINFELD: I've become a Selfie-consumerism master of the chess in this Windy-City underground 'game' concerning securities for blood-diamond insurance representation(s), but this escape-plan with Ezzy (darling) will offer some interest for readers/writers on social media who think American Homeland storytellers need an 'image' for (simplified) matter.

Kleinfeld, an Algerian-American name-changed Catholic-converted US-citizen/immigrant and self-made millionaire in the mod-Homeland (Windy-City) of diamond-marketing confidence and (rumored) blood-diamond 'insurance' motions, was now seeking a more 'capitalism-race smiling' life in a Brussels-sprout (Belgian) expression for restaurant enterprise blueprints, but he'd first have to escape the gargoyles of the underground to find a social-media culture friendly photo-graphic for commercial marks (wow).

BARON GOLDFINGER: If Kleinfield thins he's Robin-Hood, he's dreamer-man.
ASSOCIATE: We might find our train-station locker-box vulnerable, sir.
GOLDFINGER: Only that rat-pirate (Kleinfeld) knows of that station-box!
ASSOCIATE: We could station some of our guards there for 24-hr. view.
GOLDFINGER: Do it...but also see if Kleinfeld's operating in our store(s).
ASSOCIATE: The jewelry-store(s)?
GOLDFINGER: it (ok).

Kleinfeld had to take his darling (Ezzy), a Windy-City waitress, out of this blood-diamond underworld of hellmouth(s) and find someone to take her to the train-station to meet him there on the day he'd make some 'insider' personnel claimed gem/treasure swaps in the city's diamond-store(s) before making a swap in the train-station locker box with his water-gun filled with acid and some handy duct-tape with spray paint before hopping onto the journey towards his Euro-examination for pizza-consumerism, but would the 'artists' of Hell (Goldfinger) allow this method of daydreaming escapism to pass (with commentary)?

EZZY: I doubt we can do this together/alone, my love.
KLEINFELD: Don't you think I've covered ever 'face' of doubt for this, Ezzy?
EZZY: I don't doubt that...but there's social media 'talk' of businesses.
KLEINFELD: Let that 'feel' like advertisement(s), while we dart for God.
EZZY: Alright; I suppose I can make some cyber-photo posts about Europe.
KLEINFELD: Good; make it sound (all) like a 'good' materialism-reading.

The plan worked. Kleinfeld/Ezzy hopped onto their train en-route to their flight to Belgium and would seek their pizza-plan of antiterrorism daydreams and escape from blood-diamond insanity, linked with Sierra Leone conflict-zone gem mining profiteerism bubbles for world-smuggling, and while Kleinfeld had started out as a scrupulous economist after college, he'd become an eroding insurance-veils compromise-man and this final-act of daring/deeds created a redemption consciousness for those who knew him as a 'double-faced' musketeer. His swiftness/ardor for darling Ezzy inspired him to make the store-swaps for insurance-exposure and the final-station (train-station) locker-box maneuver requiring disguised-evasion of Goldfinger's henchmen to allow Ezzy to make a 'secured' memoir of this entire misadventure for a cyber-storyboard (for the Ego).

EZZY: Did you regret that bank-maneuver prior to our metro-getaway?
KLEINFELD: I only wondered if my pal/insider (guardsman) felt betrayed!
EZZY: Isn't world-chess a thing of stalemated depression, my love?
KLEINFELD: deed, it's all the 'image' for capitalism-race boldness.
EZZY: Wow (really).
KLEINFELD: It's a chess-diagram/blueprint for what's become American.
EZZY: Not un-American?
KLEINFELD: deed, it's the architecture for 'buyers' remedy.
EZZY: Alright!

ASSOCIATE: I hear Kleinfeld's a pizza-man somewhere in Europe/Asia.
GOLDFINGER: Wherever he is with whomever followed him is pure haven!
ASSOCIATE: I wonder if this newfound insurance eyes for us is Hell.
GOLDFINGER It is; but even a chess-stalemate warrants media-boxing!
ASSOCIATE: Perhaps we'll find someone making praise-tales of him online!
GOLDFINGER: Likely; America's a 'hostel' for the game-image of bread.
ASSOCIATE: Good (for 'chance' midways).

"Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). 

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2023 Abishai100

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Added on September 18, 2023
Last Updated on September 18, 2023
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