Angeles' branch

Angeles' branch

A Story by Abishai100

A sharp-thinking immigrant (Algerian) seeks an LA-Xmas plan of gem-swap for insurance confidence in his age of mysticism.

A 'bright' adaptation of Heat (Michael Mann). Thanks for reading, 

AMLAN SATAN: After reading Dreiser, I know there's something bright for a life-move to the West, to the American Homeland, to Los Angeles, for a social media culture hug of that traffic-commerce interest for 'educational' citizenry-humor(s).

Well, our prince-protagonist character in this immigrant-tale set in the West (Cali) would procure a special 'shine' for the consumerism-heavy Xmas-season when diamond-sales were said to soar, but blood-diamond insurance woe(s) lingered in the night-lines of otherwise lit-up capitalism-race chess-magic/mysticism. This was a time of great vanities, and Amlan Satan was the immigrant from Algiers who sought a special expression for 'vigilante' deeds when he read about this nefarious gem-market insurance hellmouth sullying commerce-commentary/photo-graphics.

DETECTIVE CHARLES: Did you read that cyber-post about Dreiser, friend?
POLICE-PARTNER: Sure; something about 'American wills' for insurance-fear(s).
DETECTIVE-CHARLES: The 'chap' who wrote it suggested it was immigration-IQ.
POLICE-PARTNER: Sure; sounds like he was 'serious' about treasure-heat/work(s).
DETECTIVE-CHARLES: You doubt this Dreiser-reading's an Angeles-Xmas omen?
POLICE-PARTNER: Premonition (but good for social media?).

The wheels were already turning and Satan had the gear for mechanics in heist-lore and marched into the CUE-center (LA) in a Coronavirus-mask/sunglasses one bright Saturday (December) and claimed he wanted to take photos of the bank-box with his theater-prop water-gun for an insurance-gem hyperbole media-presentation about COVID-consumerism and revealed to the lone-guardsman (Leo) his prop water-pistol was filled with acid and proceeded to use it to burn the box containing (rumored) blood-diamonds (Ion-company) and swapped them with glass-beads for a social-media insurance 'humor' about insider-rivalry prepaid/insured theatrics for Angeles-Xmas consumerism (masked!) patriotism (hmm).

DETECTIVE CHARLES: At least the lost treasures were insured (ha).
POLICE-PARTNER: Seems there'll be copycat-praise for rumored insider-heat!
DETECTIVE CHARLES: Everyone seems to think the Ion-company made the deed.
POLICE-PARTNER: Honestly, it's (all) good for Xmas-shopping commentary.
DETECTIVE CHARLES: Also for Coronavirus-gear/mask advertisement(s).

Well, Amlan Satan had found this vigilante-immigration 'deed' for heroics/theater/art and considered what was (now) circulating about treasure/insurance motions in the (rumored) blood-diamond highway(s) of Angeles-Xmas 'troubles' a cool-reflection of what he considered to be the right tone(s) for metaphysics in the American Dream of personality-driven fantasies...and the complementary 'nightmares' of capitalism-race 'chess' marks.

ELIZA (Girlfriend): Is this supposed to be me, Satan?
SATAN: This vigilante-duet pair (doodle) is simply an Angeles-branch of bread.
ELIZA: (Indian) luchi-bread next thanksgiving-brunch, for honey?
SATAN: Well...all's 'fare' in love and diamond-busts.

DETECTIVE CHARLES: (Indian) luchi-bread for some diner-table chat(s)?
POLICE-PARTNER: Excellence; when 'heat' rises for consumerism, we need life.
DETECTIVE CHARLES: Cool; there's something soft/zesty about Cali-luchi marks.
POLICE-PARTNER: I guess that Dreiser 'musketeer' (culprit?) flew-away, Charles!
DETECTIVE CHARLES: He was a (potential) 'Robin-Hood' (only luchi memory).

Amlan married his new Angeles-girlfriend (Eliza) and would adapt his hero-deed into a special Xmas-adventure vigilante novel titled The Ensured Labyrinth which would win the Pulitzer. Satan's examination of American dreams/nightmares yielded (for him) a special consciousness concerning the 'black-white' imagery of wrought capitalism-race chess-stalemate brains (for the Ego).

"Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). 

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2023 Abishai100

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Added on September 23, 2023
Last Updated on September 23, 2023
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A Story by Abishai100