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Drew a bottle of wine that was half drunk with no glass in view and a notepad. Then I wrote this. It was really hard pretending to be the narrator so please be nice :)


Dearest Jonathan, 

As I bring my pen to this paper, the very paper that is now held in your hands, I wonder if I should continue to write upon it, or leave it unfinished here, empty. And I want very much to tell you of all the things happening here at home, but my heart sinks heavy knowing full well the true reason behind this exchange.

The radio tells me we’re getting closer to winning.  But then again, the radio has been telling me that for months.  I hear what goes on over there and as much as you tell me not to believe what I hear, I’ve seen the boys that come back.  It scares me, it scares all of us.  Wendy says it looks like a Hoover’s been taken to their souls and I think she’s right.  Stan came back and took right to the bottle, Margaret’s at her wit’s end with him, God bless her.  Walter wakes the whole street up at night screaming, his poor mother has to sing him lullabies just to calm him down.  A grown man being sung lullabies in the middle of the night, it’s haunting. 

Anyway, I digress and I know why.  I shouldn’t do this to you any longer.

I’ve fallen for another.  I feel it only right to tell you, as otherwise I’d continue to be a liar in the eyes of the Lord and I can’t bear that weight upon my conscience any longer.

It’s Harold.  You should remember him. After all the letters had come from the post, you and the others would tease him about how he’d never be able to kill any japs on account of his foot.  Well he’s in college now and we’re all real proud, he’s going to be a doctor you know, a dandy one at that.  He wants to build me a white fence, and I don’t even have a house of my own yet.   

But I suppose you’d rather not hear any of that. 

I’d tell you I’m sorry, but a hand cannot write what its heart does not feel.  The best I can give you is the truth, as much as I know it pains you to read.



PS.  I’ll be leaving Mobile after the wedding this August.  Harold’s been accepted to fancy school up North.

© 2011 AidanTonbridge

Author's Note


FYI: brosef.com is a doodle blog where Aidan Tonbridge draws first, then writes whatever comes to mind after seeing what he's drawn. There is no consistent format to what he posts (could be a screenplay, dialogue, a story, etc.)

I welcome all feedback. Check out brosef.com for other posts!

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A true narrator here. Absolutely. I loved how the character tried to be clearcut yet unfolding in details of environment and sentiments in a natural way, building a bigger reality ... It based the actual message.

I am also fascinated by your modus operandi: to draw fist and then be inspired by that. I usually do this with photography. I should visit that website! I love to doodle myself.

Thank you so much for commenting on my work. I am sure you are going to teach me a great deal about writing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on June 8, 2011
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A Chapter by AidanTonbridge

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