Chapter 1 - A Warrior, the Magnificent, and the Protector

Chapter 1 - A Warrior, the Magnificent, and the Protector

A Story by Megan Rose

"These three will overcome anything that comes their way, and will meet together when the time is right. Together, they will save the world..."


The feeling of the dry prickly grass rubbing against my cheek reminded me why I hated summer time. Not to mention all of the outdoor events that came with it, the BBQ's, the heavy cheers, the annoying neighbors, and just the overall aspect of it. Oh, and the heat.

Oh god the heat.

“Um, I don’t think this is working…” I said while pushing the upper part of my body off of the itchy ground.

“I heard the closer you get to the ground, the better the heat gets!” Alex, the little eleven year old boy who lives next door said. Everyone was gathered at the park for the Fourth of July hangout and steak out. Not my type of gathering, but my bother of a brother made me go anyway.

“That…makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I think that only applies to when there’s a fire and SMOKE is in the air…” I said while cleaning myself off. I reached a hand out to help him up, but got a nasty look instead. “Suit yourself, kid.”

Now why everyone was so happy and cheery was far beyond my knowledge. Trying to understand the human mind overall was just something that irritated me to no end. I couldn’t even figure myself out yet, or what the hell kind of purpose I apparently had that would somehow affect the world, big or small. That being said, people also annoyed me, and didn’t seem to enjoy me either. I used to be a huge people person, until High school, then that all just flooded away. Nobody, not even the lowest of lows wanted to be seen with me. Why? Hell if know. Be it because of my hairstyle, or my taste in music and my choice to play video games, I don’t know. I looked like them, except not really. My taste in clothes wasn’t so trendy or bright and peppy, but just simple, and what they’d call “normal” if it were normal here. I didn’t do drugs like them, I didn’t have anything to do with gang like them, and I just…was boring.

The rejection didn’t stop there. For a majority of my family, my only usefulness comes when they need me. I was just the silly depressed cousin who could’ve and can do better, the sister with the curly brown hair who is drowns herself in music almost all day long, the granddaughter who plays video games to escape reality…the one they didn’t fully approve of, but wouldn’t say it to my face.

“Whoa! Look at that!” Alex screeched while pointing towards the sky. Not falling for that one again, kid. I whispered under my breath. Before looking up myself and possibly wasting some of my time, I observed everyone else’s reactions first.

“What are you talking about kid?”

“There’s nothing there!”

“You’re a crazy child, that’s for sure!”

“…I see it.” A quiet voice said. It somehow stuck out from all of the rest, but at the same time was lower volume than everyone else’s. I gave into temptation and looked up at the clear, bright sky. At first, I saw nothing, but then the sky seemed to twist into itself, turning from the usual baby blue into a dark tunnel like thing in the sky right above us.

“What are you guys talking about? You three have gone crazy!” the sky was now hypnotizing and my eyes were locked on it with no signs off giving up. A sudden pressure on my shoulder briefly set me free of the trance, but again my gaze was drawn into the portal.

A large snap followed.

And pain.

A lot of pain.

“Ey, ey Maia you okay?” The sound of machines monitoring some sort of beeps filled my ears. “You were starin’ at the sun and the next thing we all know, you and two others are convulsing on the floor with two others. Somehow you dislocated your shoulder, but they think it’s from you thrashin’ about so hard. They say you’ll be fine enough.” After my vision was clear, I figured out I was in a hospital room. The curtains on the window was shut, but between the crack of the wall and the curtain, it looked like it was fixin’ to be around eight now. My brother Aaron said.

“W-who were the two other people?” I croaked out. I need to find those two other people…

“It was you, little Alex, and that one new kid about your age.”

“What’s his name?”

“Hell if I know.”

“How old is he?”

“How would I know that as well? I just told you he looked about your age, so I can’t really assume much.” He seemed suspicious of why I was asking so many questions. I didn’t know the one guy’s name, age, or even what he looked like, so why was I so attracted to this being? “I can go ask the hot nurse if she knows anyone in here that might be him…heh.” Aaron chuckled.

“Nah, you might scare her off. You’re a little too…pouncey.” I giggled while poking a bit of fun at my big brother.

“Oh shut up. I’m goin’ to the cafeteria, you gonna be okay?” the sooner he gets out, the sooner I could figure this out.

“Yeah! I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me…” my mind trailed off into deep thought while he got up and walked out the door. A couple minutes passed and still nothing came to me, except the feeling of extreme sleepiness. Nope nope nope, can’t fall asleep, gotta think about this…

The room was cold, dark, and I was jolted awake and gasping for air when I realized I was now lying on the ground. I could sense the presence of the other beings around me.

“Hello?” I heard a familiar voice call out.

It was his.

It was the boy who also saw the sky thing.

“He-Hello?” another voice cried, this one was definitely Alex’s. The air was hot and humid, and my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness and I could see a round just a little. It was the park we were last at, but time was frozen.

Everyone was frozen.

“WHAT THE HELL?” I screamed.

“Where are you?” The other voice replied.

“O-ov-what…” words couldn’t escape my lips. My face turned clammy and I felt sick to my stomach. I sprawled my hands out in front of me trying to find anything to grab onto, but my vision got blurrier when I had no luck.

“Where…ugh. Where are you?” he called once more.

“She’s over by the bench, I’m here too…” Alex said while kneeling beside me. The sound of running footsteps heading my direction gave me some feeling of relief.

“C’mon, up ya go.” The boy, who did indeed look my age of 18, said while pulling me up. “Y’okay?”

“Uh…yeah, yeah I guess.” I glanced around and sniffled, trying to be less scared.

“Okay then…” his blue eyes trailed off into the purple fog.

“What’s your name?” I blurted out mindlessly. Well damn, you could of asked how the weather was first, dumbass.

“Guys! Over here!” Alex called for us. The boy looked at me and nodded for us to go over to Alex. “Do you see it? I can’t read it, it’s too dark” Alex tried to clean off his glasses but it didn’t seem to do anything.

“Here, let me try…” the mysterious boy walked in front of me and paused at this giant tablet looking thing that was NOT there before. “Ahem…

Maia, a brave warrior, would fight to honor her friends and family, but would not stop there for the chance to bring honor to her name, and herself. Sometimes may forget to be true to oneself, but would never betray the ones she loves. A beautiful, strong spirit.

Austin, the great and magnificent, with powers beyond man’s greatest beliefs, is able to tame and harness them in such a way that is truly magical. Believes in himself, and his friends, and will not stop at any feat if it means giving up the one he loves. A beautiful, caring spirit.

Alex, the protector of mankind, an old spirit at heart, but also a young one as well. Will protect all that matters to him, without forgetting himself. Has much to learn, but already may know enough. A beautiful, protective spirit.

These three will overcome anything that comes their way, and will meet together when the time is right.

Together, they will save the world...’”

© 2012 Megan Rose

Author's Note

Megan Rose
Wow, it sure has been a while since I've written anything, and writer's block has been a real bully to me lately. This suddenly came to me last night, and I rushed to get it out on paper.
...Hand cramps are mean.
So, let me know what you guys think! :)

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I like the fact the main character is a introvert - like myself - and awkward with people. sounds like she is going to reach a place of acceptance in the future.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very fun indeed. The main character seems to have some interesting complexes. What genre are you going for? Interested to see where this is going!

Posted 7 Years Ago

That's quite interesting, and well written. I'm looking forward to reading more in this story :). Hopefully you overcome the writer's block and get more up.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This is definitely quite interesting, I would love to read more soon. And sorry about the writers block/hand cramps, they happen to the best of us as we'll.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This was interesting :D I'd love to read more,,,, if this is supposed to be a book?

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

Rated it 100/100 btw
Megan Rose

7 Years Ago

It is, I would have put it in the book category, but I don't what I want to call it yet, but when I .. read more

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Megan Rose
Megan Rose


I'm not good with these things, but okay. I've been told my many people I'm a great writer, and I've honestly had writers block for over a year, but something recently came to me and I'm working on i.. more..