Silence in the house of tongues

Silence in the house of tongues

A Story by Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

That scent is still there, infesting every inch of that ruin. Nesting deep in its doors, floor, courts and everything poisoned behind its walls. I just can’t forget that black, glutinous substance which leaked through the walls and the ceiling, dripping of giant black tongues embedded into the roof and out of the walls, or those startling, heart-ripping screams of pain and wane that rose from its rooms and hallways. One thing that kept ringing and floundering up my mind as I ran wildly away from the house, “I must have been misled! This can’t be the right place!!”

I cared not of finding explanations or facts behind what I witnessed at the time, for my sanity was shocked to the limit of frost, I couldn’t think or analyze, I was totally astonished. No man can take that.  I was expecting nothing like this, what I saw could not be from this world! I must have accidentally walked into a time rift that shifted me into another realm, or another diminution. I stuffed my mind with these justifications after I couldn’t run any more, and had to stop aside and catch my terrified breath. I even reached quite a far part of town, I don’t usually hang in. what a run!

“Where is that bloody key!?” I yelled as I tried to find the key to my front door, my hands were still sweaty and shacking and my focus had just woke up from its coma. I dropped my key chain like a complete gauche, even my neighbor who never found time to return my greetings, halted for a while and stared at me with a scorning look as if he’s thinking “oh! Here is that clumsy baboon again!”

I opened my door and rushed unto the sink, I tried to wash all the imprint of that incident off my face, I tried to dissolve some of them into the water as I rinsed my face one time after another, slapping it each time even harder, screaming within my mind “WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!”

When suddenly my cell phone gave me another slap, its tune echoed within the room, I was in no mood for talking to anyone at all, but this particular person must be answered. Nevertheless, I stood beside the phone watching it shout out as a fire alarm, I couldn’t answer, because I had nothing to say to her, but I gathered my guts and picked it up.

-          Hi, sister!

-          What happened? Did you meet with him? What did he tell you?

-          Eh! I went there and ... well…

-          Well??? Did you meet him? Carl, please!! I am burning here! Tell me something! Pacify me!

-          In fact… I couldn’t see him.

-          What?? Why?

-          Susan! You have no idea what I went through, I can’t explain on the phone, I’ll come and pick you up in 15 minutes, okay?

-          You have 10 minutes, Carl! Do you hear me? 10 minutes!!

-          Okay, I am coming… See you soon!

-          Bye!

I hanged up, and sat on the bed, with my head spinning around like a ballerina, or was it the room? And thought to myself “How on earth will I explain what I saw to Susan?” she sent me to check on her husband, Benjamin, who was arrested yesterday at night. “I still can’t believe this. Benjamin is a decent, straight guy and one of the most righteous people I ever knew, it must be a mistake” I wondered and consoled myself. Took a deep breath and rose up to my car.

I praise god I didn’t cause an accident, because a true zombie was driving that car! I wasn’t focused or even paying attention to the road. I was having flashes of what happened, and my mind was puzzled and stormed by the horrid things I saws in that house, what happened to Ben, and the utmost of my fears: facing my elder sister Susan!

Susan and Benjamin is newlywed, I still remember the mess she caused in my life throughout the wedding session. Nevertheless, I am very happy for my sister. Ben is a great guy and has become a good friend of mine. What happened to him is really mystifying me completely. I hope from all my heart this entire thing would turn out to be a big misunderstanding or some clumsy mistake we’ll laugh at loudly all together at the family’s dining table.

I parked in front of Ben and Susan’s house and before I press the horn, Susan sprang out of the door and ran unto my car. “Come on! Off to the police station! I must see Ben now!” she cried at my face. I pondered at her; the snow was covering her like a withering leaf and the shimmering light that radiates of her all the time, planting happiness and tranquility deep in all of us, seemed disturbed and fading, her thoughts were captured by fear and anxiousness; she looked as a bleeding moonlight! And throughout the way she kept posing questions at me, and I tried so hard not to answer them making the 10 minutes drive to the police station like a light-year!

Finally we arrived and she jumped out of the car and slammed the door behind her so hard, I believe I heard the car cry! I struggled in my head wither to rush after her or to wait outside, “I trust she wants some time alone with Ben” I thought. And while I was about to vote for the second option, a swift claw grabbed my poor ear lobe and dragged me like a 5 years old into the station. OUCH!

We entered the police station, and asked for our buddy at the reception, they gave us a weird look when we pronounced his name; it triggered something in the reception officer. “Wait here for a second, please!”

-          Susan, are you fine?

-          Carl, are you serious? My husband was arrested in the middle of the night, dragged into prison, and the worst thing that I wasn’t there!

Where was I? I was burying myself with work as usual, whilst I should’ve been with my husband.

Poor Darling! I can’t imagine what is happening to him right now.

Oh dear lord!


And once again I messed everything up! One thing I can’t take in this whole world is to see this crimson moon cries. I’ve always been a careless, foolish and irresponsible brother, but I can’t take the pain of seeing her tear. I sensed she had lots of things to add, but had to halt, to hold back her waterfalls, but one drop of rain escaped her grasp and descended from her blue lake down on her clouds

I made a good decision and shushed, and then another officer showed up and accompanied us to Ben. But when we reached the room where he was, they stopped me and said only immediate family are allowed! So I had to leave Suzy and wait at the car.

While walking back half confused half exhausted, I sat in my car, adjusted the seat and relaxed. I needed a moment of silence and peace, I still haven’t analyzed what I went through before this ride, neither had time to rest from its trauma. What were these voices, tongues, and all the things I saw? Or better phrased, where were I? I was heading to the court of law, and very sure I had not mistaken the place! But all what’ve seen was not earthly. It was supernatural!

Every minute or so, I turned my head towards the station’s front door in wait for Suzy. Frankly, I wished she stays for a day at least, because what I saw needs months of rehab! And some time alone would be a great remedy, but 15 minutes later and she showed up appearing firm and solid, but as soon as she got into the car and closed the door- gently this time, she totally collapsed!

-          Oh dear heavens! What’s wrong?

-          It’s awful! I can’t believe this.

-          Believe what? What did Ben tell you back there?

-          I can’t… I can’t…

-          Susan, please tell me! I aint no stranger! And I am urging to know since the very beginning. Besides, whatever they’re accusing him, I am very sure it’s a big misunderstanding that’s all

-          I wish it’s that simple, Carl.

-          Well, what is it?

-          I can’t talk here and now! Please just drive me home and we’ll talk there

-          Okay! Please wipe your tears now and calm down!

-          No promises! But thanks.


I am sure time and distance made a wicked alliance against me that day, because that ride once again felt like a hundred days.  The sound of her burning breathes burdened with anxiousness and tears leaked unto me, I felt so disturbed, worried and I could barely breathe as well. Moreover, I couldn’t look at her side, as I mentioned I can’t stand to see her tear. I thank the lord I could remember the way to her house, and get us there in one piece.


Susan is a carbon-copy of our mother; she might be a fine, 24 years old princess. Nevertheless, whenever I watch her move around the house, I get sucked in a rollercoaster of memories and see mother with her swift movement here and there, her love for traditions and customs, and here careful attention to the finest details. We used to have a saying in our house “Nothing is really lost, until mother can’t find it!” And so is Susan! Even though her heart is melting like meteor, as soon as we got into the house, she started making some tea!


-          Where are those bloody sugar cubes?

-          Susan! What are you doing?

-          What do you see, Carl?

I am trying to make us some tea, isn’t it obvious?

But I can’t recall where I have placed the sugar!

-          Sister! Please come here and set down! I don’t want any tea.

She was lost and confused like a petite fairy out of Never-never land. They say that eyes are mirrors to our souls. Well, if that’s true, she was hollow! Perhaps her terrified spirit hid somewhere deep, or was sealed behind bars of fear and worry, or maybe back at the station’s prison!

-          Now dear, take a deep breath!

-          Carl! There is no time for…

-          TAKE A DEEP BREATH!

-          OK! OK! … Are you happy now

-          Yes, thank you! Now tell me everything!

-          When I talked to Benjamin down at the police station, he told me that they accused him of raping and killing a 14 years old girl! And that’s why they broke into the house at dawn and arrested him

-          Oh Merciful lord! You are kidding Susan, aren’t you?

-          No! He tried to lighten the situation so I don’t get worried, but Benjamin is a lousy liar!

-          This is serious then!  But what made the police suspect in Ben?

-          I have no idea! And neither does him!! I mean it’s totally nonsense! Ben would never do so. Moreover, he is getting a little under the weather! He is coughing and sneezing, he must be getting down with something. Oh poor Ben!

-          Calm down sister! I am sure this is just a big misunderstanding.


I said these words with a warm considerate tune as she laid her head between my wings and on my chest, she is so transparent and pure that everything she feels leaked smoothly unto me. Her fear, insecurity, and soft part she always tries to hide or mask it, but she as well isn’t a good lair!

I have to admit that I was scared, a thought passed my mind to pick up the phone and call “Dante” a friend of mine who works as a police officer and ask him to figure out what is happening, but I had to act tough and confident in front of her. I persuaded here after a long, painful struggle to take a nap, for that poor lad has not had a decent amount of sleep since two days.

I left her flying in the realm of dreams, away from this harsh present and called Dante who told me that this specific case is quite confidential and he has no access to any details concerning it. He told me to head to the court of law and question there. And I was praying all along he doesn’t mention this place, because I haven’t yet forgotten the horrifying sights that dwelt in that place, up my head and deep within my memory.

I started my car’s engine which wasn’t less scared than I was, and drove all the way towards the court, I wonder if the roads got longer today!  However this time, when I entered, it was so ordinary and usual. Filled with people, statues, lawyers and the often stuff.

I guess the day light hides everything from the human eye; the light of the sun bends the horrid truth between its rays, and delays it till the night reigns. Then, all the despicable lies, unheard screams, and the torn, tormented spirits are freed from its chains and sent to roam madly between the walls of this place. And the light’s illusions fades, revealing the sealed tongues hanging from the ceiling, Tongues that once built up the foundation of this country, and raised the flags of justice to soar and bring welfare and victory upon us. However, with time and one by one, they grew weak and were numb as morbid spread within us and we abandoned our virtues and moral, they damp making it easy and glib for the deuces of men to seal them and tighten the steel knot on them once, and forever!

I was walking through the hallways so afraid like an 8 years old in a stormy day, looking at the ceiling and the walls like a blind man who just saw the light. People thought I was lost or intellectually disabled. I meandered so long inside the place until one of the guards came to me and asked what is it I am looking for? But Alas! All this confused paid naught! The only thing they said out was the session’s time & date, and the judge’s name. Also, the employees and the guards’ expressions and treatment didn’t indicate that I was at a place of higher justice; it felt more like a morgue!

 Remarkable is the speed in which everything in this case sent on, they refused to bail him out, and the case reached the trail rapidly, of course with every step this issue takes ahead, the health and sanity of Susan decrease swiftly. Insomnia took Ben’s place on their bad, and her face and eyes swelled of tears, and sickness and fever didn’t seem to leave her side. She became a shade, a walking, weeping piece of night.

Until the cursed day came, the last day of the trail, when the judge sentenced Ben to be executed on the electric chair. Although we were told more than once that this is likely to happen, we were deeply shocked to the point of congealment, I kept monitoring Benjamin the entire session. He looked different. Maybe the time he spent in prison changed him somehow. I could sense a change in his eyes, just if he’s hunted or his spirit is no longer as it was.


Susan died that day. The echo of that sentence erupted waves of darkness that conquered her whole, drowning her feelings profoundly down in the absolute murkiness, and forcing her sanity to watch everything collapse, it had to watch her beloved husband executed with cold blood right in front of her, as she stands helpless then wilt as a Damascus rose.

And as I carried her out, the prison manager showed up with a piece of paper in his hand saying that Ben asked him to deliver it to his wife. He passed it to me, stated his sympathy for our condition, then left calmly.

She is never the same. Her eyes are mute, her touch is cold and now after 5 years of what happened, she still hallucinate his name, but tearlessly. No tears are left to cry. Injustice left no room even for an innocent breeze.


“As our journey reaches the end, I must ask you now

Can you forgive me for the tears you shed forming clouds?

They rained on my glass soul screaming out loud

My eyes bleed for you my star, my pearl, and the love of my heart

But fog judged our souls apart, manipulated by the dark

Hands of the blind holding our fate

And tides of death taking me away

But I promise to you with all my eyes, beyond their lies…

Our love will grow, dance and glow

And wherever you might go, I will know

I give my life to the withering leaf…

To the bleeding moon light…

To the crying shadow…

To the broken pearl…

To the tearing cloud…

I give my life to you, as I depart so cruel

From the land of the one joy, to the realm of detention

In waiting for you”


© 2013 Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

Author's Note

Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-
Read "Silence in the house of tongues II"!

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Wow, a most compelling and sad tale. You have done remarkably well in this telling, although I do spot some instances of grammar problems, and some awkward phrasing. It did not detract from the story at all, but it did trip me up a bit in the reading.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

8 Years Ago

Thank you, LA!
Please do read part II
I'll re-check to correct any mistakes


This is beautifully written. Sad, but wonderful. You have A LOT of talent!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

8 Years Ago

thank you, i am humbled
go to part II please :)
I like the story and it's well written

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

8 Years Ago

Thank you! please read part II :)
Wow, a most compelling and sad tale. You have done remarkably well in this telling, although I do spot some instances of grammar problems, and some awkward phrasing. It did not detract from the story at all, but it did trip me up a bit in the reading.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

8 Years Ago

Thank you, LA!
Please do read part II
I'll re-check to correct any mistakes
Blown away! One of the best things I have read on here! Don't ever stop writing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

8 Years Ago

Thank you for reading! I am so humbled!
Please read part II! I hope you'll like it as well

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