A Chapter by Adelise Eclair



The pale blue butterflies

they dance across the glades

With their sweetened lies

their purity slowly fades


Such was love for me. Nothing more but a distant dream of long ago.


 Dreams veiled in the night

sweet whispers shadowing her cries

Dreams masked away the light...

Were they all but mere lies?


     Back when I was a kid, my mom would always sing lullabies to me before I'd go to bed. Her gentle voice as she pats me on the head, just thinking about it gives me this warm fuzzy sense of nostalgia. 


Sweetest mom....

Ive loved you so..

Its such a pity...

That you had to go....


     Mom used to be so Outgoing. She was the type of person who would give a warm smile to any one who glanced her way. Even people now adays think a person mad for doing that. But she did so anyway. She would greet the neighbors every turn of the day, from a refreshing- "Good Morning!"- to a calm steady "Good evening". That straigtforwardness of hers was one of her best qualities.

But...It wouldnt always be that way...

   Mom loved dad a lot. He was one of her greatest weaknesses. Losing Dad...made her lose herself. I wasn't as close to my dad as my mom because he was always at work. Whenever I got the chance to see him, he would come off as someone distant and cold. The maturity that aired off of him was indeed an admirable trait but I was too young and afraid of him to realize that. How could someone  as serious and prideful as him get along so well with Naive, and friendly mom? They were complete opposites.

No Wonder they....

     Pathetic to the clutches of temptation Dad eventually left, Leaving mom and I. Ever since then things were never the same. Mom's beautiful smile was replaced with a constant frown. She who never once liked the taste of alcohol, chugged on bottles as if to save her own life. Her lullabies were shattered away into unending whimpers that went on the whole night. 

Moms tears they never end

Her pain it engulfs my soul...

Please give her a friend....

That she may feel whole...

shes so lonely...

"Nicholas dont grow up to become a b*****d like your father." 

"Yes mom..."

"Promise me that you'll never leave..."

"I promise."



© 2013 Adelise Eclair

Author's Note

Adelise Eclair
Ignore the grammar.

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Added on May 1, 2013
Last Updated on May 1, 2013
Tags: Romance, teen fiction, drama, tragedy, slice of life, poetic, family, obsessive love, sadness
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