Naked Sheep

Naked Sheep

A Poem by Amanda

Brief narrative poem. Please excuse the cliche.


The sheep, the sheep,

My fellow sheep,

Go tromping down the grassy knoll,

The shepard waits with food and sheath,

And each will feed and pay his toll,

The sheep, the sheep,

The naked sheep,

Come prancing back, their bellies full

Of grain, yet to the grass I keep,

And with the grass, I keep my wool.

© 2011 Amanda

Author's Note

I wrote this in church this morning, after another battle of logic vs. blind submission regarding tithes. Again, please ignore the cliches. And this is not to say I judge anyone who pays tithes. Yay to you for having faith enough to trust so much of your finances to God. My problem lies in that the church, at least mine, seems to treat tithes as not only an obligation, but the focal point of our doctrine. Everything is about releasing finances in order to recieve blessings. Selling and buying. Investments and returns. And yet my church has squandered the money our community has entrusted to them on failed building projects, because they will not accept their own financial straits. But it's not their fault. It's ours, those of us (me), who do not pay into tithes. And the thing is, I could. I've done it all of my life. I just don't agree with it anymore. That's the beauty of education. And frankly, I'm sick of being told to pay or get out. I have enough bills as it is. And last time I checked, Heaven didn't have a membership fee.

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lol and I always am amused at how mis-informed the church is about the meaning of the sheep know their shepherd. They do not follow blindly like it is implied. If you abuse one it will not follow you or come to you and they remember a good shepherd all their lives. I have a friend that sold some of her lambs to a aunt. 5 years later when the aunt was grazing on her property they knew her and went to her just like they had never left. They also remember their mom's.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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