Why I Wanna Leave

Why I Wanna Leave

A Poem by Alemway

This song is about relationships that are destructive and you just want to leave that messy situation and you do not know how.

       Why I Wanna Leave

Im stuck 

In a roller coaster 

I feel so useless 

Can I Have A Ticket?

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Why I Wanna Leave

Why I Wanna Leave

Im tired of the control

 My Mascara is bleeding

Im so damaged 

My heart

Is a liquid 

Tired of driving 

All night long 

With a taxi driver 

So, Please! 

Do not,give me 

A speeding ticket

Im Down 

Like an arrow 

With no zodiac signs

Sword of bravery 

Pinch my skin 

My heart Is in dark 

Like sparrows

Down my chest

This is why

I Wanna Leave

By Alemway

© 2022 Alemway

Author's Note

This is my first songwriting poem so do not be so harsh on me.
I hope you like this text and you somehow connected with it.
Best Regards
The Author

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I'm gonna ignore the spelling mistakes and the all caps parts...

And say yeah! I can definitely relate... Though I didn't drive, or use a taxi... I did get wasted a lot, and that quiet early on in life (before legal age)
Mixed everything up, beer whiskey vodka wine... If it had alcohol in it, it was on my menu. And all that because of things that were beyond my influence... Leeches I couldn't separate from myself and then stomp on, as they deserved it... No, I was the drunk fool. Ha. Didn't last long, though. A year or two, then tactics changed.

It was a decent read.

Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through this experience.
Dennis Wolf

3 Months Ago

It's actually a good thing... I mean, the odds of that happening to me again are pretty much 0.

3 Months Ago

Wise words bro.
"Bleeding mascara" and "sparrows down" the chest! And the 'heart a liquid taxi driver,' that's the stuff! Very engaging stuff here. Thanks Alemway.

Posted 4 Months Ago

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3 Months Ago

Thanks, Frederick Kesner For Your Amazing Comment!

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