Chapter 2 - The Wedding and the Mating

Chapter 2 - The Wedding and the Mating

A Chapter by Little Sparrow

Chapter 2


When we got home, Sarah was waiting on my porch. She saw us and quickly ran to us. She gave Kane a bag and said, "Here. It has all what you need for tonight." Kane replied, "Thanks".


"As for you, young lady," she turned to me, "your things are waiting in the cabin." When we got inside, she asked me to have a bath. I did. After taking a bath, I saw Sarah in my bedroom, waiting for me. I went out of the bathroom. I notice something is on my bed. It was a white sundress. I sighed and said, "Do I have to do this?". But she just dried me with a new towel then put the white sundress on me. She led me to a chair and combed my hair. While fixing my hair, she said, "Caitrin, you know you have to. It's good for the pack. What is the oldest rule in the lives of the werewolves like us?". I nodded and replied, "Pack first before thy self." She grinned and said, "Good. You must remember this always. Most importantly, you are to became an Alpha female." An Alpha female is the mate of the Alpha and is in charge of cooking in the Alpha house. She is also responsible for organizing parties, gatherings, and all.


Sarah sprayed perfume on me as I looked at the mirror. I asked myself, "Am I going to be ready? Am I going to be a good wife?..." those thoughts were cut off because Sarah said, "It's time. Let's go to the Assembly Room. Everyone is there already and waiting for you."


This is it. I entered the Assembly Room. They all looked at me with love, especially my two best friends. When I got on the side of the stage, Kane escorted me to our chairs. We sat and the bonding ceremony began. I looked around. There are my best friends, friends, and pack mates, witnessing my bonding to a stranger. As the final words has been spoken, my father tied Kane's wrist and mine by a ceremonial silk rope. After the ceremony, well-wishers said their wishes for me and Kane.


After all was done, my father led us to the newly built cabin. "I've saving this for you and your mate, Caitrin. I also gave your siblings their own cabins to start their family. Now, I want you to serve your mate well. Be the daughter that I'm proud of." My father hugged me and kissed me on my forehead. My eyes are filled with tears. Then my father hugged Kane also and said, "Take good care of my daughter. Please, love her as you love yourself."


My father left us already. Then we went in the cabin. It has one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen already filled with utensils and food. We went in the bedroom. It have one large King-sized bed, a closet, a mirror, and a door that led to the another bathroom. We both stood still there for a couple of minutes then Kane said, "I think our first business is to remove this, what you say?". I nodded in agreement. We went to the kitchen and found a pair of scissors. He cut the rope in the midst of our wrists and put back the scissors in its original place. I rubbed my wrist gently. The rope is not that tight but I felt its tightness when my wrist are with his wrist. I saw him, rubbing his wrist too. "I can see we responded the same to imprisonment." he said. I nodded, again, in agreement. I looked at the full moon. I wish I was with my best friends on the tip of the cliff, looking at the full moon and watching the stars. My beautiful thoughts were ended when Kane said, "It's getting late. Use the bathroom first." I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. At last, I found a place where there is no Kane. I washed my face and wiped it with the towel.


After cleaning myself, I went out of bathroom. I was surprised that Kane isn't wearing a shirt. I retreated to the bathroom immediately. My heart was pumping out of my chest. I jerked when a hand landed on my shoulders. "It's okay. It's me." Kane said with a grin. Thank God, he is wearing a shirt now. Then he joined me in the bathroom, then he said, "Let's make it easy for the both of us." I didn't fully understand but I nodded.


I turned to the sink and look at myself in the mirror. Then Kane came behind me and hugged me. Then he put his hands up and down at my arms. He hugged me half-way of my waist then his lips reached my left side of the neck and kissed it gently. Then he lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom. He put me down on the bed and took our clothes off. Even he didn't turn on the lights, I can see his body perfectly because of the moonlight. I thought, "Yes, here I am. Going to be mated to a stranger." We mated the whole night then after the activity, I pretend that I already fell asleep. But I felt Kane covered me with the quilt, put his arm under my head, and hugged me. I don't know why but I felt really safe in his arms and went to sleep.


Next morning, I woke up alone in the bed. I had trouble with moving because I had stiff body parts due to last night's activity. I massaged my body parts and I notice that Kane and I didn't blood bonded last night. At least that's what I didn't give the stranger.


I took a shower and got dressed. Then, I went out to the kitchen. I found Kane cooking something. He heated water for coffee and said, "Good morning. I can see your awake now. I heard you are in the shower so I cooked breakfast for us." He put a plate filled with bacon and eggs. Then he went to get the toasts in the oven toaster. I made the coffee for the both of us. Then we sat down to have breakfast.


While eating, I decided to start the conversation. "This is good. But you can cook?". He replied with a grin, "You know, I believe that an Alpha should know how to do household chores. Especially cooking, because I don't want my mate to be undernourished." I replied with a smile, "But it's my job to cook in the household, especially for you." I replied with a laugh, "Don't worry. This is gonna be the first and the last time."


After finishing our breakfast, I collected the dishes to wash them. I need to start learning chores because Sarah is not going to live with us. While rinsing the dishes, Kane leaned on the counter beside me while eating a banana. "Oh! By the way, you need to start packing your things after you've finish that." I wiped my hands with the towel on the oven and asked, "Why? Where are we going?" I looked at me and said, "We are going home in the north. You know, a pack need its Alpha." I felt tears started to form in my eyes. Kane saw my expression. He came near me, hugged me, then kissed me on my forehead and said, "I know that you're scared of what's going to happen to you in the north. But believe me, they'll be happy and going to accept to there. I know it breaks your heart, but I need to think of your future pack too." He traced my lower jaw with his hands and said, "I will be there always for you."




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