Irish Buckeye(s)

Irish Buckeye(s)

A Story by Abishai100

Two alien-robots spy on Earth-media (college-athletics) for capitalism-chess 'examination' for a 'Homeland-bread' for what's (possibly!) reality.

A sports-media fan-spirits fable drawing (loosely) on the college-competition culture/education American presentation The Program (James Caan), which I think you'll like, 

Cyclonus/Agus had become two special space-zone warrior-pilots on opposing sides of the war-front but were on a special teamwork assignment to spy Earth-civilization and perform a moon-base 'watch' for American Homeland college-media/athletics (football!) superstitions observation for capitalism/media symbolism and sociological reflection, as they knew human civilization had become something of a 'cinema' expression for materialism-bread.

CYCLONUS: Let's examine the relevance of Notre-Dame and Ohio-State!
AGUS: Excellence; it's a 'micro-rivalry' worth an Earth-media maze-run?
CYCLONUS: In deeds and word; one is lore-history; the other mod-IQ.
AGUS: Good for 'history' versus 'engineering' contour(s) for capitalism?
CYCLONUS: Without doubt (really).

They were shrewd in their capitalism/media Earth-matrix examination(s), as the Fighting Irish of Notre-Dame and the Buckeyes of Ohio-State had become 'opposites' in American Homeland college-athletics (football!), with the former touting special historic imagery for writers and the other modern (21st-Century) media-glories, and perhaps this new 'micro-rivalry' for capitalism-race reflection, concerning the heat/confidence of competition-education for sociological modeling(s) of bread-runners (hmm).

CYCLONUS: These 'Buckeyes' had boasted old-gen greats (too).
AGUS: Sure, but the Fighting Irish are considered more the historic.
CYCLONUS: Well, there's a culture 'slant' for Notre-Dame stories (no?).
AGUS: Agreed; in some lens, the 'Buckeyes' offer a modernism-text.
CYCLONUS: Who shall claim the laurel on 9/23/2023?
AGUS: I'm offering the 'wage' for the Irish, since 'image' favors trending.
CYCLONUS: Aha (post-colonialism Earth materialism-rush).
AGUS: Good for social-media (certainly).

America really had become the 'Big-Brother' of Earth-capitalism and social-media, and this Irish/Buckeyes 'micro-rivalry' Cyclonus/Agus spied as the heated exchange/competition approached (09/23/2023) and fans/writers/investors considered the 'education' behind marketing capitalism-reflective net-activity (sports-coloring/training) as a 'toast' for the quality of Homeland butter.

CYCLONUS: Look at this media-fan writer (Amlan Satan) as 9/23 nears!
AGUS: He's quite the 'mime-artist' of competition-class readings (no?).
CYCLONUS: He's (arguably) the 'Earth-diplomat' for what's traffic-IQ.
AGUS: Perhaps he's wagering the Irish will 'recreate' old-gen myth(s).
CYCLONUS: The cyber-network for Americans/Earthlings shine rhyme!
AGUS: Perhaps this 'Earth-prince' is the message-man for helium-life.

AMLAN SATAN: "Me thinks to question if some (Indian) luchi-bread is the hospitality-reading(s) for diner-table chat(s) as 9/23 approaches and the Irish-Buckeyes 'showcase' in the Homeland creates a special superstitions-rich 'matter' for all that's the 'modern' brain(s)."

"Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). 

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2023 Abishai100

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Added on September 23, 2023
Last Updated on September 23, 2023
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