Six + Orders

Six + Orders

A Chapter by Allison


"Why are you ordering me? Why did I almost listen? What is going on?!" Ethan shouted.
Roy and Emerald both looked at him with their mouths gaped open.
"Explain!" Ethan ordered.
The room was silent, because everyone else had already left.
Roy looked at Emerald, who looked at the ground, twiddling her fingers.
"Well, Ethan, Emerald can control people. She can't control me though. It turns out she can kind of control you, but she doesn't have full control. Odd," Roy explained.
"No wonder you two were so odd," Ethan said, scratching his head.
"Well, you should know by now I am a real strange guy, Ethan," Roy said with a silly smile.
"No, not that way!"
"Then what do you mean?" Emerald finally spoke up.
"Do you have some special power, too, Roy?"
"Power? I don't think so. Not unless being incredibly handsome is a power!" Roy said confidently with a bright smile and a weird pose.
"Maybe he does have a power, but he obviously doesn't know it," Emerald said thoughtfully, pushing Roy's face to stop his pose and smile.
"That would explain a lot why I can't read you two."
Roy and Emerald watched him with the same question in their eyes.
"I can read minds," Ethan said, poking the side of his head. "Except both of yours."
Roy didn't believe him. "You're probably just making fun of us now!"
"I'm not!"
"The only way to convince us is to prove it," Emerald said, looking into Ethan's eyes.

Sunday afternoon happened to be the time the three met up at the park.
"So how do you plan to prove it?" Roy asked, once he walked up to Ethan and Emerald.
"I'll read peoples' minds . . . and make one of you go ask something that could reveal what they thought . . ." Ethan replied, unsure if it would work.
"That could work. So you really believe I can control people? Because I could make them say what they are thinking," Emerald suggested.
"Yeah, there."
"Okay, go ahead and point out whose mind you're going to read," Roy said.
Ethan looked around the park and found a girl from their school watching them, while she was hanging with her friends.
From her mind, Ethan pulled, "I wish I could talk to Roy and Ethan all the time."
Ethan rolled his eyes then looked back at Emerald and Roy. "She's wishing she could talk to Roy and I all the time." He pointed to the girl.
"Katie?" Roy asked.
Ethan nodded.
They looked at Emerald for her cue.
She simply said aloud for the two to hear, but not loud enough for other park-goers, "Katie, come over here."
Katie obeyed and walked over calmly as if nothing's wrong. Once she arrived, she waved and smiled, "Hi!"
"Katie, please tell us what you were thinking," Emerald ordered.
"I was thinking about how I wanted to talk to Roy and Ethan all the time like you," she answered obediently.
Roy and Emerald looked at Ethan.
"Enough proof?" he asked.
"Yeah," Emerald replied.
"Good enough," Roy shrugged.
"Katie, go back to your friends and don't remember any of this. Make up something if your friends ask why you left," Emerald ordered Katie.
Katie walked back to her friends.
"Try ordering me again," Ethan said.
"Sit!" Emerald shouted quickly.
In a flash, Ethan was sitting on the ground, looking up at her in shock.
Roy started laughing hysterically. "That was awesome!!"
Ethan stood up and started dusting off his butt. "That was not awesome!"
Emerald blushed quietly.
"So apparently you can control him with simple commands. Ah! This will be fun!"
Roy laughed for a while, Ethan glared, and Emerald was thinking.
While Roy was wiping a tear from his eye, Emerald snapped her fingers.
Ethan and Roy looked over at her in question.
"Hug!" she giggled, pointing at Roy.
Ethan grabbed Roy and hugged him. Regaining control of himself, he let him go
The two boys stared at each other in shock.
Emerald was laughing now.
They glared at her.
"Hey, at least I didn't order you to kiss him!" she said with a sly smile.
"Right," Ethan said.
"Please, do NOT do that!" Roy panicked.

Monday is back to school for the trio. At lunch the three sat together and talked about the powers.
"So if you can read minds . . . can you read your parents' minds?" Roy decided to ask.
"Yeah, but I'd rather not," Ethan said then sipped his drink.
"Roy, you must have a power, if we can't use ours on you," Emerald stated calmly.
"Well, I haven't figured it out, I guess," Roy said, leaning back on his chair.
Emerald and Ethan pondered over what powers he could possibly have.
"Maybe he can move stuff with his mind . . . ?" Emerald questioned.
"Here, I'll try." Roy concentrated on Emerald's drink.
The other two held in their breath.
Roy sent out a gasp. "Yeah, It ain't moving!"
"Hm, what do you wish to do?" Emerald asked.
"Fly!" Roy answered enthusiastically.
"Okay, let's find this out some other place after school. People will see him if he starts flying," Ethan chuckled.
"Yeah," Emerald agreed.

After their last classes, they met up at an empty baseball field. Emerald and Ethan looked at Roy expectantly. Roy nodded and started thinking of flying.
After standing for about a minute, nothing happened.
"I guess I can't fly . . . rats!" Roy said, kicking the dirt.
A moment of silence.
"What do you not wish to do?" Emerald asked this time.
Roy thought carefully, "Disappear."
"Maybe that's what you can do," Ethan suggested.
"But I don't want to do it!"
"That's probably the point of our powers. They are something we don't want to do," Emerald said logically.
Roy thought of disappearing to the playground by the field.
Suddenly, Roy disappeared from Ethan and Emerald's sight. They both gasped. As Emerald opened her mouth to speak, Roy appeared back in front of them. He was standing there in shock. Emerald and Ethan were speechless. After they stood for a frozen second, Roy fell forward.
"Roy!" Ethan and Emerald shouted and stepped forward to catch him.
Roy was on his knees, sweating. "I feel so drained."
"Must be because you never used your power until now," Ethan said, helping him stand up.
"I can't believe I thought of that," Emerald said, staring at the sky.
"What?" Ethan asked.
"We have powers we didn't want."
"So you didn't want to control people, and Ethan didn't want to read people's minds?" Roy asked, wiping the sweat off his forehead.
"I guess so," Emerald replied.
The three stood in the center of the baseball field and stared in thought at one another.
"Sit!" Emerald shouted and pointed at Ethan, making him fall onto his butt.
Emerald and Roy started laughing once again.
"Hey!" Ethan shouted but smiled anyway.
"Let's head to our practice now," Roy suggested, regaining his composure.
Emerald and Ethan agreed with nods, and the three of them headed off together.

© 2012 Allison

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Added on August 7, 2012
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