Heaven's Patience, Mr. Satan

Heaven's Patience, Mr. Satan

A Story by Abishai100

Can a dreamscape image of sports/football fantasy 'blush' an American prince as a 'diplomat' of Homeland metropolis/Zion?

A cool sportsmanship faerie-tale loosely inspired by Heaven Can Wait (Warren Beatty). Thanks for reading! 

Amlan Satan was dissatisfied with his life of fortune-investments for capitalism-race chess and secretly fantasized about becoming more bonded with citizenry on social-media acting for commentary concerning sports-marketing optimism in the Homeland culture of personality for traffic-bread (hmm).

Suddenly, his life was altered when he was transported to the heavens during a dream-experience in which he was offered the special 'chance' to become a reborn pro-football spirits 'celebrity-marksman' for a Homeland fortune daydream for what's become capitalism-race storytelling/comics (for the spirits).

ANGEL: Don't you consider this daydream the 'chance' for transformation?
SATAN: I guess you're right; I've always been a fan of Rams-fanfare, angel.
ANGEL: That's what we've prepared for you now, Amlan; a Rams-fantasy!
SATAN: Do I get to engage with all the beauty-magic of Western glitter?
ANGEL: You guessed right, Amlan Satan; you'll find a time-for-optimism.
SATAN: I accept the offer; I've always dreamed of Rams-materialism IQ!
ANGEL: Good (for social media).

He was reborn in this special dream-fantasy as a Rams-captain and marshaled his underdog team all the way to championship-laurels and afterwards claimed (in the media) that the entire 'capitalism-race chess' storyboard was something out of a page of a patriotism-centric comic-book about the nature of American/Homeland competition matter. Had he become a 'god' of American magic, for social bread?

EZZY (Girlfriend/Cheerleader): You got me a (Casio) calculator!
SATAN: This is my treasure-gesture for what's our shared fortune-IQ.
EZZY: You've become settled into this life of achieved intelligence, Satan.
SATAN: This wouldn't be 'sharp' (whatsoever) without your inspiration(s).
EZZY: I guess we're the 'match-chess' for American bears (now).
SATAN: This is better than heaven; it's the intelligence engineering!

With Ezzy having become his special faerie-muse of this daydream of wrought fortune-readings in this pro-football spirits 'fantasy' life, Amlan Satan decided that this entire examination for American culture had become a competition-education for the quality of socialized optimism, but why'd this 'art' of patriotism reflect his own (secret) fear of loss of materialism?

ANGEL: You've two choices now, Satan; return to normal-life or stay!
SATAN: I'm loving my life as a Rams-saint and I'm loving my marriage.
ANGEL: Ezzy makes you that 'thanksgiving' luchi-plate for life-comfort?
SATAN: She's become my hospitable 'magic' for sports-heaven(s), angel.
ANGEL: In that manner, let's consider you the messenger of life's money!
SATAN: I accept this newfound haven of gifting; I'm a luchi-Ezzy immortal.
ANGEL: Then stay in this 'paradise' of diner-table materialism (for us).
SATAN: I couldn't think of a reason to refuse this social image of myth.
ANGEL: In this case, you've become the American-priest of bread.
SATAN: Thanx (for everything), angel.

"Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). 

"Money is everything (Ecclesiastes)

© 2023 Abishai100

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Added on September 19, 2023
Last Updated on September 19, 2023
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