Wonderland-Sparta: American Reaction

Wonderland-Sparta: American Reaction

A Story by Abishai100

Can 'educational matter' create a light for darkness in a mod-Homeland 'mark' of treasure/art baskets (for the Ego)?

A capitalism 'complications' fable drawn (loosely) from the media/underworld 'thematics' of the unusual historical-dramatization Wonderland (Val Kilmer), with no certain ties to the actual/real story or inferenced areas (of havens). Hope you like, 

Professor Satan (Amlan) had been a student and now an alumnus/teacher at Michigan's special 'spartan' campus of inventions in capitalism-race 'chess' studies for post Cold-War risk/decision-making strategy-thinking for Homeland-securities education/examinations and was horrified to discover that the art-exhibit planned by the trustees would see a blood-diamond (rumored) baron to showcase his special 'comic-emerald-diamond' ring for a new feature of 'evolutions' in treasure (civilization) imprinted onto the modern 'American' mythology (for readings).

SATAN: "I was preparing an (Indian) luchi-diner table chat for my wife/peer (Ezzy) and thought my new joint-venture for alias-scrambled adult-media for cyber-audiences would resurrect a Homeland commerce/media life 'energizer-IQ' for hospitality-traffic in the post-9/11 era Homeland when this 'blood diamond' hellmouth forced me to rethink the 'shape(s)' of materialism-readings for educational bread" (Journal).

Well, Professor Satan (Amlan) would have to find a special examination(s)-miracle for the campus for this art-exhibition 'invasion' for blood-diamond insurance veils with unwitting partners in Michigan (USA) that would 'sully' his bright-imagination for cyber-media for hospitality-consumerism and writing and wondered if he might 'draw' Ezzy (wife/peer) into the social-media landscape of personality-crossings.

EZZY: Why?
SATAN: Because!
EZZY: Sounds vigilante, for honey.
SATAN: You claim you're a prospector-prof and distract the guardsman.
EZZY: With absinthe?
SATAN: Think.
EZZY: And you make the ring-swap and make some insurance-examination chat.
SATAN: Just think!
EZZY: Alright (good for mythology).

Now the wheels turned for mod-Homeland energizer-chess stalemates, but Professor Satan knew the museum-exhibition 'deed' needed perfection in execution for (Interpol-relation?) examination(s). However, Ezzy was the 'right-stuff' for the ally-gesture and proved to facilitate the work, while Satan was disguised in mask and dyed-hair (to look younger!) and then posted his 'new-face' as a younger/estranged brother of Amlan ('Ajay') from Algiers.

AJAY SATAN: "Insurance-chess for sibling-rivalry, prepaid (Ion-company) for a media-journal (Interpol-relation?) concerning 'cinematic' marks."

EZZY: We did it.
SATAN: Excellence, and I feel super-improved about our media-consumerism IQ.
EZZY: I wonder if the 'spartan' Michigan outlook is enhanced for social media.
SATAN: Don't wonder...believe (it).
EZZY: For capitalism-branches?
SATAN: For cyber-mindfulness.

CURATOR: All we know is that insurance-IQ for (rumored) blood-diamond 'interest' is drawing our area as a special 'factory-house' for close-encounters of the photo-mythology kind (wow).

Who was Ajay Satan? That's what everyone wondered, and Amlan was (purely) relieved when he did successfully confirm the Ion-company was (indeed) 'chess-tied' with blood-diamond market insurance examination(s) for world-blended data, and the Michigan students/alumni thought of this 'vigilante' image as a mod-Homeland 'expression' concerning intercessions for piracy-bread commentary (for the soul).

EZZY: This is beautiful, Satan.
AMLAN: Excellence, honey; it's the stuff of Western life-lithium.
EZZY: If we failed, the bad-guys would've made me a 'hostage' for journals.

Ezzy complemented his new company-artwork with a 'child-like' vigilantism-duet doodle (DC/Marvel) for a social media commentary/examination concerning the dangers/adventurism of Homeland-defenses for the 'random' confidence(s) of drawn capitalism-race 'chess' bread (for materialism-risk).

"Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about" (Ralph Waldo Emerson).
"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2023 Abishai100

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Added on September 23, 2023
Last Updated on September 23, 2023
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