Chapter 2 of an untitled project

Chapter 2 of an untitled project

A Chapter by Adamwriter

This is the second chapter of a book I am writing.


Chapter 2

            Matt couldn’t help but stare. It’s not every day that you see a naked girl next to your high school’s football field. Nothing was said between him and Austin as they both walked to the object of interest. Matt noticed how beautiful and cute she is, and try as he may, he couldn’t help but see her other attributes. She had a petite body and was well toned giving evidence to the possibility that she could be an athlete. Her eyes were closed, her head was rested to the side, and her mouth was slightly open; Matt could have sworn she was smiling. It seemed she was sleeping, and she looked rather comfortable.

Matt couldn’t stop looking at her hair, which was semi-long and would probably barely rest on her shoulders if her head was straight up. But, the length didn’t concern him, it was the color that caught his eye. Her hair was pure white, like fresh snow, but it didn’t look like it was dyed; her hair looked like it was naturally colored, and Matt could have sworn he saw other, subtle colors reflected off of it briefly before it changed back to its lucid white hue.

            “Who do you think she is,” asked Austin. Matt wasn’t paying attention; he had already dropped his bag and was removing his grey hoody. “Good idea, she’s gotta be freezing.” Austin said as Matt started to put the hoody on the mystery girl. Put his hoody on someone else took some time and effort since the only person he has ever put clothes on is himself, but he eventually got the hoody onto the mystery girl. It seemed to fit her fine; although, it was a little baggy and it barely went past her bottom. Despite looking the same age as Matt and Austin, the girl was shorter than them. This wasn’t so good because the two had nothing to substitute for underwear. “Let’s get her inside before she freezes.” Matt said as he bent over to pick the mystery girl up.

            “And before anyone gets the wrong idea,” Austin added while he grabbed Matt’s bag. “You need any help? We can just leave the bags and carry her together.”

            “No, that’s okay, I got her,” Matt said starting the trek to the school. “She actually doesn’t feel heavy. Not at all actually.”

            “You work out. I get it.” Austin said as he rolled his eyes.

            “That’s not what I meant. She is extremely light. She must weigh, at most, twenty pounds.”

            Matt heard a small moan coming from his arms. “Hey, wait a minute,” Matt said as he stopped and kneeled on the ground. Austin dropped the bags and walked to where Matt was now setting the girl down. Matt let the girl’s body rest on the grass. He supported her head with one arm like he would coddle a baby, and held her upper body up with his other arm. The girl was starting to stir and her eyes were starting to flutter. What happened next is a moment Matt would remember the rest of his life. The mystery girl slowly opened her eyes, her eyes darted around, looking in random directions. It wasn’t until she saw Matt did her eyes stop moving. She looked into his eyes and soon after smiled. Matt was awestruck. His brain couldn’t grasp on what was capturing his attention the most.

            When she first opened her eyes and looked at him he noticed her eyes immediately; they were beautiful and seemed to pierce his heart, but they weren’t the same color. Her right eye was a light green and her left was a light pink. Matt was trying to discern how a person could have two colored eyes, let alone one that’s pink, but then she smiled and the world around him seemed to just cease to exist. He didn’t notice his friend tapping him on the shoulder and asking him what was going on. Time stopped and nothing else mattered.

            “Hi there, Matt. I knew you’d find me.” The mystery girl said. Matt came back to the world after hearing what she said, and he was even more puzzled now. This cute, mystery girl, that neither he nor Austin had ever seen before, knew him?

            They had little time for bewilderment. Her smile quickly vanished from her face and she felt with her hands just below her naked bottom, where the hoody cut off. Her different colored eyes widened and her once smiling lips formed to give her an “Oh My God” look. Her cheeks turned red and she screamed rather loud. Matt, the one who is holding her, was startled and accidently dropped the mystery girl, who hit the ground with a thud.

            “Ow.” she said as she rubbed the back of her head. She sat up, pulled her knees to her chest and tried to cover herself up with the hoody. “Sorry, it’s all we have.” Matt said. She seemed to force a smile and said, “Oh, this is fine, thank you. Although, I wouldn’t mind having some pants.” She said. She spoke in a cute, British accent that Matt felt himself lost in as she talked. “Mind telling us your name?” Austin asked. The mystery girl looked at him and frowned. “Who are you?” She asked. Matt took a step forward between them and said to the mystery girl, “My name is Matt, which you apparently already know, and this is my friend Austin,” Austin moderately waved and smiled at the mystery girl. “You know both of our names now. You think you could tell us yours?” The mystery girl looked from Matt to Austin, who was looking down and kicking at some grass, and then back to Matt again. “My name,” She stayed silent for a second before she smiled, “I’m called Angel.”

            “I’ve never heard of an Angel in our school,” Austin said. “What’s your last name?” He waited for the mystery girl to answer, but she appeared not to care and did not answer. Austin looked at Matt, but he wasn’t too interested in what Austin was asking either. Instead, he looked at Angel and asked, “So, why exactly were you outside by the school’s football field, unconscious, with no clothes on.” Matt came to the conclusion that Angel was more interested in himself because she didn’t hesitate to answer his question. “I can’t say right now, right here, but I will tell you.”

            “You don’t have to tell us if you’re uncomfortable. I’d just like to make sure you weren’t hurt or anything.” Matt said.

            “I’m not uncomfortable to tell you, Matt,” She stood up and adjusted the hoody. She looked at Matt, “I can’t tell you just yet, though. Why so worried about me anyway?” I may know you,” She got a little closer to Matt, “But you just met me.”

            Matt felt his face get warm. She was looking up at him with those pretty eyes he lost himself in not too long ago. He scratched his cheek and looked away from Angel, “N-no particular reason. I guess you’re okay. I, er, we didn’t see any bruises on your, um… on your…”

            “My body?” Angel said. She appeared to try to stifle a giggle, but it slipped out.

            “Yea, I believe that’s what he was aiming for.” Austin said, looking at Matt and slowly shaking his head.

            Matt gave his supposed friend a dark glare, which was returned by Austin with a sarcastic hands in the air and scared face. Matt looked back to Angel and asked, “So, are you from around here?”

            Angel smirked and said, “No, not exactly. I’m here on some personal errands.”

            “What kind of errands do you need to do that require you to be naked and blacked out next to a school’s football field?” Austin asked.

            “I’m sorry, who are you?” Angel asked Austin.

            “Austin… I’m Matt’s one and only friend. So, if you know Matt, you’ll undoubtedly know me.”

            “Oh! Austin! Sorry, I do know who you are, but I’ve never actually seen what you look like. It’s nice to meet you.”

            “Charmed.” Austin said coldly and raised an eyebrow at Matt, who returned it with a shrug of his shoulders.

            “Okay, you know me,” Matt said, “You know my friend, but we have never seen you around town, let alone in school. Have we Austin?” Austin placed his hands in his pockets and shook his head. “Could you at least tell us how you know us?”

            Angel shut her eyes and shook her head, “Not yet, Matt. You are going to have to be patient.”

            By now, students were starting to arrive in the student parking lot. Some of them gave the trio looks as they walked into the school. Austin elbowed Matt’s arm, “Dude, we’re definitely getting some looks.” He said. Matt gave a quick glance and saw a couple people had stopped and were pointing at them while talking between themselves.

            “I think we need to cut this meeting,” Matt said as he turned back to Angel. “Did you need some directions to wherever it is you’re going? You said you weren’t from around here.”

            “No, thanks,” Angel said. “I’ll find what I’m looking for,” She walked towards Matt and Austin, picked up their bags and handed them to the boys, who took them. “You don’t mind if I borrow this do you?” She said while pulling at a sleeve of Matt’s hoody that she was wearing. “Yeah, sure, of course.” Matt said.

            “Thanks. I’ll be sure to return it next time we see each other.” Angel said.

            “So, we are going to see you again?” Austin asked.


            “I don’t know if I’ll see you again, but I’m sure me and Matt will see one another again.”

            “I don’t know if I should feel insulted or not.”

            “Don’t worry, this probably won’t be good-bye for you and me, either. You are Matt’s good friend after all.”

            The trio looked in the direction of the sound of announcements that had just started being told over the intercom of the school. “That’s our cue,” Matt said, pulling his friends arm. “Good luck with finding whatever it is you’re looking for.” He  turned around and walked towards the school. Austin stayed behind give Angel a quick, “Goodbye.” He then went to catch up with Matt. Angel stood there watching the two boys walk to class until, finally, she smiled and walked away.

            “Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you interested in that girl.” Austin asked.

            “Aren’t you? She knew me and you. Don’t you find that the least bit curious?” Matt asked.

            “Of course I have questions about that. What I mean is you like her and you know it.”

            “Did you see her eyes? They were different colors. And her hair; that was unusual.”

            “Hair dye and colored contacts,” Austin said as-a-matter-of-factly. “Anyone could do that if they wanted.”

            “No way, her hair and eyes didn’t look unnatural in that way. They looked real and that’s what was strange about them.”

            Austin let out a small chuckle. “Stop avoiding what I said. You actuallly want to see that girl. What was her name again, Ang- something or other?”

            “Her name is Angel.” Matt corrected him.

            “Hah, see, you are totally into that girl.” Austin said as he opened the doors to the school, which they both walked into.

            Matt shook his head. His friend was right; he did have personal feelings for Angel. It was different for him, though. He had dated girls in the past, but they never went beyond one day or night. He was about to turn seventeen years old and he had never kissed a girl. Matt certainly was interested in kissing a girl, but each time the moment would present itself, he’d bail out. He wasn’t nervous; it just didn’t feel right to him. Not until he saw Angel open her eyes, looking right at him and smiling. For the first time in his life, Matt had feelings for a girl, he wanted to see her again and he didn’t know one thing about her.

© 2010 Adamwriter

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Author's Note

Same as the first chapter.

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