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A Poem by Ahmad Cox


These thoughts
Keep drumming
Through my head

There are truths
You learn that
Stick with you

And these are the
Truths that keep
Running through

My head that keeps
Me grounded to me
And keeps me sane

There are so many
People who are
Lost and who

Can't see the
Beauty and the
Simplicity of the

Life that is all
Around them
Life is never

Meant to be
Forfeited for
The likes of

Gain or profit
And all life
Means something

We can no more
Disregard our
Mother Earth

As we can
Disregard and
And toss aside

The animals and
Our brothers and
'Sisters that live

On this Earth with
Us and we must be
Willing to see and to

Understand that we
Are all part of the
Whole and we can't

See ourselves as
Somehow separate
Or different than

Anything else on
This planet and
Definitely not

Better or set
Aside from the
Plants and the

Animals or the
Earth and we
Need to realize

That we are all
Parts of the whole
Living breathing

System that brings
Life to everything
On this planet

And when we try
To disrupt the
Natural order and

Put ourselves above
The natural system
And try to control

Or to change it is
When we can find
Ourselves hurting

Ourselves and our
Planet and all of
Our brothers and

Sisters that are
Living on this
Earth with us

We must be able
To understand this
If we are to truly

Survive as a race
Because if we do
Not change the

Way we are doing
Things we will end
Up not only hurting

Our planet but our
Lives in the process
We need to be able

To see the bigger
Picture and see
That we all

Have a stake
And a right to
Live on this

Planet that we
All call home

© 2013 Ahmad Cox

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This is beautifully written and your earnestness comes through very well. It's just so sad that it looks like humanity is too slow in learning these very important lessons. Our brains are embarrassingly stupid and our egos outrageously large.

Posted 4 Years Ago

loved the simple layout that makes the msg all the more effective! well written

Posted 4 Years Ago

Strong message of "we are all in this together". As humans constantly fighting or giving in to greed we will probably learn too late. But "Heaven on Earth" is coming and the Truth will prevail.

Posted 4 Years Ago

I agree with your words and thoughts.
"That we are all
Parts of the whole
Living breathing"
All life is precious. Thank you for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Ah, the perpetual cry of the poet! Keep those precious thoughts in your head, and write more poems. Good for you

Posted 6 Years Ago

It could be about appreciating everything around us and at the same time about acknowledging that life is about survival of the fittest, because whether we like it or not, steak with shrimp does taste good.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Reviews
Added on December 13, 2013
Last Updated on December 13, 2013


Ahmad Cox
Ahmad Cox

San Jose, CA

My name is Ahmad and I have posted a lot of my poetry on but I wanted to check out this site and see if I can start posting and reading poetry here. more..

Diversity Diversity

A Poem by Ahmad Cox

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