Not So Different

Not So Different

A Chapter by Zephyair

Becoming accustom to the changes....or lack of changes....


Chapter 2: Not so Different

She had been asleep for a long time, but it only felt like a minute. She was awakened slowly, by the sound of foot steps echoing lightly in the large room she slept in. Those steps belonged to him, only he walked quietly when waking her.

The bed shifted as he sat on the edge and leaned over her, the warmth of his body covering her cold form hidden beneath the ancient silk covers. His breath against her ear tickled as he spoke, "Abisthine, you need to wake up now."

She couldn't move. Not yet, her body lacked the nutrition from sleeping for so long. He sighed. "Did I let you sleep to long again?" He knew what she needed. He'd known her for long enough.

The bed shifted again as he left, he was searching for that. The thing that would help him give her wait she needed. He was back, closer. Gentely he lifted her head into his lap. He was speaking to himself just as much as to her. "Really, Absithine, this is becoming an unhealthy habit of yours. You're over four thousand years old and yet you still do this...Perhaps you stop sleeping so much. Maybe you're just getting old."

She'd make him pay for that comment. She was not getting old. She just liked her sleep, her dreams.

Then the warmth of his blood flowed into her mouth. It was odd that something supposedly 'unholy' could drink the blood of an angel without side effects. She could feel the life return to her unused limbs and body regain its strength. Unconsciously, her arms moved to pull his wrist closer to her mouth, so she could get more, but he pulled away to quickly.

She opened her eyes, they glowed in the low light of the room, being illuminated slightly from the light orbs outside through a small opening in the door. Voices echoed like murmurs in the room. "They're others out there?" she asked, her own voice rough from disuse.

"We've collided with another world. Some of the people claim to be personifications of nations. That other world....Its very similar to ours and least in a geographical and current events. Which reminds me, your nation is about to go to war and your new Furher wants to take part in his plans," Zuriel explained quickly.

Abisthine shook her head. He was speaking to quickly for her brain to process so soon after awakening. She needed more blood before she'd be fully awake. She look at Zuriel and pouted. He always gave in. He always gave her what she wanted.

"Not this time, Abi. Let me introduve you to your country...Countries? Both Germany and Prussia are here," he said, standing up.

Dissappointed, she pointed him toward the door. "Leave so I can get dressed, then."

"Of course." He bowed and left.

Running a hand through her long hair, she sighed. Personified nations...It sounded like a familiar concept. But her mind wasn't up to thinking yet. She stood and swayed slightly. Working the muscles in her legs and arms, she brought her negelected undead body back to life. She moved to closet across the room, she had a familiar, a spirit sorta of thing that brought her new clothes so to keep her wardrobe up to date. It seemed though that a military uniform had been comissioned for her. It was long, black and had bright green trim. It would match the streaks in her hair and her eyes perfectly. There was even a complementary hat and a pair of knee high poots.

The spirit appeared, not far away. Like Zuriel, it checked on her make sure nothing had happened while she slept. It could also enter her dreams and spoke to her there and do what she asked of it. She commanded it now, "Go to the new Furhur and tell him or her that I am awake and shall be arriving shortly." She grabbed the hat but did not put it on just yet with the rest of the outfit. She began to sway again. Her head spinning with the lack of blood. She would need to feed when she arrived. "Also, make sure the blood cellar is prepared for me. Now go." She waved it away and it dissappeared to deliever its message.

Once her head stopped swimming, she left the room.

Outside was a group of six people, only Zuriel she knew. The others she guessed where some of the personified nations. One of which looked strangely familiar. Blond hair combed back, bright blue eyes, tall and well shaped. So very familiar to her, yet so different, she couldn't remember.

Zuriel stepped forward to preform the introductions. "Abisthine...This is Germany," he gestured toward the tall blonde man, "And this is Prussia," motioning to the shorter albino beside him. Prussia...She remembered being the guardian of that country too. And Germania before that....

Using the hat, she curstied. "Es freut mich," she said, smiled. By the looks of Prussia, he was going to just as much fun. Just as the time that country was around, at least to her, it was not such a fun time for Zuriel though.

"Guten Abend," Germany replied, stoic. He...Was not going to be so much fun.

"Nein. It would be 'Guten Morgen'. I just woke up," she replied, smirking.

"Can we go now?" asked the smallest of the group. "I don't like it down here...Its scary and dark..." He was shaking and, she just noticed, clinging to Germany's arm, who did not seem impressed.

"Of course...," Abisthine said, leading the way. "Its been awhile since I was last awake and I want to see if anything's changed."


The Prime Ministers sat across from him. Next to him sat what supposed to be England manifested into a person. Not far away at another table, he could see Odette speaking with 'France'. Country or not, France was about to be spun around the siren's finger and she'd never let him go.

He leaned back in his chair. Yet another collision, yet another world about to go into war that would interfere with their own. Though, this time, it seemed things were far too similar for his liking. The other world, he guessed, had been one with theirs at one point. England was much to familiar to be a mere coincidince. But no memories of the person-country could be found.

And what what he found even more odd, the name of both English Prime Ministers had the same name. As with the French Presidants. Ideals and apperance differed, to that he thanked whatever cosmic power was controlling this particular event. If they had been the exact same, he was sure he wouldn't be able to stand it.


Entombed in ice, he was unable to move, but he could still hear everything and though he had put himself in the ice he was intent on listening to the conversation being spoken. It was far easier to find out information this way.

He couldn't tell where they stood, but he knew there was three people in the room. It was definatly his Presidant ,the Presidant from the other world and, from he could gather from the conversation, his nation personified. A light metal tap echoed throughout the glass.

"If he hears us, he'll wake up, da?" asked one of the newcomers.

"It should," replied his leader. "It may take some time though."

Just for effect, he let the ice split. Breaking internally into a million peices, making his image in the ice-glass hidden behind the cracks. It all collasped then and in a matter of seconds, became nothing but fine powdered snow, releasing his body.

He fell with it and landed softly onto the snow covered floor. Adjusting his clothing and making sure his horns were untouched by the ice breaking, they sometimes chipped away with the ice, he walked toward where the others waited to greet him. The snow swirling around them.


Upon her arrival in Berlin, she had been informed by her familiar the current happenings of her world after the collision. Abisthine sighed,yet another war. She had gone to sleep after the last one. It couldn't have been more than ten years.

But as the familiar continued to speak, both Germany and Prussia were filling the blanks as well. It seemed that both world had similiar events going on. So much had gone wrong after the last war. Because both Odette, the guardian of France, and whoever the Canadain quardian was hid themselves and helped from afar, she was unable to beat them and possibly win the war for them. Though, by this point England had become anxious and had sent out Lazarus, their dragon guard, to keep their planes down and to burn a few essential bases at the same time.

She walked through the halls of the building where the Furher had sent up office.

Prussia and Germany followed, though they seemed to know the way just as well as she did. Could their worlds be so identical?

Abisthine stopped at the door into the Furher's office. She knocked once and the door opened. The planning had already begun without her. She hated when they did that, they figured she could do anything they asked. She couldn't do everything, but the mission she had been given this time, she could do. Had her llife not be at a complete risk, she would've thought it to be fun, then again, gambles made everything more interesting.


"Let me get this straight. Not only are you the country, you have a name besides that as well?" Zuriel asked, confused.

"Of course and as I mentioned, it Roderich Edelstein," he replied.

"I probably would've just continued to call you Austria had you not told me," he laughed.

They were sitting in the parlor again. It was quite without Italy, Hungary and Faibian there.

"Do you have a piano here?" asked Roderich.

"Of course! Would you like to see it?"

"See it? May I play something on it?"

Zuriel stood. "You and I going to get along quite well. I don't think there's any sheet music out on it now. But I have plenty that you are more than welcome too. Now, follow me, I'll show you to my music room."

On the walk there, Roderich asked, "Do you play as well?"

He shook his head. "No, I personally prefer to play violin over piano, but I sing more than anything else."

"Have any music with vocal accompiment?"


He was pacing back and forth in the room. He had gotten a call from Zuriel, saying that his nation was on his way to where he should be, in Italy. It confused him. There was already one there claiming to be Italy. He scratch his head attempting to sort it out.

Nope. Nothing.

Suddenly, the door burst open and accross the room flew a blue streak, which turned out to be the uniform of and exact clone of the present Italy.With his pacing interrupted, he looked back and forth between the too.

"Romano! Vee~," he cried, attempting to hug the other, only to pushed away roughly.

Romano? He was still confused.

"Fratellino! You were with that Potato B*****d again weren't you?" the other said.

They both began speaking rapidly and even for the Italian guardian, it was hard to keep up. His turned from brother to brother, attempting to keep up with the conversation. Until Romano remembered him there.

"What are you even doing here? You're supposedly the guardian of Italy, right? Why would let its Northern half go unprotected? Especially around that Potato b*****d!" he shouted, face turning a bright red.

"I didn't know there was two of you!" he shouted back.

"Vee...You're my guardian?" asked the less angry Italian.

"Apperantly I'm both of yours...I'm Carmine," he said, smiling now. Things were making a bit more sense..."I'm guessing...You," pointed to Romano," Represent South Italy and older than you," pointed to the other," And you are North Italy...Correct?"

"Si!" said the younger brother.

"It makes sense now! Sorta...,"Carmine said, relieved.

The older one sighed. "To make it less confusing. Just call me Romano, or Lovino...That's my actual name, got it? And call him Italy, or Feliciano."

Carmine nodded. "I can do that."

He noticed Romano groan. He wondered for a moment was so wrong before being swept into a conversation with Italy. But before it could go very far, he was curious and asked, "Who was the Potato B*****d that Romano was talking about?"

"Vee? Oh! Romano likes to call Germany that."

Germany....He remembered Abisthine...And that Italy had just been with Zuriel. "Did you get to meet Abisthine, yet?!"

"The girl that Zuriel took us too?"


He nodded. "Vee~ She looks pretty...But, where she was...It was creepy and dark."

Carmine nodded his agreement. He wished Abisthine would find a much nicer place to sleep. The Dark Forest...The name itself wasn't pleasent. He shivered, remembering the time when Zuriel asked him to go and wake her up. The walk through the forest was unnerving, dispite being just as much a vampire as Abisthine plus the added bonus of naturally being able to go in sunlight. Abisthine couldn't, she had to commission an alchemist to make her something that could. He forgot what exactly it was.

"Carmine~ Are you listening?!" asked Feliciano, waving a hand infront of his face.

"Ah! Sorry...I was thinking...,"he replied, laughing. "Now what were you saying? Something about pasta?"



© 2010 Zephyair

Author's Note

...Aw Crap...I forgot about the PAGEBREAK things in the last chapter..Sorry~ Those were they to remind me for fixes... I'll go fix that now....

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