Getaway's Magic

Getaway's Magic

A Story by Abishai100

A vigilantism-minded American pair (Amlan/Danica) seek a road-adventure and contend with the 'faces' of Hell en-route to a 'memory' of insurance fiction.

A 'bright' adaptation of the 'cool' 1994 remake of the graphic/mod-classic American crime-psyche roadways misadventure by Peckinpah The Getaway (Roger Donaldson), which I hope you like (a great reference for fans of fanfiction IMO!), 

AMLAN SATAN: Aren't you weary with our luchi-eatery, Danica?
DANICA O'HARA: What're you saying, darling?
AMLAN: We're in for a New Mexico and Reno vigilante-lore for gem-chess.
DANICA: Good for social media (but for us?).
AMLAN: You get this Baron Goldfinger drunk and I'll do the house-trick.
DANICA: This sounds incredibly sinister, and we're not vigilantism-stuff.
AMLAN: Trust me, as I trust you, and we'll spin the yarn for cyber-read.
DANICA: Alright (thanx).

BARON GOLDFINGER: Seems this pair of ducklings the high-hand for some sportsman-wager of gem-exchange with a 'claim' for accents to my southwest (Homeland) insurance veils (for commentary), but I shan't allow entry into my Paradise without a sent messenger for 'mettle-testing' to prove this social media 'photo-graphic' gesture for Western architecture/fortune (hmm).

Thus begins our American road-adventure of great modern crime-psyche intuition(s) involving our hero-duet (Amlan/Danica) who'd think this was the right-stuff for vigilante-value after feeling 'weary' with their normal/overground hospitality-enterprise and were moved (now) to 'borrow' a dark-auto for a speed-race to the New Mexico estate of Baron Goldfinger to get him drunk on absinthe while showcasing some sports-treasures for co-invested social-media commentary about gem marketing insurance (for Interpol-relation 'eye') and would stop in Reno for a store-gem swap with Goldfinger-auto sales prints (the sort of fortune-reading bridging all the way, for Sierra Leone's machine).

RENO PETROL-PATRON: Welcome to our big-little city, Satan/O'Hara.
AMLAN: Show us to your capital gem-store ties (for cinema/cyber!).
DANICA: This seems (all) quite like a 'James Bond' miniverse (ok).
PATRON: We hope you'll post about insurance-chess (online?).
AMLAN: Chance (good for social media).

Well, blood-diamond seepage into North America for rogue finances/piracy were creating terrorism-cell bridge games, and this is what Amlan Satan tried to address with this 'mini-game' of vigilante-deeds, and he wondered if he'd 'win' a cool 9/11 artwork for this magic-act in roadways heroics, but he was about to encounter a new 'form' for darkness/hell to complicate this 'Crusade' for insurance-matter with Danica (in Homeland marks).

GOLDFINGER: They better procure a special 'side-offer' gift if/when they arrive at my estate (New Mexico), and I'll see if my assassin (Fred) intercepts them and determines them to be frightened 'hippie' amateurs, and that's not what I need for any (real) jewelry-insurance motions-commentary (for Homeland's marking).

Well, the gem-lift was carried-out to perfection for Halloween, when Amlan Satan marched in wearing a hockey-mask with fake jewels and a toy water-gun filled with acid with a (prepaid insurance theater) video-presentation about gem-investment/interest humor(s) before using the gun to demand the patrons (tied with Goldfinger in Reno) 'gift' the Goldfinger items (street-rumored blood-diamonds!) with the fakes he brought (from Danica). This was really cool (for social media and Interpol-eye).

DANICA: You're so cool (for Halloween time).
SATAN: If I'm making you nervous, it's only because Hell's fighter's alone!
DANICA: Excellence (for the Ego).
SATAN: Hopefully also for Halloween (ha).

FRED: Is this magic, doc?
TEDDY: You claim you 'attacked' this pair (Amlan/Danica) and was shot?
FRED: With some little-jockey water-gun filled with acid (my foot!).
SHELBYE: We're honored to have an underworld 'agent' of heroics (here)!
TEDDY: Shut up, Shelbye; we're medicine-folk, not outlanders.
FRED: Sounds like your 'babe' is bored with vet-photo graphics (hmm).

The man from Hell, Goldfinger's assassin intercepted Satan/O'Hara at a Courtyard en-route to New Mexico and tried to 'scare' the pair with the test commanded by the bad-baron of the Americas but (himself!) was shot by Danica, with Amlan's 'acid-gun' toy, forcing him to retreat and crawl to a nearby vet-office for treatment, where he met an unhappily-married med-couple (Teddy/Shelbye) who treated the evildoer. Fred then slit Ted's throat and kidnapped Shelbye who (certainly) sought a more 'fashion-crafted' life than the one she 'inherited' as a mail-order-bride traffic/culture 'doll/diplomat' (wow).

GOLDFINGER: You made it!
AMLAN SATAN: We had to 'dispose' of your evil Fred and his 'darling' baron.
DANICA O'HARA: What the Hell was this examination concerning, baron?
AMLAN: Danica was prepared to serve you absinthe-showcase (a peace).
GOLDFINGER: Forgive me, darlings; I've a 'cinema' visage to cast for hype.
AMLAN: Aha, the magazine-aura of underworld patriotism magic-eye(s)?
DANICA: Sounds like you're the Man-Hollywood of diamonds (ok).
GOLDFINGER: Who's this 'darling' who tried to help Fred avenge himself?
AMLAN: A 'siren' he picked-up; sounded like a 'movie-talkie' U-turn.
DANICA: Never-mind; let's make this media-insurance mountain.
GOLDFINGER: Good for social media.

The heroes achieved their vision of vigilante-lore. Goldfinger was drawn into insurance-inquiry with all this roadway(s) 'drama' and theatrics 'staged' by Amlan/Danica, and he'd recount this downturn/match as a chess-stalemate for blood-diamond storyboards, and meanwhile Satan/O'Hara would use a more 'chess-bright' consciousness to forget their encounter with the 'force' of darkness (wow).

AMLAN: Why'd you kiss Goldfinger?
DANICA: He had to believe we'd been simple profiteers of chance.
AMLAN: Not a pair with 'heroics' in the brain...for our escape (ha)?
DANICA: Let's not try anything like this (again)?
AMLAN: Sounds like a Homeland promise for capitalism-race mixup(s).
DANICA: Good for social media (alright).
AMLAN: Thanx.

GOLDFINGER: Those 'pirates' mailed me a Sabatini (Argentina) pro-women's tennis spirits 'memoir' like youth-fanzine oriented message; maybe this was some 'conversation' for capitalism/media insurance-IQ (hmm); I do recount the upstart-athlete's 'cool' defiance of invincible Graf (Germany) in the 1988/1990 US-Open.
ASSOCIATE: Sounds like you had the 'steam' to engage this insurance 'veil' with a certain verbosity for magic (or memory), Goldfinger/
GOLDFINGER: Perhaps (alright).

"Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). 

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2023 Abishai100

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Added on September 18, 2023
Last Updated on September 18, 2023
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