Chapter 3 of an untitled project

Chapter 3 of an untitled project

A Chapter by Adamwriter

Chapter 3

At a random bar, in the city a few miles from Matt’s neighborhood, a moderately old man is standing behind the bar counter, cleaning beer glasses with a small cloth. He was surprised to hear the ring of the bell atop the entrance door. It was set off by a man walking into his establishment. “You know what time it is? We’re closed,” The old man said as he set the glass he was cleaning down and picked up another one. “We open at three p.m..” The man walking into the bar was wearing a large trench coat. The coat  was made of a dark black leather. The man wore the trench coat open with the collar up. He also had on a dark brown Stetson, which was leaned a bit forward over his eyes, hiding them. He had on long, blue jeans and dusky boots.

            The man who had walked into the bar seemed to ignore the old man’s words because he didn’t leave; instead he walked over to the bar. When he got to the bar counter, the old man spoke to him more firmly, “We aren’t open, it’s 8:00 a.m. in the morning. You’re going to have to leave and come back later.” The man lifted his hat up, revealing his young, masculine face and said, “You’re not going to kick out an old acquaintance. Are you, Alan?” He smiled at Alan. Alan stopped cleaning the glass in his hand and looked at the man, who just said his name. He grinned and said, “Well, lookee here, if it aint my old student. How’s things… what’s your name now?”

            “They call me Blaze, now.” Blaze said.

            “Blaze? Fits you well.” Alan said.

            “I thought so,” Blaze took a cigarette out of a pack from his pocket and put it between his lips. “So, what should I be calling you.”

            “Alan will do. I don’t go by those names anymore.” Alan said.

            “Really? I’ll try, but I can’t help if your old name slips out Mr. …”

            Alan pounded his fist on the bar counter. “Don’t say it. This may be my place, but it’s not in a secure area. Anyway, you should know, there’s a law against smoking in public areas, including bars.” He grabbed another glass and started wiping it with the damp cloth.

            “Is that so?” Blaze said. He took a drag from his cigarette and blew it out in the air above them.

            “So, I guess you came for that. Or, why else would you be here?”

            “I came to see an old friend. And, to get what I need to survive here. I didn’t come here because I was told to. I came here because I need to.”

            “Guess you forgot about the ‘duty’ portion of what I taught you. You should stop being a rebel. Things would go easier for you if you did.”

            “Heh, things go just fine for me. And I’m not a rebel, not on purpose. I get things done in my own way. I accept the consequences and move on.”

            “Someday, you’ll have to stop ignoring the consequences. The past always catches up to people. Look at me, look where I am.” Alan said while using his hands to direct Blaze to look around him.

            Blaze  took one more drag from his cigarette before putting it out in a nearby ashtray on the counter. “Until then, I’ll live in bliss.” Blaze said smiling. “Now, how’s about a drink for the reuniting of teacher and student?”

            Alan grinned, shook his head and said, “What’s your poison?”

            “If there is one thing I learned from being your student,” Blaze said. “It’s the taste for whiskey.”

            “Glad to hear I rubbed some good sense into you,” Alan grabbed a bottle, from the many that was behind him, and two whiskey glasses. He set the glasses on the bar counter and proceeded to fill them. Once he had finished, Blaze grabbed one of the half-filled glasses and Alan grabbed the remaining glass.

            “To old times.” Blaze said.

            “To new times.” Alan said and took a sip from his glass, while Blaze took a large gulp from his, nearly emptying the glass.

            “You’re too young to be drinking to old times.” Alan said.

            “First of all, I’m 32, I can drink to whatever the hell I want, buddy. Second, the past is all we got. You know that more than I do.” Blaze said.

            “True, but if this whole thing works, the young won’t drink to the past. They’re going to toast to the future, to their long lives and the lives of their children.”

            “Wow, you are old, but I suppose you’ve always talked that way. I’ll drink to the new times when that happens,” Blaze downed the rest of the whiskey and set the glass back onto the bar counter. “Speaking of new times, could I get that now.”

            “What’s wrong? Don’t like talking to an old barkeeper?” Alan asked as he turned around and opened a cupboard, below the many bottles of alcoholic drinks, to reveal a safe. “I don’t mind your company. I just hate feeling defenseless.” Blaze said. Alan turned the dial to the right, to the left, and to the right once more. The sound of a click could be heard from the safe. He turned the handle and opened the safe. It was a few seconds before Alan said, “Here we go,” He pulled out a little, black box and a small, glass vial full o a clear liquid. He closed the safe and then the door of the cupboard, turned around and set the two items onto the bar and pushed them toward Blaze. “These are yours.”

            Blaze eyed the box, picked it up and shook it. Whatever was inside rattled around. “This is it?” Blaze asked. “I thought it would be bigger.”

            “These things have to be subtle. They have to be secret from everyone else.” Alan said. “That goes for your actions as well.” He was pointing a big finger at Blaze.

            Blaze grinned. “I can be subtle, but if something calls for a less indistinct response, I’ll be the first to drop the inconspicuous act.”

            “Just try not to get any one not a part of this involved. It’s safer for everyone if they are left in the dark.”

            “I thought it was the darkness that got us into this.” Blaze said.

            “Hey, that’s nothing to joke about.” Alan said. He wiped some beading sweat on his forehead. “Now, could you find out what your job is already. We shouldn’t be together this long.”

            “You’re a bit more timid than I remember. I swear you’re the one who told me to be as strong as what you can do.” Blaze said. Alan just frowned and stood there with his arms crossed. Blaze picked up the small vial and popped the cork off the opening. “This had better not taste bad, like the last one.” He upped the vial over his mouth and drank the entirety of the small amount of liquid.

            “Yeah, that tastes like crap. Just like the last time.” He turned his head and spit to the side. “Could you give me something to wash it down, Alan?”

            Alan shook his head and sat down in a small chair behind the bar. “Not until you get the information. I’m not risking everything so you can wash a bad taste out of your mouth.”

            The two sat there for almost a minute until Blaze spoke up, “I’m getting it… it’s the big guy, man he sounds so old. I can’t remember the last time I spoke with… wait a minute… hold on, WHAT?!” Blaze yelled. He stood up fast and accidently knocked over the stool he was sitting in. “I have to what?! How can they expect me to do that! I can’t just… GAH!” Blaze pounded his fist onto the bar counter hard. Alan laughed heartily and said, “I thought you might be a bit surprised. I’m surprised you didn’t break the counter, but I guess I was a good teacher and you a good student after all. But, you’re not a student anymore, Blaze.” Blaze didn’t say anything. He just gritted his teeth and stared down at his balled up fist. “I’m getting more,” Blaze said. He stood there for a while and soon his fist eased and it was just the palm of his hand resting on the bar counter. He closed his eyes, sighed, picked up the chair he knocked over and sat back down on it. “So, that’s why. I guess that’s understandable. But, I don’t know if I can do it.”

Alan stood up, walked around the counter over to Blaze, who now was resting his elbows on the counter and resting his head on his balled up hands. He slapped his big hand onto Blazes shoulder. “You’re the only one who can. That’s why you have to do it. You’ll get it done.” Blaze looked at Alan who had a serious look on his face. Then he smiled and said, “Well, if I’m the only one who can do it I’ll be doing it my way. I’ll have to take some precautions though, but I think it will all work out ok. You’re right. I’m not a student anymore.”

“Just go easy on the kid. He is only turning seventeen tomorrow so he will be the youngest to undergo all this. Plus he isn’t aware of what we are and what he is involved in.” Alan said.

            “Going easy isn’t my style, but I supposed I might be able to. And let me worry about what the kid will know and when.” Blaze said.

            “Ok then. We should end this reunion,” Alan adjusted the bar stools to be aligned with the bar counter. “Oh, by the way, he stopped by before you to pick up his stuff, too. He said to say ‘hi’.” Alan walked back behind the bar and went about rearranging the bottles.


            “The third member of our little team back in the day.”

            “Oh, really? I didn’t know he was coming to help with all this.”

            “Quite the contrary. He’s been here the whole time.”


            “Don’t worry. You will see him soon.”

            Blaze watched Alan arrange the bottles for a while until he adjusted his Stetson forward and walked to the entrance door. The bell above rang as he opened the door. “See you later. Be careful and be ready.” Alan yelled from the bar counter. “Right back at yah.” Blaze yelled back as he left the bar. He pulled out another cigarette and lit it. Blaze smiled and said to himself, “I’ll be ready, I am ready. I just hope you’re ready, Matthew Patterson.”

© 2010 Adamwriter

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