Cat Tales #11: The New Digs

Cat Tales #11: The New Digs

A Story by Adam Greenfield

Stella talks about the new apartment.



May 9th, 2008 A.D.C.
Entry #11: The New Digs
Sorry, dear readers. It has been a while since I last pawed you a note. Two Legs finally stopped moving us all over the place and it’s just now that Alo and I are starting to think that we won’t be going anywhere. Well, we better not or else the Uprighter gets it.
(Poster’s Note: If only I could explain a rental contract to Stella, it might spare the stress and grief later.)

Ok, so where do I begin? Well, I guess I should tell you about our new living quarters. First, I’d like to formally protest the lack of objects to play on, under, near, around, by, through (if possible), and with. It is a terrible lack of judgment on Two Legs’ part but I’ll forgive him for now.

(Poster’s Note: Point taken and I’m both humbled and grateful for the forgiveness. It only takes once of Stella using the leg as a scratching post to understand where I stand, if you follow me.)

In the new place, the ground is easy to run on. In the other place, the surface was hard and Alo and I had a hard time taking corners. Sometimes the woodburn was un-cat-able or the back legs would give out and we were then at the mercy of physics. Here, though, claws can dig in to the carpet and away we go. It’s a nice little twosome to have, the claws and carpet.

Two Legs also isn’t the only Uprighter that lives here. The Tall Guy, the other one I mentioned earlier during that cat-awful three days in a box, also lives here. Then there are two other females, whom I will from this point forward refer to as Wise One and Picks Me Up.
Picks Me Up is quite an obvious name. However, I don’t give her that name with any ill will. She is very nice to me and lavishes me with petting. I just wish she wouldn’t pick me up so much. Trust me, I’ll let you know when I’m ok with that. I try to get my point across by lapping in other Uprighter laps more than hers.
(Poster’s Note: Lapping is Stella-speak for being a lapcat. She’ll tell you she’s not a lapcat but she’ll also tell you she and Alo are going to take over the world with a new religion called Meowism- oh wait…)

I think she wishes I was a dog. I’ll try not to hold it against her. She’s still fun to be around. Sometimes she lets me play with her long black hair. It’s a good time.

Wise One. She’s on to me. She can see through my cuteness and that worries me. I’m afraid she’s going to be harder to foil. Two Legs was a cinch. I annoy him all the time and yet he still can’t get enough of me.
(Poster’s Note: Wanna know what’s sad? She’s absolutely right.)

I’ll win Wise One over, though. I roll around, show off this gorgeous feline specimen, and woo her with some lapping and love-rubs on her legs. She won’t be able to resist it very much longer.

Well, that’s enough outta me. I’m going to find something to get into. In typical fashion, your quote, this time by William Conway, the Archbishop of Armagh.
“No tame animal has lost less of its dignity or maintained more of its ancient reserve. The domestic cat might rebel tomorrow.”

© 2008 Adam Greenfield

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