A divided man Part 3

A divided man Part 3

A Poem by Ageeba

this poem is about the contradictions in life about how you see youself, how people se you and about how you think that people sees you...


| A divided man part 3 |

Guess i’m a divided man

like a war with two fronts

a coin with two sides

every story has three sides but this time

let's rewind and cross the red tape in the hope we can find

or at least investigate the source of this window pain
and seperate the truth from the hearsay

the lies that sealed my fate in the hope that the truth will excavate

so let me explain how i became a tower of strength even when i’m breaking down.

how i hold my head high even when i drown

silently in a sea of dark thought and misery

but still smiles like the tears of a clown that fades quickly

but i’m tired of being strong can i be weak now

i’m tired of holding on can i break the bough

take a bow and leave before the show ends

dance with the devil, kiss darkness

marry hardship, fall in love with silence

misuse the fact i got trust issues so i don’t have to trust you

Is it ok if i unburden my soul and show you the skeletons in my closet

take these skeletons and bury me in a open casket

because if die i die with no secrets

or put me on a stage and give me a mike so i can show you how my life was like

it had a lot of twist and turns but it was a wonderful life

Saw my lowest low but also my heightens heights

went through darkness then i became the light

it was the hardest fight but i won the fight

got hit a couples of times but those bruises are mine
It was necessary for the path of self discovery so put on discovery

go on a journey discover me but if you mist the episode let me give you a summary

welcome to my inauguration

part real and part imagination a vivid illustration

of lost hopes and frustration hard work and motivation

because i know how to resist the temptations

and see the world for what it is

not blind but consider that life is a bliss

because there is a lot of bullshit but i don’t care for it

i live my life the way i see fit so i don’t need your permit

so if your opinions don’t add any value

then i treat it as such but know that i value

the diamonds in the rough

the people that know what's up, don’t hold a grudge,

speak up their mind give you their time

that are satisfied but also wants changes

thatè are in control and not someone spare change

that knows that sometimes they are crazy strange unique dysfunctional

but happy, twisted differents, yet also strict and rational

all kind  of personalities because every human being has something magical

a light that is unseen so shine bright and be seen

let them see the scars and holes in your jeans

because they are testament of  your willpower and strong routine

so put my life on a screen, illustrate or should i change the display
make the image more clearer but don’t quiver when you see the man in the mirror

because it will lead the way but if you can’t follow i will hit the reset and press play

for the people that has missed the show here is the replay

my life has not being gracious at all and i have seen my own downfall

that's why now i can stand firm take a bow

because when the curtain calls and it's said and done

i’m proud still on the man that stands here before you all

a man with a couple of flaws but consider myself lucky
because i learned to be happy

And ( to be honest ) i'm happy with just being me
So are willing to accept this divided man by showing me where you stand

if yes let me show you the type of men i’ am

see things from my point of view

get to know me and understand why i do what i do.

can’t promise that you will be amused but at least  walk a mile in my shoes.

-Ageeba K.

© 2017 Ageeba

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Added on December 9, 2017
Last Updated on December 13, 2017
Tags: doubts, hope, truth, contradictions, series, captivating, story, me, struggle, love, honest, happy, ups and down