A Chapter by Adelise Eclair

upholds its name...


        I constantly find myself thinking about the past. Call it nostalgia or whatever but it’s become quite a habit lately. Images of my mom and dad would cause me drifting away into space-less thoughts. Thanks to these "flashbacks" I end up missing an entire class's worth of learning. I’m not trying to justify slacking off with memories because I intend to keep my grades at a satiable range. Call it a token of gratitude to my grandparents who pay for my tuition fees. Besides, even if I had no reason for such token, I’d rather not find myself faltering in terms of grades. My grandparents are a pair of nice folk willing to take in a child their b*****d of a Son-in-law brought forth. It would be too heartless to not want to do something for them, so call it my own expression of love, a clumsy love at that.




     Ah but school sure is tiring. I’m not surprised if one or two students decide to start a rebellion. The entire administration is pressing us further into the abyss. You call this education? More like modern slavery! Every single day is a mountain of work that piles with every passing moment. Tests come and go without a seconds doubt leaving all the slackers to suffer its wrath, the diligent to taste its glory and the average to barely hang on. Thank the heavens that I managed to stay within the average range. I’m content with never exceeding or taking a step back from where I currently stand. My grandparents don’t really expect much from me, they can live with ease knowing that I haven’t done anything life-threateningly wrong, and I maintained that peace since the moment they took me in.


        Nicholas Heurlett was only 8 years old when his father left him and his mother. Age 11 when he lost his mom to an accident, it was around this time he got taken in by Mrs. Seira Phalene and her husband Mr. Dimitri Phalene, his grandparents on his mother’s side who used to live in the neighboring province. Immensely grieved by the death of their daughter the elderly couple decided to raise Nicholas as their own. 


      The couple adored the young boy. They found no trouble in raising him for he was obedient to them and never once failed to show respect. Mrs. Seira’s gentleness and Mr. Dimitri’s caring nature healed the wounds in Nicholas’s heart which were brought on by the loss of both his parents and replaced it with unrelenting warmth. The child in return for their care showered them with an unconditional love far greater than any other. Nicholas’s warm smile and bright laughter gave them a sense of life that rekindled the very youth they thought was lost. The parents who lost a child, and to the child whom lost both parents, together they found happiness.


      This pretty much sums up my tragic sob story, but that isn't really what matters at the moment. As I said School is nothing more but a sadistic work driver that means to ruin every student’s life. Call it a frustrated teen’s opinion, but hey, all ideas count for something. Then again adults just brush it off as a kids random mumbling. Sigh. Maybe it is just some kids random mumbling, when I think about it it’s probably because I don’t really have much of a motivation to go to school, other than to repay my grandparents and to get a job that keeps the bread on the table. I don’t have any particular interests and ugh because of that I don’t hold any dreams to pursue.


       I don’t join any sports because I don’t exactly have a build that can match up to strenuous activities, this brought on by my laziness and dislike of going outside. 

     That’s right I was a caged bird since childhood, a shut-in who likes a life dealing with less people. The story itself is of no worth to the ear. 

     Now moving on, to Academics, what can I say? I’m at the very middle of the middle. Quite pathetic, dangling to this mediocre excuse of a place but I’m well satisfied with it. 

     Fine arts? I can’t even give stick-men justice. 

     Ugh...why do I have to bother myself with such useless things?  Nothing catches my interest. I should just stick to the whole "Stay-hidden-till-graduation-plan" That works well for me. A life of laying down low is perfect. Quickly finish up what needs to be done. That way I won’t have to bother with anything irritating. Getting myself involved in other affairs, that I do so intend to avoid. That way, I won’t hurt anyone, I won’t become a b*****d like him.


He who trampled on blooming flowers

And cried to no end…

The memories of crumbling towers

What prayer did he send?


He who broke her heart…

And trampled mine…

He who’s torn apart…

Feigns he’s fine


I hope you taste the weight of regret…

Words I pray you won’t ever forget

Embrace her unrelenting pain

Even if you go insane….




“Nicholas, don’t grow up to become a b*****d like your father.” Mrs. Heurlett stutters out as she holds on to her little boy. The child stares curiously at his mother as tears pour down from her eyes. Not being able to understand anything that is happening, the child begins to cry as well……



“Mr. Heurlett!” Professor Grumpy interrupts.


And so the dream ended. The dream I always thought to be a nightmare. 


"Ah?” The foolish child woke up.


“I’m sure you are aware that Physics is no subject to be sleeping through.” He uttered with clear disdain.


“Oh, Physics…” the child mumbles.


Yet why would a dream with her in it be a night mare?


“Ah, well since this is your first time getting caught like this, I’m going to let you off with a warning...So do you promise not to commit the same mistake again?”


Just being able to see her is a happiness that can never compare to all the riches in the world.




“Do you promise?"

“Promise me that you’ll never leave.”


“I promise…”






© 2013 Adelise Eclair

Author's Note

Adelise Eclair
Ignore the grammar.

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Added on May 1, 2013
Last Updated on May 1, 2013
Tags: Romance, teen fiction, drama, tragedy, slice of life, poetic, family, obsessive love, sadness


Adelise Eclair
Adelise Eclair


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