My Shadow

My Shadow

A Poem by Aiden Alyx

Things are never what they seem.

A bitter cup of poison regret
Silent, ever wishing
Covering me inch by inch
Sometimes I can see her hands
Reaching for my throat
Yet here she holds me
Embracing me in her dark shroud
Pulling me deeper
Little bubbles of air
Slowly escaping my lips
Drowning in the clutches
Of my only true friend
I know I am welcomed
In her frost laced crypt
My only true home
Watching her stalk me
Her cold breath on my neck
Her icy touch
Her words cutting
So sharp my ears bleed
Am I to be swallowed?
Become her mindless puppet?
She is the only one
Who has always been there for me
She is the only reason
I do not walk alone
My friends? no
Her friends? yes
Wearing my skin as a suit
She is the one they like
She is the one he loves
My only friend
She owns me
Without her
I will slip away
And they'll all see
Without her
I am nothing

© 2010 Aiden Alyx

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Added on April 20, 2010
Last Updated on May 17, 2010
Tags: Shadow, best, friend, friends, lonely, alone, sad, empty, hollow


Aiden Alyx
Aiden Alyx


I am a writer that writes from the perspective of both genders under the aliases of Aiden and Alyx. Everything is still me, I just have, well, MANY sides to me. more..

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