A Poem by akihsna

What my life has always been searching for
Is this where I stand, is here where I drop my anchor?
Should I peacefully stop here and hail to the sky,
Why does this heart of'mine tell me to do so?
Stranger emotions, in me, newly aroused
Wonder why do these leave me bewildered!

A ray of hope lit in my neverending tunnel,
And this once-wanderer-heart just bathed in it

Like a poet's most precious prose
Smoothly soothing an injured soul
That is how I met someone
Like a nomad would love a home

Like a new season's first evening,
Or a winter noon's warm sunshine,
That is how I met someone,
Like monsoon's first drops touched the earth.

Like the shore supports the drowned
That is how you came to me
When I was at a point of no return

Like the North Star on a moonless night
Shines in all her splendor
That is how you lighted up my dreadful, isolated town.

As if pain forgot about me and took its distance,
That much is this effect on me
You showed me what living is for...anew.

Like rain lushes the green to greener
Or a balm calms a scary wound
That is how I met someone,
Like a beggar got golden coins

Oh that smiling face, oh those eyes of untold secrecy
Wonder what do they hide in such mystery...

He who shadows them all against a scorching sun,
Is himself burning in this very heat

Why when he's hurt, I'm the one in pain,
Oh tell me heart of mine,
What are your intentions at last?

Well I'd been an impatient bird,
Who flew here and there and anywhere
But then I met someone who
Showed me the way to my nest

To the guided path to Faith,
To the warmth of tears not in vain,
I found someone, the only one,
Who gave me my new name.

© 2016 akihsna

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Wow, Great Poem Akihsna. Does this poem tell part of a story of your life?

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you for the review, Ian.
Indeed, it's one important part of my life.

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Added on January 30, 2016
Last Updated on January 30, 2016
Tags: Love, Romance, Happiness, Life Partner, Faith, God




Island girl. Penning her thoughts every now and then. more..

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