Chapter 4 - The First Problem Encounter

Chapter 4 - The First Problem Encounter

A Chapter by Little Sparrow

Chapter 4


So after eating, I found Nicole and Susan in the kitchen, doing the dishes. "How can I help?", I asked. Susan replied, "Not now, dear. You just got here. Maybe next time." Nicole said, "So, what brings you here?" I replied, "I just want to ask, who is Jenna?"


Susan and Nicole looked at each other then Nicole said, "Jenna Talakov. A Russian wolf who has no Russian accent. Her father is a wolf that came from Russia and her mother came from this pack. Her mother is Alpha Dan's sister. Jenna loved her uncle so much because she grew up with them.


She also grew up with Kane, Kale, Mark, and me. Her parents keep on bringing her here but that stopped when they died in a car accident. After the accident, Dan asked her to live with us here, but she chose to live in small cabin. Then two months later, Dan had the accident. She said she's traumatized with things that happened to her family and loved ones, so she decided to live with Lyka, her cousin in Russia from her father's side.


Everybody knows that she hates Russia so much that she doesn't want to lay a foot there. But she went there after Dan's accident three months ago. I feel that it is strange or maybe something's happening. But I can't tell that something is wrong because I have no proof. So we decided to just not to talk."


I was surprised with what they just told me. I turned to Susan and asked her, "So you know what happened to your mate? Why you didn't tell Kane?" She hushed me and whispered, "Darling, life can be sometimes this bitter. How can I tell Kane if I don't have any proof? They are going to think that I'm assuming or crazy because a pack member cannot betray his or her pack. I am sure, things like justice will come in the right way and time. So don't worry, the truth will still prevail." I was amazed with the words of Susan. How can she be peaceful even though she knows that her mate died because he was murdered, not because of accident?


Before going upstairs to fix my things, Nicole made me promise not to tell Kane about his. I promised. She did promise too that she won't tell Mark about it. While heading upstairs, I felt happy because Susan and Nicole trusted me with their secret. I promised also to myself that I won't betray them.


I went inside Kane's bedroom. I closed the door behind me, walked towards the bed, touched the frame. This is the bed I'm going to share with Kane, probably my entire life. Then I went to look for my bags, which I found in the empty cabinet. I brought them out and put them on the bed. I found a note on the closet door, saying, "This will be your closet. The whole space will be yours. Mine's on the other one beside yours. Kane." So I started fixing and hanging my things. I put everything in order. Then I decided to take a peek in Kane's closet. It is organized as well.


I was busy admiring the way he organized his things when I heard footsteps on the hallway. I was pretty sure it was Kane, because no one has a room in that hallway, except us. I closed his closet door and returned to mine, pretending I was still fixing it. Then the door opened wide. I was right, it was Kane.


"Hey," he said, "You okay there? Do you need anything?". I replied, "No, I just finished fixing my things." He went to bed and sat there. I closed my closet door, turned to his direction, walked towards him, and sat beside him. He put his arm around my waist and I put mine under his. I am getting comfortable with this gestures, so I didn't got stiff at all. Then he asked, "How was your day? I hope you had a very good time. I can see you are making friends in the house in just hours. You still have a lot of people to know about." I smiled and nodded.


Then there's a knock at our door. Kane sighed and said, "Come in". Mark and Kale went in and Kane fixed his sitting position. "Is there something wrong?" Kane asked. Mark replied, "Bea called few minutes ago." Kane asked," What does she need?" Kale replied, "She said Justine went to his shift in patrolling in the woods last night. It's almost midnight, he still didn't come home, so Bea thought it was because he was needed here or because of shifting schedule. But this afternoon, he didn't still come home. So she called to asked if he was here, I answered her no. She called again and was shocked that he wasn't even in the patrolling house. So we reported this to you as soon as possible.


Kane stood up, walked towards them while thinking for a solution and said, "So, you two can look for him, right?" Mark and Kale looked at each other then Kale spoke,"Bro, we understand that you're newly mated, but you really need to come with us and conduct a search group." Kane saw the urgency in their faces, so he asked, "Why, do you have something to tell me more?" Kale gulped and spoke,"Can we talk more downstairs? Believe me, it is really urgent, brother."


Kane looked at me, trying to say something but he has no words. So I smiled and said, "It's fine. Go now with them. Pack first before oneself, right?" Kane came near me, kissed me on my forehead, and told me that he will come back. I just nodded. Then the three men walked out of the room and Kale began talking again. I hear...mates...groups... I can't understand what they meant by that. I heard the Kane, Kale, and Mark went out to the woods with a larger group of men.


I went downstairs to look for Susan and Nicole. I found Susan in the living room, sitting with a group of women who all looked worried. Susan noticed me, so she said, "Dear, Nicole is in the kitchen." So I went to the kitchen and found Nicole there. She noticed me came in, so she said, "Oh! There you are! I am really going to your room because prepared a cup of coffee for you." I replied, "But, can I still drink here with you?" She smiled and said, "Of course! Here." She gave me a cup of coffee.


I took a sip and asked her, "What happened earlier?" She put her mug down on the counter, and I did too. Then she said," You know the story about Justine, right?" I nodded, then she continued, "The problem is, it is not only Justine who is missing. His group mates in the shift is also missing. Those ladies in the living room are the mates of the lost wolves. Susan's comforting them. I think it will be your job sooner, or later." I gulped. Yes, it will be job sooner, but will I be wise enough like Susan? There's no way I would be wise like her.


I took the mug and said, "Nicole, thanks for the coffee. It is really good. I felt better and I really appreciate it." Nicole smiled and said, "You are truly welcome. But you know what, Kane told me to look after you. But yes, I would still do that even though he didn't ask me." I asked her, "Do you think Kane cares about me?" She laughed and said, "Kane is a good and caring man. He took care of the pack well for the last three months, until now. Of course, he cares about you, especially you're his mate. The only one he will spend his lifetime with."


Oh yeah. I'm going to send my entire lifetime with him. I waited for them to return. But I got impatient. How on earth will I adjust to this environment? It's boring here, and dangerous outside. I didn't notice dinnertime came so fast. As I was eating, I lost my appetite. But being afraid that I might hurt Susan's feelings, I still ate some.


After eating, I bid everyone goodnight and went upstairs. I went in the room, took a shower, got dressed and went to bed. After few minutes, I was getting sleepy. Then I heard a howl of a wolf. I sat up and hugged my knees. I was thinking about howl. Was it a warning or a sign of trouble? Or did someone got hurt? I was really scared and lied down again. I tried to sleep and it's almost midnight. Then I tried closing my eyes and emptying my mind. Then I went to sleep.



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