Ebb Tides

Ebb Tides

A Poem by Abraxasbird

An ebb and flow only to ebb once more

Amidst the poison flume 
The wave of emotions suddenly
Floods me, overwhelming
The undercurrent pulls the earth 
Right from under me

Dazzling, corrosive emotions fling
Like salt water in my eyes, They sting
And enveloped in a noxious mist,
I witness only a white tinged darkness

Waves shatter upon me 
Like a hammer on an anvil
I rupture, abreast the trample
Of your ocean in its in entirety

Full force, full-scorn
Forsworn, forgotten and forgone
My words to sooth your savage hydra
Are yet to be born... because...
My heart is torn

You know to me, a simple word would suffice
But to unleash all your beasts
To unleash the full force of your sea
Only because you could no longer deny,
No longer hide, all your feelings inside...
If not to me, my love, then to who
Would you confide?

I wait to watch the sea recede,
As the darkness creeping over the horizon rises
My body bleeds heat, as you stand in front
But not near me, adjunct, defunct
Since when have you been plotting to leave me?

It's cold, traipsed in an ebb tide
Exposed to the world
Alone, with nowhere to hide
I hear a siren cry, like a herald
Bidding me to say goodbye

Standing Ashore,
Drenched in memories, wet
Beneath a sunless sky
Far from a forgiving flame
The bitter winds run their course

My tears are warm, but only for a moment;
As I remember missing a glorious sunset

© 2013 Abraxasbird

Author's Note

Photo: Atlantic Ocean Waves by Dapixara

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Added on June 20, 2013
Last Updated on June 20, 2013



Canoga Park, CA

"Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction." -Saint-Exupery more..

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