I keep walking

I keep walking

A Story by Airafh

I shouldn't have stopped, I was meant to walk alone, I always have. Stop appearing out of nowhere on this deserted path of mine and for a moment making the whole thing shine. Yet, I'm not accustomed to this brightness as I have made my peace with dull and darkness.

I don't want the path to be green any more, I like it dry and dotted with bare trees. I don't want the cool breeze blowing in my face, I just like its dead silence.

I shouldn't stop for anyone who tries to make this place a little pleasant for me, I don't want you walking besides me even if its just for a little while, I prefer walking by myself.

I don't want people to understand me and I don't want them to love me. When you see me walking down that road ignore my existence, do not call out to me and do not come near.

The silence of the afternoon, the darkness of the night, the hues of the twilight sky and the rain lashing down are all that only matters to me.

I regret stopping by and I won't go back on that promise ever again. I will keep walking, walking past and fast from the people waiving at me, walking past the meadows and shadows until I am just on my own in my zone 'alone'.

© 2019 Airafh

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DAMN! It feels like you've gotten WAY inside my head! This is exactly how I feel lots of the time, these days. I am walking this road & I recognize it! I love how your little pseudo-rant is pretending one thing but actually sending out another vibe at the same time. You can tell this narrator is DYING to do exactly what he says he's not going to do anymore. That's what gives this piece such exquisite tension . . . you put the reader into this push-and-pull of the narrator's mind. Your writing is simple & straightforward, which is nice becuz it doesn't distract from all the attitude this message is dripping (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on August 4, 2019
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