The Mother

The Mother

A Poem by Aeryn L. Rose


the stars twinkle above

by the light of the moon

what happened to the love

to make it leave so soon

the trees so tall and green

surrounding this empty plain

so majestic, hardly seem mean

florishing with the mother's rain

the forest feels full of life

even at this hour of night

no sign of the hunter's knife

every creature of peace in dreams sight

can be found in this magical wood

this place of forgotten bliss

all that could and should

is blessed with the elve's kiss

the place of many names

hidden behind the mist and fog

need no fame

to call upon the barge of log

just one word to summon

known by few

just ask Telismon

even from the pew

you can find the mother

reaching out to you

sister and brother

she calls you too

all the same in her eye

no matter where from you come

she lets out no sigh

of disgust like some

she excepts all

with arms open wide

unwilling to hate let you fall

always by your side

her only demand

is that you have an open mind

and take a stand

for your fellow mankind

© 2009 Aeryn L. Rose

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Added on January 17, 2009