One + Day

One + Day

A Chapter by Allison

Most people do not expect the unexpected, maybe not even the expected.

A large high school sits in a city of many people. Now only famous things like awards and sports are noticeable there. But a very valuable thing is in this school. Nobody knows of it, but one person. This person is not exactly secretive but shy. This person is just an innocent life trying to get through. A girl in this high school named Emerald holds this valuable thing. She is a sixteen year old girl who thinks it best to not speak uselessly. She only thinks uselessly. Though her mind is not always focused on useless things. It's almost focused on one thing: being able to seem invisible to other people. Emerald is a girl a little bit over five feet with an average body structure. Long dark hair glides down her back with bangs to her eyebrows. She has no experience in friends. She has never had something very exciting or joyful happen in her life. And she does not expect anything to ever happen that changes her life. But, of course, one day something will happen.

Emerald's school days seemed unknown to others, but she thought them as enjoyable. She found fun in the days, such as observing the students attitudes toward many things. She also enjoyed some of their jokes or replies to others. Of course, they never noticed her smile, because she was able to be "invisible." But she found out something a little after finding out about her "power." That if her mind wanders from seeming invisible, the people around her will see her. Emerald is a girl easy to embarrass. Just being told that she said something wrong will make her flush with embarrassment. So she always stuck to being an observer. Now just because she was not seen does not mean she cannot be heard or touched. People may bump into her or hear her talk aloud, but they don't fully pay attention. Those people just carry on with their lives and not bother thinking of who they ran into.

But one day, it was different. While walking around a corner in the halls, someone accidentally tripped her and her books scattered in front of her. To her, it seemed like that moment froze for a minute. She felt eyes on her for a few seconds, but suddenly someone walked over in front of her books and stopped. She looked up to see a boy she remembers, who is a senior in some of her classes.
He squatted down to her view, "Are you okay? Here I'll help you." He picked up her books and stood up then offered his hand to her.
She stared at him for a few seconds but noticed to grab it.
He pulled her up and handed her her books, "You're in some senior classes, right? With those books, you must be coming to mine. Let's go, before we're late."
He started off for the classroom, while she eyed him. She thought quickly, "Oh make him forget me! And everyone that saw should forget that happened!" Then she headed for the classroom, also. She walked in to see everyone still looking at whatever they were doing. "Perfect," she thought. But then the senior boy looked up at her and smiled. "What? Is there someone behind me?" she thought quickly and looked behind herself. No one was there. "Maybe he looked at the funny poster on the wall." She headed to her desk quietly and sat right as the teacher came in. Class started normally, and Emerald payed close attention.

The boy was restless during class. He's been in this class with Emerald for a week now and he noticed her lack a speaking. He never saw her talk to others only if she had a small question. The teacher was playing a loud video for the class so the lights were dimmed. He looked over to her watching the video closely and writing down her answers. Then he quietly asked his friend behind him, "Hey, Sean, who's that girl in the back?"
Sean looked to where he was pointing, "What girl?"
"The one in the corner of the room."
"I don't see a girl there," Sean answered, looking at his friend with a questioning look.
"You don't?" the senior asked, watching Emerald again. Then he was hit in the head with the board eraser. He moved his eyes to the teacher slightly in front of him with an angry face.
"Pay attention, Roy!"
Emerald looked over to see what was going on. She noticed that Roy looked back at her and said, "Miss Guest, who is the girl in the back corner?"
Miss Guest looked at Emerald, and quickly Emerald thought, "Make everyone see me."
Miss Guest quickly looked back at Roy and answered, "That's Emerald, why?"
Everyone looked at her than back at Roy.
"Nevermind," he said with surprise and went back to watching the video.
Emerald relaxed and thought of being invisible again. But then the thought struck her, "Why does he see me and no one else can?"

Class finally ended after thirty more minutes. Emerald had a study hall next, so she took her time putting her things away. Roy noticed her and acted like he had to put his things into his backpack, too. He also knew he has the same study hall as her. When he saw her almost done and everyone left the room, he walked over to where she was coming and stopped her.
"How did that happen? Sean couldn't see you; but then once I asked the teacher, everyone sees you?" he asked.
"You're not supposed to see me," she answered calmly.
"Well, I can. So what of it?"
"Do you always see me?" she asked with shock.
"Yes, everyday I see you coming down the halls to this class."
Emerald looked at him in horror and quickly thought, "Make me invisible to him!"
"What are you doing?' he asked calmly.
"How is this happening? I can't control you!"
"You shouldn't be able to control anyone, it's impossible."
"But I can, well really I make myself invisible to everyone. I don't really take control of people."
"So you were invisible; but when you heard me ask the teacher who you were, you made yourself visible?"
"Yeah, I don't want to be marked absent for the teachers. And because you pointed out where I was, everyone was going to look. So I had to make everyone see me."
Roy blinked, "Are you sure it's not just controlling people? Tell someone to do something in study hall then."
"But-I...I guess I'll have to see," she said quietly. But then it donned on her, "You're in my study hall?"
"Yeah," he smiled, "You're in most of my classes."

Emerald walked to her study hall room, quietly feeling his presence behind her. She felt awkward as if everyone was looking at her, but quickly she thought they were just looking at Roy. Once they reached the door, Roy stopped her before she entered.
"Tell someone to go to the bathroom and tap the hall pass seven times. In fact, just tell Sean to do it," he said quietly.
"That's a lot of taps," replied Emerald with a confused look.
Roy sighed, "Well, we need this exact order to see if you actually can control others."
"Do you believe I can actually make people think I'm not here?"
"I'm not completely sure. It has to be proven."
"Okay," Emerald rolled her eyes as if the test wouldn't work.
She took a seat at the back corner, while Roy sat right beside her. He motioned Sean to sit in front of him. With a wink at Emerald, he said, "Go for it."
She looked at Sean and thought with doubt, Sean, go to the bathroom and tap the hall pass seven times. Suddenly Sean stood up, walked to the door, grabbed the hall pass, started to sign the paper, and started tapping. Emerald counted each tap, while Roy did the same. stopped signing and walked out of the room. Emerald went wide-eyed, and Roy kept watching where Sean left. Finally, he looked at her and whispered, "How?"
"I...I don't know..." whispered Emerald.
"Order the teacher to tell me to do my homework."
"Last one."
Emerald sighed and commanded the teacher in her mind.
"Roy, do your homework," ordered the teacher roughly.
"Wow, order me to do something," suggested an excited Roy.
Shut up and leave me alone! thought Emerald fiercely.
Roy looked at her, "Well, am I doing anything you want me to?"
She eyed him carefully, "No, you're not doing anything I think."
"Ooh, am I immune to your awesome power?" he asked with a smirk.
"Don't take this as a joke. This could be dangerous. I could mess with people's lives!" she hissed.
He stopped smirking and looked at her thoughtfully. "Wow, that's a way to put it."
"Oh, no. Don't go telling me to screw up a specific person's life."
"Hey, that's a good idea!"
She glared at him.
"Just kidding!" he smiled sheepishly.
"A-ha. Now if you will leave me alone for the rest of the period, I can finish my homework," Emerald said calmly, grabbing her papers.
"O-kay!" Roy saluted and started working on his own homework.

What's next he follows me to every class I possibly have with him?

The next day...

"Hey, Emerald, do you have a cell phone?" questioned Roy upon meeting her at her homeroom in the morning.
Emerald stood in front of him silently. Finally, she asked, "Why are you here?"
Roy grinned, "I have your homeroom, silly!"
Emerald could not believe it. She probably has every class with him but cannot remember seeing him in them. "Do you have every class with me?" she asked with quiet anger.
"Hm...all except Spanish and a cooking class," he stated after some thought.
"Okay," sighed Emerald and started to walk into her homeroom.
"Whoa, there! You didn't answer my question," Roy stopped her.
"Can I have your number?"
"No," she was curt and went through the door.
Roy sighed, She must not be used to people talking to her. Well, I'll help her with that. I wonder if she ever feels lonely.
Why can't I just accept this? I've wanted someone to talk to that wouldn't end up being controlled. But this personality of his...I don't understand it very well.
Emerald thought.
She took her seat quietly, Roy followed and sat behind her.
"Why can't I have your number?" he whined silently.
"Do you really want it that bad?" she gave a sigh of giving up.
"Yes," he answered with a grinning face.
Emerald wrote her number on a small piece of paper and handed it to him. "Don't text me at night."
"Okay then!"
He stared at her.
"...don't text me in the morning either."
"Yes, ma'am!" he winked.
"...stop looking at me," she ordered aloud with a flicker of anger.
"A-HA! You can't use your mind, so you have to talk to me yourself!" he laughed and turned around to face the front of the room with a smile of success.
Emerald sighed with a roll to her eyes.

© 2013 Allison

Author's Note

Just a random book I decided to start long ago...and finally published the first chapter of it. If you read it, please tell me what you think.

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