The cry wolf: 2.0

The cry wolf: 2.0

A Story by keviv

Once upon a time there was a pack of wolf living in a jungle. At the end of this jungle there was a village. One day, while hunting, the pack reached near the village. There, they saw a shepherd boy with the herd. This herd appeared to be an easy target as compared to what was available in the jungle. Therefore, they attacked the herd in order to get one or two kills. However, the shepherd saw the pack and shrieked loudly. The pack heard many voices coming towards them, they understood there were more people nearby and the shepherd was not alone. Many people rushed to help the boy as soon as they heard his voice. The hunt failed and the pack retreated immediately. However, the best part for the pack was nobody saw them except that boy.

The pack was persistent. They tried same thing for the next few days whenever they saw the boy alone. Nobody could see the wolves as they were more alert now. It was also part of their strategy to not let others see them. After a few days, people started getting irritated with daily disturbances. They started doubting the poor shepherd. Some people thought it is his mischief. Even the wise elders of the village believed the boy is at fault.

Then came the day when nobody went to save the boy when he cried for help. This was the time for wolves to strike. They killed this boy who was alerting the villagers.

Later that day, farmers went to see the shepherd, but found him dead. Some thought that he was not lying but were quiet as they had to accept their fault and were ashamed. There were others who were still in doubts, some thought that he deserved to die. However, everybody told the villagers that he died because of his lies. It was an easy way out for them. It was believable to others as well, even the wise elders didn’t had problem in accepting the situation.

Everybody forgot that it is wolf, who is still alive, and not the boy, they didn’t even know their numbers. The wolves made them realize that it was the boy who did wrong, not the wolves. The illusion was so powerful that people of that village and other nearby villages started teaching their next generations not to cry wolf. After many generations they believe boy was wrong. There is no second opinion about it.

Over the period of time, these wolves have become more influential. They have even become the member of legislature and have a decent control over the village governance. They are even successfully trying to dilute Anti-Wolf act, Right to Cry Act and Boy-Protection Act, acts devised to alert and give timely information to the villagers. But people are still refusing to see the truth and complaining about these stupid boys trying to alert them.

© 2017 keviv

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Added on October 3, 2017
Last Updated on October 3, 2017



lucknow, India