A divided man Part 2

A divided man Part 2

A Poem by Ageeba

this poem is about the contradictions in life about how you see youself, how people se you and about how you think that people sees you.. "


| A divided man part 2 |

Guess i’m a divided man

like a war with two fronts

a coin with two sides

every story has three sides but for tonight let's reline

and see things from a different perspective

let me give you all the objective

one your opinions is subjective to the grilling of my mind

two this is not meant as an apology but to give you an insight into yours truly

And explain why it's so hard for me to connect deeply

I hope you can see through the scenery and see my definitions of a friend.

I may act like i don’t care but know it's all pretend.

my behavior may seem illogical to a certain extent.

but know there is a reason if you are willing to comprehend.

or at least understand why most of my relationship are a dead end

a lost cause from the start So where do i find the nerve to tell her i wanna give her my hearts

while i’m tearing her apart
saying i want peace but all i do is create wars
Saying that i wanna heal but all i do is leave scars

saying i want love but hold mine afar
wanted to protect her from my indiscretion

a serious case of delusion

so how can i portraits my resolution

how can i find my way through these confusion

How can i scream out for help if I’m not willing to help my self
Have i become a victim of my own behavior
If so is she willing to become my savior

If i open up will she love what she sees

or reject it and leave

if i tell her my story in the form of poetry will she read between the lines.

or disappear likes autumn leaves snow for the sunshine
guess i have so many question because i need to know where she stand.
is she willing to accept this divided man

if yes let me show you the type of men i’ am

see things from my point of view

get to know me and understand why i do what i do.

can’t promise that you will be amused but at least (my dear ) walk a mile in my shoes.

-Ageeba K.

© 2017 Ageeba

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Added on December 9, 2017
Last Updated on December 13, 2017
Tags: doubts, hope, truth, contradictions, series, captivating, story, me, struggle, love, honest