A Poem by Adelise Eclair

Despite being complete opposites, they had one common trait......


I remember long ago 
when I was a child
whens life's troubles seemed no more to me,
but mild
A time long ago,
a time so distant,so far
a time so bright,yes bright, 
like a star


I was told of a story, 
no, a legend, of 2 souls
about their lives ,
and their solitary roles
the first soul was the angel,
from thy heavenly abode
the second was the devil,
whom,towards Satan followed 


the 2 were so different, 
yet shared a common trait
It wasn't coincidence,
for it was believed to be fate
for a devil who hated ,
and an angel that loved
to share the same desire, 
to be with their beloved


But pity both souls for their beloved 
was long gone
Gone away to a place, 
they could never belong
The sorrow of both souls, 
echoed like a child's cry
to where will their broken hearts, 
slowly fading, now lie?


They both shared a wish, 
that was sincere and true
but there was no hope to grant it,
even if there was,
they had no clue
just to meet that one person,
that's all their was to it
the pain of such not granted,
the truth they did not want to admit


The Gods looked upon them,
with deep pity
wanting to end
their cruel misery
they wanted to end 
their pain
but such was not easy
to attain


God said that everyone, 
must feel sorrow
they have to move on
to a newer morrow
they couldn't bring happiness, 
to everyone
because the path to bliss, 
has just begun


he granted the 2 souls ,
a mission
one that may lead, to their
sole ambition
the mission he gave,
had a path so arduous
that even the souls at first,
thought that it was ludicrous


God paired both souls, 
though unlikable team
for a job that was more 
than what it seem
They should guide a human, 
from right to wrong
stick with them at all times
no matter how long


When the human dies, 
their wish will be granted
but not everything will be
the way as they had wanted
if the humans soul falls to sin
and goes to hell
only then will the devil see the wish's fruition 
and live to tell
the angel however will not be granted 
this desire
and together with the human's soul 
will fall to hell's fire


The wish would be granted, 
but only to one soul
this was the only factor that 
left both souls heart at a toll
this indeed 
was a strenuous mission
one that wasn't supposed to seem 
like a competition


There are many complications 
to this peculiar task
that will surely uncover,
what lies beneath both soul's mask
their actions alone ,
will determine the end
be it bad or good 
who knows how fate will bend?


and so was the legend told, 
yet fell deaf to my ears
for such was but child's tale,
back in my younger years
who knew that such tale,
would prove most promising
to this young girl and 
her guardian story's beginning

years of desires ungranted....
years of unrelenting pain
you are all that I ever wanted ....
the light in the pouring rain





© 2013 Adelise Eclair

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I love it! It's beautifully written.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on January 17, 2013
Last Updated on January 17, 2013
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